Hedge Mustard (حويرنه).

Hello everybody.

Home  alone today,boys and hubby went to the farm early morning so no need to cook and since I’m going with my mom to visit her cousin this afternoon which will definitely serve lots of goodies,so a light lunch will do.

This herb crossed my mind this morning  and I was lucky to find some at the grocery store, though it’s much tastier if picked fresh from fields but we city people will have to live with bunches in stores , not so fresh but good enough.


It’s usually salted and washed many times then mixed with some yogurt or labaneh and some green onions,sharp peppery taste . For me this is the most perfect meal ever, love dairies in all shapes and kinds :)

I did some search for benefits of hedge mustard turned out it’s a very useful herbs as anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal actually long time ago it was called the “Singers Plant” cause of great effect in laryngitis and cough and soothing effect on throat , well good to know right?

20150102_142648  hedge mustard with labaneh and green onions.

حويرنه مع لبنه وبصل اخضر وصحن زيتون,



Up to Hometown Huwwara :)

Hello everybody.

Had a marvelous day, me and mom headed up North this morning and visited many relatives and as usual ate lots of food 😉

First stop was at my new fb friend and cousin for breakfast and a cup of coffee,all delicious and we had such a great time catching up and knowing each other face to face,a real pleasure. Visit ended with a superb piece of Teramisu since my cousin lives in Rome so she’s an expert,really yummy.

Thank you dear Rita for your hospitality,hope to see you soon before you leave.


20140814_112521  20140814_112539

20140814_112544  20140814_112549


Then next visit was to my lovely colleagues and best cousins for lunch,we had rice with fava beans with salad and Irbid yogurt of course. Ha great time as usual :)

Trip ended by paying condolences for a relative then a must buying labaneh and yogurt on our way back from Husson.

Very nice day indeed <3


20140814_142325  20140814_142339





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