My Latest Beautiful Cake.


Hello everybody.

Baking and decorating a new cake with specific qualifications is becoming a big challenge, full of anticipations and excitement to reach the final look. It’s a feeling I guess similar to painting art or designing a dress , you just can’t wait to finish .


This weekend’s cake was for a graduation party, client wanted it flowery, pink with some leaves and topped with macaroons. though the idea was to use baby pineapple instead of the cactus but unfortunately I couldn’t find.


Cactus was the alternative and It was amazing, gave the cake a beautiful touch.

20952965_1530283837034914_4262591759402446516_n 20882549_1530283943701570_5405480237224330963_n

Cake was lemon velvet filled with cream cheese frosting, strawberries, pineapple and coconut .


thank God client was satisfied and super happy .


Latest Banan Cooking Orders. 


Hello everybody.

Sorry for the delay in posting new stuff, lots of work and events.

I’d like to show you my latest orders, many cakes, trays and cookies.

17990931_10155015212050907_9199040358638793800_n 18056992_10154997077865907_6600181935452759411_n

Made two lovely Lemon Velvet cakes with berries on top, really loved them

17990923_10155015211235907_7395427960769471283_n 18010449_10154997077955907_4579941683388537368_n

and these two all fruits tart and mini  baked cheesecakes.

18056798_10155002636800907_2219728017238339887_n  18157048_10155012242830907_7731928289402061179_n 18118777_10155012242645907_776608654477455554_n

with some with chocolate, recipe same as knafeh cheesecake but different toppings.

Another lemon velvet with shivered almonds and berries

17951904_10154994372540907_3955806964070023426_n 17951874_10154994372670907_6998920077541989300_n

A selection of cookies for a charity bazaar in my hometown including rock cookies,oatmeal and cranberries, ginger raisin, aniseed and brownies.

18033424_10155017732380907_183607605767413171_n 18057750_10155017732860907_8375130685555981276_n

and last thing was a colorful healthy cheese platter and sandwiches for a breakfast.

17991882_10155014105575907_8740396300923359825_n 18119177_10155014104760907_6295441466273459790_n


Happy Valentine’s Day. 


Hello everybody.

Though I believe love should be celebrated daily not on a specific day or time, but it’s becoming a festive day.


We celebrated my way, simple healthy breakfast full of love with little heart-shaped tomatoes and strawberries.




Then I made this lovely berries cake and took it to a family gathering with all my lovely cousins.



Lemon Velvet Cake.

Hello everybody.

ً Went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday this morning to the Boulevard-Abdali ,first time for me to go and I was really impressed, beautiful place and scenery, didn’t expect it to be like this.

Birthday cake was a new recipe “Lemon Velvet Cake ” very similar to the red velvet but with lemons, really delicious and fresh,will definitely be on my favorite list.

Ingredients and method :

# 3 eggs.
# 11/2 cups suger.
# 1/3 cup margarine or butter.
# 2/3 cup vegetable oil.
# zest and juice of one big lemon.
# 1 tsp lemon essence (optional)
# 1/2 cup yogurt.
# 1/2 cup milk.
# 1 tsp vanilla.
#3 tsp baking powder.
# 3 cups flour.

Frosting :
# 3/4 cup butter.
# 2 cups icing sugar.
# some lemon zest.
# juice of half a lemon.
# some milk.
Note: I think next time I’ll make cream cheese frosting with lemons it’ll be better, this one is good but too rich in butter.

#Beat oil, butter and sugar till creamy then add eggs, yogurt, milk, vanilla.
#add lemon zest and juice.
# add baking powder and flour.

# pour batter in two small round oven pans.
# bake in a moderate heated oven for 35-40 minutes or till dry from inside.
# leave to cool then assemble two cakes with frosting in between and all over.
# decorate with lemon zest or roasted coconut.

Happened that I have two chocolate decorations one for a girl graduate and the other a boy which were so convenient cause my friend has both occasions for her children aside from her birthday.

Congratulations lovely Fufu and many happy returns.

wpid-20150521_101043.jpg Lemon Velvet !


wpid-dsc_0453.jpg wpid-dsc_0454.jpg

wpid-wp-1432211715955.jpeg breakfast at Za’tar w Zeit yummy specially the roasted cheese.

wpid-dsc_0481.jpg Boulevard walk.

wpid-dsc_0482.jpg wpid-dsc_0483.jpg

wpid-dsc_0488.jpg Summer decorations.












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