Turkish Beans Salad.

Hello everybody.

Busy Saturday as usual but warm Summer breeze lightens up the day for me.

Lunch today was fresh green fava beans with olive oil,garlic and coriander along with rich ewe yogurt all bought from Jerash yesterday.

I also made this new salad recipe I saw in the newspaper, full of nutritious beans like corn, hummus and black beans tossed with lettuce,parsley and green onions. Dressing is simple vinegrett but I added some pomegranate sauce.

I also dipped some hard labaneh balls in olive oil, fresh thyme and rosemary leaves,again fresh from Jerash.







Delicious Spring Dairies .


Hello everybody.

Nice quick trip up North to Irbid, beautiful green hills and scenery.

As always we stopped by dairy products store on our way back, a speciality of the city,Irbid is known of its best yogurt ever specially these days.

Lunch was what we got, fresh ewe yogurt, labaneh and hot bread. Personally I consider this the best meal ever.




Lovely Friday Morning.



Morning everybody.

Lovely day though a bit cold and cloudy but this didn’t stop us from having a nice cozy breakfast outdoors.

No hunting today due to weather conditions so as a small lovely gesture since all are home we

had a traditional Friday morning meal, boiled eggs with salt,pepper and delicious Italian extra virgin olive oil from Centro store,cheese, labaneh,cream and strawberry, new makdous and olives.

Of course tea with mint is a must, enjoy your weekend lovely people.

wpid-wp-1446887178785.jpg wpid-wp-1446887182945.jpg

wpid-wp-1446887189120.jpg have a nice day,keep warm .




Ka3ek and Cheese.


Hello everybody.

Two lovely friends came to visit this morning and since I woke up so early today I decided to bake some ka3ek.

A small simple breakfast with minted tea,I always feel good about myself when I bake breads don’t know why, guess it’s the smell maybe.

Dough ingredients :
* 6 and extra half cups flour.
* 2 tablespoons oil.
* 1 tablespoon instant yeast.
* 2 tablespoons sugar.
* 2 1/2 cups lukewarm water.
* 2 teaspoons salt.
* 1/2 cup milk.
* some sesame seeds.
* some semolina to sprinkle under the Ka3ek.

* Mix water,yeast and sugar and leave ten minutes till bubbles are formed.
* Mix flour,salt and oil then add yeast and water and knead well.
* leave in a warm place till it rises ( 1-2 hours)
* knead again then form it to loaf shape or place a metal ring inside to make a circle in the middle.
* Brush with milk and sprinkle sesame seeds in top.
* leave to rise again then bake in a well heated oven for 15 minutes.



wpid-wp-1442144894891.jpg this hot weather did a miracle in raising these buns.

wpid-wp-1442144871991.jpg  lovely breakfast.



Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas.

Hello everybody.

Was going through recipes looking for something different to do with chicken breasts cause all ones I did are repeated when I saw this one, didn’t have tortilla bread through but I have some thin Arabic shrak,worked well enough cause result was delicious.

Guess the sour taste gave the sauce a sharp nice flavor. Believe me this is a good recommended one.

Ingredients and method :


# 1 shredded chicken breast.
# 1 small onion diced.
# 2 chopped sun-dried tomatoes (optional)
# 3 tsp butter
# 3 tsp flour.
# 2 cups chicken broth.
# 1 cup sour cream (I mixed 1/2 labaneh and 1/2 yogurt)
# 1 chili green pepper crushed.
# grated cheese (used cheddar and mazorella or any kind you like)
# 10 soft tortilla bread or shrak.

# mix chicken, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and some of the cheese together.
# In a pan heat butter then add flour and mix well.
# slowly add chicken broth and mix well till it boils and thickens.
# leave to cool down then add sour cream and chili and mix well.
# stuff tortillas with chicken mix and roll.
# In a deep oven pan add a bit of the sauce then line up chicken rolls.
# add the rest of the sauce on top.
# sprinkle rest of cheese on top.
# bake in a medium heated oven for 20 minutes.
# roast top till golden.

