Hello everybody.
Lunch today was a not a favorite to all family members so in order to compensate I did mushroom soup and made some Brioche with it, first time I do it, unfortunately result wasn’t that good either it needed more salt or it didn’t rise as it should. Recipe was easy though I felt it’s not going to be as supposed to when I finished kneading it,if anybody has a better one please recommend.
Ingredients and method :
* 2 1/2 cups flour.
* 2 tablespoons sugar.
* 1/4 tsp salt.
* 2 1/4 tsp yeast.
* 4 tablespoons warm milk.
* 3 eggs plus extra one for glaze.
* 1 cup cubed butter.

* mix flour, sugar, yeast and salt.
* add milk and beaten eggs.
* knead well then start adding butter cubes gradually till all quantity is folded in.
* leave to rise in a warm place, then form into balls in molds or cupcake pan.
* leave to rise again then bake in a medium heated oven till golden.
* brush surface with eggplants wash and roast till golden.
* serve with soup or butter and jam.


wpid-wp-1426530486596.jpeg wpid-wp-1426530495859.jpeg

wpid-wp-1426530516890.jpeg brioche with mushroom soup.

Lunch was lamb chops with onions and potatoes all seasoned with a new citrus organic spice, really aromatic and tasty.I also made mushroom soup as I mentioned,some Persian rice and a big bowl of mixed salad with avocado slices.

wpid-wp-1426530523659.jpeg lamb chops with onions and potatoes.

wpid-wp-1426530242433.jpeg  citrus and herb spices.

wpid-wp-1426530468162.jpeg wpid-wp-1426530478124.jpeg

wpid-wp-1426530531686.jpeg wpid-wp-1426530540676.jpeg

wpid-wp-1426530549739.jpeg  my brioches !










Honey Glazed Lamb Chops.

Hello everybody.

In addition to routine shopping I went to the butcher this morning, though I’m not a meat expert but I managed to get what I want with the help of the friendly butcher in Miles store.

My youngest son who’s a big meat lover asked for lamb chops,even searched for a new kind of marinate or seasoning and came out with this one to try, really delicious mind that meat is very tender and fresh also.

I made some potatoes mixed with herbs and spices, some Greek quesadilas cause I have some tortillas from last week that must be used before they ruin and a big bowl of salad.

Excellent meal to end the weekend :)

Marinate for lamb chops :

* 1/4 cup honey.

* 1/4 cup soy sauce.

* 1/4 cup Worcestershire  sauce.

* 1/4 cup mustard.

* salt,pepper.

* some Italian seasoning,chili,oregano.

* some bay leaves.

* olive oil.

* lemon juice for serving.

* mix all and marinate chops in a bag for 1-2 hours then roast uncovered in a medium heated oven till done.




20141220_144407  20141220_145746










Lamb Chops !!

Hello everybody.

Today I wanted to make something that my youngest son likes cause he’s not eating well since beginning of Ramadan so I went bought some fresh lamb chops,his favorite dish :)

My eldest is going to a sharing dinner with his friends so I made him Caezar salad and brownies.

I also made fava beans fatteh ,samboosek and a simple salad for ftoor.

For dessert I made Greek semolina cake and got these cute mini desserts filled with pistachios,they’re good but a bit hard !!


20140711_194058  20140711_194112





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