Teramisu in Easter Chocolate Eggs.


Hello everybody.

Have this teramisu order tomorrow so as usual I always do cold dessert a day before.

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Today’s twist in teramisu was that I used chocolate Easter eggs as cups, removed top with a sharp hot knife, filled them with lady finger biscuits dipped in coffee and cream.

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Final presentation was really elegant and nice, hope taste will be as well.

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Teramisu and Labaneh Mold.

Hello everybody.

Two events today,a small gathering for my lovely Auntie and her daughter coming from Irbid and a bigger gathering for my cousins this afternoon. Don’t ask me how I managed but I did don’t know how! time management is the key word,that’s for sure.

I made a Teramisu but a bit different from the real Italian one,no mascarpone cheese cause it’s not always easy to find it , but this recipe that I have from my dear friend Rula is very good, I even found out I don’t have sweetened condensed milk for it but I added cream and some sugar so taste was almost the same.

I also made labaneh with mint and oregano layered in toast bread and decorated with tomatoes,cucumbers and olives,you can decorate it anyway you like.

Ah I forgot to mention,I made spinach tabouleh and cheese rolls as well :)

Ingredients and method for teramisu:

* 2 packs whipping cream.

*2 packs kiri or cream cheese.

* 1 can condensed milk (or cream and 1/4 cup sugar)

* lady fingers biscuits.

* Nescafe ( 1 big spoon dissolved in 3/4 cup warm water)

* mix cream,condensed milk and cheese together very well.

* arrange biscuits in a deep serving dish then soak them in coffee mixture. * add half of cream mixture then repeat process. * refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

* sprinkle cocoa powder on top. All set and ready now,waiting!!



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20140616_124625  this is the morning gathering.


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