Note: leave to cool a bit before serving to give it time to hold up.



wpid-wp-1439565543525.jpg  sauce,chicken and bread.

wpid-wp-1439565553215.jpg wpid-wp-1439565564253.jpg

wpid-wp-1439565579586.jpg wpid-wp-1439565588762.jpg

wpid-wp-1439565599422.jpg wpid-wp-1439565606754.jpg


wpid-wp-1439565529090.jpg highly recommended dish.






Okra in Olive Oil.

Hello everybody.
Quickest solution for lunch since I didn’t intend to cook anyway was freshly picked okra fried then sautéed with garlic, onions and chopped tomatoes then seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

I also made a dish of white cheese and watermelons and a small one of labaneh with black olives, all yummy and cool.


wpid-wp-1437839741118.jpeg okra in olive oil.

wpid-wp-1437839747402.jpeg wpid-wp-1437839762470.jpeg


wpid-wp-1437839768463.jpeg best food in this weather.




Light Lunch.

Hello everybody

No cooking today not only cause tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan but nobody’s home lunch time so I fixed myself a labaneh and Seniora sandwich with a pickle with remaining beans salad, desert was white cheese with apricot jam I made last night.

Noon time I made a big brownies pan for my son going to a picnic and some extra pickles.

Ramadan Kareem again.



wpid-wp-1434545039043.jpeg brownies.

wpid-wp-1434545051506.jpeg wpid-20150611_141842.jpg jam and pickles.





Upside Down Toffee Date Cake.

Hello everybody.
Another cozy warm breakfast at my cousin’s this morning,  simple elegant table full of yummy food.

Dessert was a new cake, upside-down toffee it caramel date cake, easy and yummy. Resembles a lot the upside down pineapple one but with dates instead and my favorite jello with apples and reminder of our lovely childhood.

Ingredients and method:
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1 stick butter (100 g)
# pitted dates ( 2 cups)
# cinnamon and cardamom
Cake batter:
# 3 eggs
# 1 cup sugar.
# 1 cup oil.
# 2 tablespoons yogurt or milk
# 1 1/2 cups flour.
# 1 tsp vanilla.
# 2 tsp baking powder.

# heat sugar in baking pan till it caramelizes then add butter and mix.
# arrange dates and sprinkle the cinnamon and cardamom.

# beat cake batter ingredients alternatively then add over dates.
# bake in a medium heated oven for 30-35 minutes or till done in the middle.

# leave to cool down then flip over and serve.



wpid-wp-1428590451803.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590460269.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590490295.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590496518.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590506593.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590528086.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590481336.jpeg  lovely table.










Asparagus Pie.

Hello everybody.

End of a very busy week at last, hope weekend will be relatively relaxing, though till now too much is scheduled already.
Well lunch today was an open buffet as I call it,all leftovers in the fridge but I did a small side dish cause I have these freshly picked asparagus so it’s a shame not to do something with them, so I picked this recipe from Pinterest ,easy and quick and luckily I have all ingredients.

Ingredients and method :
* 1 pack puff pastry.
* 2 tablespoons labaneh or sour cream.
* 1 tsp mustard.
* 1 egg.
* 1 cup grated cheese ( any kind that melts).
* asparagus.
* Salt, pepper and a bit of nutmeg.

* when pastry is tender roll it to a rectangle shape then put it in a rectangular oven pan.leave sides up a little.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 20 minutes or till it’s golden from bottom.
* mix half of the cheese, egg, labaneh and mustard well then add salt, pepper and nutmeg.
* spread mixture over half baked pastry then line up the asparagus after cutting the hard stems.
* sprinkle rest of cheese on top then bake again for 15 minutes then roast top till golden.
Serve hot as a side dish with any roasted beef or chicken.



wpid-wp-1427388336543.jpeg simple ingredients once asparagus is around.

wpid-wp-1427388368699.jpeg yummy indeed.



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