Jamie Oliver’s Ginger Lemonade.


Hello again.

Made this refreshing juice this afternoon, a recipe I saw in one of Jamie Oliver’s tv shows, very cooling in this hot weather.

You simply mix together son=me grated fresh ginger,lemon juice and slices,mints and brown sugar then add some hot water to dissolve sugar then before serving add cold sparkling water.

Very nice one try it.

wpid-wp-1442077788489.jpg fresh nutritious ingredients.








Gazpacho (cold soup)

Hello everybody.

Seems today’s the hottest this season though we can finally feel it’s Summer at last, thank God it cools at night.

A great lunch time option in this weather is gazpacho, a traditional Spanish cold vegetable soup, first time I do it, really nice and cooling plus very easy to make I even added spring onions and it did add a nice flavor.

I also did some eggplant dip or mtabbal and some fresh guava grapes bananas lemon smoothie,all very refreshing.

Ingredients and method of gazpacho :
# 3-4 big peeled coarsely chopped tomatoes.
# 1 cucumber.
# 1 clove garlic.
# one small onion (I added a small spring onion also)
# 1 small red sweet pepper.
# 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
# 2 cups tomato juice.
# salt, pepper, chili powder.

# chopped parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers to garnish.

# mix all ingredients in a blender very well.
# chill in fridge for 3-4 hours then garnish with parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers and crushed black pepper upon serving.

I personally loved this dish, hope you try it and give me your opinion.

wpid-wp-1437571873143.jpeg cold chilled gazpacho.

wpid-wp-1437571882559.jpeg eggplant dip or mtabbal.

wpid-wp-1437571889595.jpeg guava juice.

wpid-wp-1437571898044.jpeg wpid-wp-1437571910499.jpeg





Watermelon Fiesta !!!

Hello everybody.

Nobody home for lunch today and I was busy all morning making Date Rolls for my friend, when when done I was in no mood to cook anything.

This morning I bought a lovely watermelon, been waiting for it’s season to make these lovely servings or decorations all done with watermelons,fruits and cheese, as usual shape wasn’t as perfect as photos you see in magazines or websites but not bad for a first time, I’m sure this needs lots of practice and special cutters and lots of Photoshop :).

I also made a lovely refreshing juice with them,thanks to my Facebook friend who recommended it, I mixed watermelons with Tang lemon and mint and two ripe bananas with lots of ice. Very cooling in this hot day :)

I’ll post my photos and the original ones, you compare and judge!!!

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dd1a89fb1e8519fa8da02754f94582e5   20140515_151859




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