Vegetarian Kibbeh. 


Hello everybody.

I now strongly believe that some recipes do actually call me to try them, I know this might be weird but true cause I look through many many recipes on daily basis but not all interest me to try them.

Well couple of days ago I saw this light healthy recipe in an account I follow on  named Bandora (means tomatoes) , vegan type of kibbeh great for vegetarians or lint.

17201133_10154874133960907_6050937169229286726_n 17202789_10154874133480907_5889352756162845636_n

Fifty percent of ingredients is burgul, other half is sautéed onions and tomatoes, raw green onions, carrots,zucchini, coriander, parsely, mint, chili paste,salt, pepper,summaq and olive oil. All together in the food processor.


A dish worth trying for sure.

Cauliflower Stew.


Hello again.

Started to think about what to cook today after morning order was done and delivered.

Well to tell you the truth I had to improvise anything according to what I have, so end result was cauliflower stew with minced meat, garlic, onions and tahini sauce on the side plus a small kibbeh for the boys.

wp-1461684432516.jpg wp-1461684444282.jpg


Easy yummy healthy meal.




Best Birthday Party.



Hello everybody.

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday, our bundle of joy is one now.

Theme of the party was teddy bears, cake, cupcakes and all ornaments were brown and yellow. All done by my talented sister in-law, very elegant and cheerful.

I did the catering,menu was as follows :
# falafel rolls.

# mini kibbeh.

# mini burgers and baked potatoes.

# salmon sandwiches.
# turkey and cheese sandwiches.

# mini baked corn dogs.

# Italian cream cake.


My sister in-law did quesadillas,lasagna and cheesecake pots and my sister made pasta salad.


All was really delicious, we had great fun.











Farewell Dinner Party .

Morning everybody.

Just realized that I  haven’t posted since Feb 10’th , never happened before by the way, reason is that I’ve been very busy lately preparing for catering a big dinner for my sister in-law’s daughter farewell dinner. Thank God it was a big success, food was delicious and everybody was happy . Congratulations lovely bride to be.

As for the menu it was as follows:

Nice loving joyful gathering :)














Tzaziki in Kibbeh.

Hello everybody.

Today’s order was chicken pie, kibbeh in a pan amongst other things.

A new creative idea, made kibbeh cupcakes then filled them with tzaziki which is finely chopped cucumbers with labaneh and yogurt seasoned with special seasoning ( garlic powder, oregano and mint)  very elegant babies 😀😀😀





Full Day.


Hello everybody.

Full eventful day, orders and lunch. Mom and my nephews came by as well, we all had a nice cup of tea with some hot from the oven suborek, filled with cheese. So yummy,we even felt we’re in a Turkish series.


Order included mini kibbeh and in pan, Egyptian cookies and baked Zaynab fingers.

wpid-wp-1452188653487.jpg wpid-wp-1452188642240.jpg

wpid-wp-1452188687200.jpg wpid-wp-1452188696784.jpg

Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay warm seems it’ll be cold and rainy.






Successful Lunch Gathering.


Hello everybody.

Had a big lunch gathering for my mother in-law’s friends,a group of lovely cheerful ladies.

Menu was as follows, curry veggies rice with chicken, kibbeh both spread and mini, fava beans fatteh, kibbeh with eggplants,Iraqi dolma done by an Iraqi lady, rocca apple cranberry salad and green salad.

wpid-wp-1449678969592.jpg elegant kibbeh display.

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg wpid-wp-1449679022818.jpg wpid-wp-1449678978336.jpg

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg lovely buffet.

Dessert was the almond citrus cake I did yesterday and Muhalabieh with caramel a highly desired dish for sure.

wpid-wp-1449678996940.jpg wpid-wp-1449679001265.jpg


I’m not bragging or even hate to talk about myself but to be honest food was really delicious, all guests said so!
I’m 100% convinced that any dish cooked with love and willingness will taste great and this depends on your mood and to whom you’re doing it for sure.










Full Lunch Order.


Hello everybody.

Today’s order was a full lunch for a dear friend.

She ordered spread and mini kibbeh, grilled cheese salad. Dessert was assorted cookies and crinkles and chocolate balls.

wpid-wp-1448288974611.jpg wpid-wp-1448288982787.jpg wpid-wp-1448288992979.jpg wpid-wp-1448288962208.jpg

A big success, everybody is satisfied.






Another Kibbeh Fiesta.


Hello everybody.

Kibbeh day, intention was to make some mini ones and spread in a pan with nothing else or at least only some fries.

But then one thing led to another, got excited to do more appetizers to complete the Lebanese style, so end result was muhammra, rocca salad, chili potatoes, various types of kibbeh ( even fried the extra dough)  and new olives.

All extremely yummy, my favorite kind of food.

wpid-wp-1448035388829.jpg wpid-wp-1448035396117.jpg


wpid-wp-1448035429827.jpg wpid-wp-1448035415532.jpg one portion of muhammara to go !





Kibbeh Fiesta.

Hello everybody.

When there’s a will there’s a way, never ever did I make kibbeh at home, always said I don’t know how and never tried,but upon my husband’s frequent request for kibbeh in a pan  specifically which is the easiest kind I thought  why not try .So he ordered the shell which is burgul and meat mixed together in specific proportions from the butcher and today was my first trial.

First of all I cooked the minced meat to make the filling then added to it chopped onions,salt, pepper, all spice, some walnuts, pine nuts and pomegranate to give it a sour taste.

Then I made three kinds of the kibbeh ,one spread in a pan, regular round ones for frying and tried these cute mini ones in the cupcake tray.

All was super yummy thank God, good job for a first timer I guess.

wpid-wp-1440259605267.jpg elegant kibbeh display right?

wpid-wp-1440259615273.jpg wpid-wp-1440259658271.jpg

wpid-wp-1440259633442.jpg wpid-wp-1440259644617.jpg


Did some tzasiki with it also.

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