Morning Gathering. 


Hello everybody.

A simple elegant cheese platter with dried fruits and strawberries with crackers or breads can be the best thing for a small gathering specially if done with love to loving friends. 

wp-image-1640552431jpg.jpg wp-image-994391250jpg.jpg


I used a selection of cheeses, white, cheddar, Camembert and kashkaval with healthy dried fruits, some olives and a selection of jams (figs,quince, marmalade) 




I also made some sweet light cheese served with mixed berries jam.




Quince Jam.

Hello everybody.

Since it’s quince season, jam is a must I guess.Though many people make it  big chunks in syrup but I prefer this way cause it’s easier to spread.
Ingredients and method :

* 1 kg quince fruit cored then grated.

* 5 cups sugar.

* 2 cups water.

* juice and peel of one lemon.

* 1 stick cinnamon.

* 4 pieces cloves.

* wash core and grate quince.

*add sugar, water and lemon juice and peel.

*mix well then add cinnamon and cloves.

* heat till it boils then lower heat and leave to simmer for an hour and half or till quince turns dark and syrup thickens.

NOTE: a quicker way to do it is to cook it in pressure cooker for 20-30 minutes max.

* remove cinnamon stick and fill jam in clean jars.



Recycling Old Boxes.


Hello everybody.

Today’s order was some cute strawberry and orange jams,wrapped them with a piece of paper I kept from a flower bouquet 😀

wp-1460316142610.jpg wp-1460316148494.jpg

Another recycling was the box, old shoe box covered with old lively magazine papers, turned out a beautifully packed package 🎁


wp-1460316157748.jpg wp-1460316170238.jpg







Mini Sale !


Hello everybody.

An idea clicked my mind last night why not make a small market at my house as a trial, this came up after visiting a local farmer’s market yesterday. Well I do make or already have many products so why not sell them the same way but through social media instead of going to a market.


So my kitchen started buzzing early this morning, baked some za’tar puffs, date rolls, jams and marmalade, walnut cookies and a full basket of farm eggs .

wp-1459705430900.jpg wp-1459705367050.jpg

After I posted the products on Facebook all was gone in an hour specially the eggs, already have orders for the next batch , guess my mini market will be a fixed event !
wp-1459705405366.jpg wp-1459705387005.jpg wp-1459705397989.jpg








Sable or Jam Butter Cookies.

Hello everybody.

These ones took me back to my childhood days were they were maybe the only ones available.

Found this nice recipe, loved the yogurt in it guess it did make a difference.

Ingredients and method :
# 3/4 cup butter.
# 2 tablespoons yogurt.
# 1 cup sugar.
# 1 egg
# 1 tsp vanilla.
#1 tsp lemon zest.
# 2 tablespoons cornflour.
# 1 tsp baking powder.
# 2  1/2 cups flour.
#pinch of salt.

#beat butter and sugar well till creamy then add eggs and vanilla.
#add zest and yogurt.
# add all dry ingredients till dough is crumbly.
# knead well till you get a firm dough.
# cover and cool for 30 minutes.
# roll dough in between wax paper or floured surface then use cutters and make any shapes you like.
# bake for 10-13 minutes in a medium heated oven.

#assemble cookies with jam or marmalade.






Light Lunch.

Hello everybody

No cooking today not only cause tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan but nobody’s home lunch time so I fixed myself a labaneh and Seniora sandwich with a pickle with remaining beans salad, desert was white cheese with apricot jam I made last night.

Noon time I made a big brownies pan for my son going to a picnic and some extra pickles.

Ramadan Kareem again.



wpid-wp-1434545039043.jpeg brownies.

wpid-wp-1434545051506.jpeg wpid-20150611_141842.jpg jam and pickles.





Mushroom Broccoli Pie.

Hello everybody.

Bad dusty weather , went back home quickly after a meeting and closed everything tightly hoping that house stays clean,then started buzzing in the kitchen.

Lunch as planned was courgettes in white sauce and meat, specially requested and done,love it when kids ask for something a day before you wake up happy hahaha.

After that I started looking around for something to do with the remaining puff pastry from yesterday, then I remembered the asparagus pie in did couple of weeks ago and decided to use same filling ( mustard, labaneh, eggs) but used mushrooms and broccoli, added some olives and cheese then wrapped it up, sooooo delicious.

I also found some leftover blueberries so I made my favorite biscuits with jam or filling, yummy yummy for sure.



wpid-20150415_153016.jpg mustard ,labaneh and egg filling with mushroom broccoli on top.

wpid-20150415_154320.jpg   all wrapped up.

wpid-20150415_151216.jpg courgettes,meat and white sauce.

wpid-20150415_175139.jpg jam biscuits or mabroosheh.

wpid-20150415_171818.jpg wpid-20150415_175139.jpg today’s work!








Hubby’s Birthday Celebrations.

Hello everybody.

Big Intercontinental breakfast this morning or actually noon celebrating my beloved hubby’s birthday,his favorite dishes eggs in different kinds and cheeses, it was really a nice gathering since we seldom meet for breakfast, a benefit from this storm at least :)

We skipped lunch cause all was full and now we’ll have the cake he asked for Red Velvet and of course a must every year Cream Caramel also a big big favorite.

Hope you’re all having a good time in this cold weather, I know it’s boring and makes one eat a lot but what else to do ?

20150108_185051  Red Velvet Cake.

20150108_185310  Cream Caramel.

20150108_115037  breakfast.

20150108_115103 20150108_115127 French toast.

20150108_185249 20150108_185510  Happy Birthday <3




How to Make Cream Cheese?

Hello everybody.

My cousin sent this YouTube video on our family group a while ago,wanted to do it since then,a great substitute to ready cream cheese in a cup like Puck or Kiri, at least it’s fresh and doesn’t contain any additives or chemicals. It’s even good for sweets cause you can adapt it’s salty taste as you prefer or add a bit of fresh cream to increase the richness. Loved it

Eggs in a Bun.

Hello everybody.

In no mood to cook today,my son suggested to do this eggs in the bun thing he saw once on Instagram so we did, tasted good but more a breakfast than a lunch option but a good choice with the remaining chicken pie from yesterday.You simply remove the inside of the bun,stuff it with cheese,turkey or salami and add the eggs then cover with foil paper and put it in the oven till eggs are done.

I also made some orange marmalade cause I have lots of citrus fruits from Ghor sent to us from our dear aunt, love this kind of jam, my favorite actually.

I also made some jam biscuits,needed the jar to be honest,they’ll be a good treat for tomorrow’s hunting trip.

Well full long day , hoping for a relaxing weekend !!



DSC_0689  DSC_0690

DSC_0693  DSC_0702

DSC_0684  DSC_0695  orange marmalade.

DSC_0708  biscuits and evening coffee :)



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