Fava Beans and Eggs ( Iraqi Dish,باقلاء بالدهن)

Hello everybody.

Special brunch today at my sister in-law’s house,her hubby made us a famous Iraqi dish which is usually done for breakfast but we had it as lunch this time.

Main ingredients are cooked fava beans and scrambled eggs , it’s a sort of fatteh type of dish  cause bread is soaked a bit in boiled water of cooked beans is the base , then you add over it a good amount of beans,lemon juice, very hot oil ( usually the oil used in frying the eggs), butnuj ( which is a dried wild mint) then chopped tomatoes and onions.

Last thing you add fried eggs,scrambled and sunny side ups and dig in. Very fulfilling meal,you won’t feel hungry till next day for sure ,my late father in -law ( god bless his soul) used to call it the cement mix meal :)

Anyone who loves new different food should try it,really good.
اليوم الغداء طبق عراقي “باقلاء بالدهن ” الباقلاء يعنى بها الفول ويكون بالعادة فول ناشف منقوع ومسلوق ويمكن استعمال العلب للسهوله.
الطريقه تشبه مبدأ الفتات المعتادة حيث يشرب الخبز بماء سلق الفول ثم يضاف الفول، الليمون والبطنج (نعنع بري ناشف) ويسقى بالزيت الحار أو السمن حسب الرغبه.تضاف بندوره مفرومه ناعم وبصل مفروم، آخر طبقه عباره عن بيض مخفوق مقلي أو بيض عيون.
وجبه دسمه نوعا ما لمحبي الفطور مع إننا اعتبرناها غداء اليوم.



20150116_143304 20150116_151333 dessert was Kollaj.


DSC_0369 Butnuj ( wild mint)



Halawa ( حلاوة عراقية).

Morning everybody.
Today we have a big lunch with lots of dishes on the menu on the occasion of my sister in law’s visit to Amman.  My mother in law is cooking her favorite dishes all this week long ♡♥.

As for me I made spicy potatoes as a side dish and a kind of sweet.


Took this recipe from our Iraqi relatives. We ate it many times in lunch and dinner parties specially at Basma’s, very easy and tasty. It’s a very popular traditional dish done at home usually in small flat dishes or a big one.

Ingredients and method:
* 2 cups powdered milk.
* 2 big spoons starch.
* 2 big spoons flour.
* 3/4 cup vegetable oil.
* 1 1/2 cups sugar.
* 4 cups water.
* 1 tsp rose water.
* almonds or pistachios for garnish.

* Mix milk with starch, flour and oil.
* roast in a pan with continous stirring till golden.
* add sugar then water and mix very well till no lumps exist.
* if lumps are too much beat with electric hand mixer a bit.
* keep on low heat till it boils and thickens, add the rose water.
* spread in a wide serving plate and garnish when cooled.
Enjoy ♡♥.
Will post lunch later don’t worry.








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