Beetroot Hummus.


Hello everybody.

Boiled some beetroots yesterday , it’s the season you know, so today I searched for something new to make with them other than salads .Since I have a box of ready made hummus this mix seemed a good option.


Mix is so easy ,all together in the food processor :

*boiled beetroots.( I used 2 large ones)

* half cup of hummus or 1 cup boiled chickpeas.

*1 tablespoon tahini sauce.

*1 tablespoon lemon juice.

*1 tsp of each, salt, cumin and chili powder.

*1 clove garlic.

15193575_10154557187015907_404327296130639555_n 15178157_10154557187475907_2460789222531627188_n


That’s it! see super easy especially if you have ready hummus. By the way one can find many kinds and flavors of them these days, all  good .

15220132_10154557186690907_432126117574757298_n you can decorate dish with anything you like, today a added spring onions, sesame and black seeds.



A really healthy cheerful dish that works great as dip with chips or veggies and of course a great option for kids as a trick to eat healthy stuff.


Another Kibbeh Fiesta.


Hello everybody.

Kibbeh day, intention was to make some mini ones and spread in a pan with nothing else or at least only some fries.

But then one thing led to another, got excited to do more appetizers to complete the Lebanese style, so end result was muhammra, rocca salad, chili potatoes, various types of kibbeh ( even fried the extra dough)  and new olives.

All extremely yummy, my favorite kind of food.

wpid-wp-1448035388829.jpg wpid-wp-1448035396117.jpg


wpid-wp-1448035429827.jpg wpid-wp-1448035415532.jpg one portion of muhammara to go !





Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce.

Hello everybody.

Got a nice neat roast beef from Centro Supermarket yesterday and did it for dinner with mushroom sauce to go with it.

Alongside was mashed potatoes,couscous salad and fava beans fatteh.

Did Italian couscous salad and hummus.


wpid-dsc_1173.jpg roast beef and mushroom sauce.

wpid-dsc_1172.jpg fava beans fatteh.

wpid-20150711_193805.jpg Italain couscous salad.





Kebabs and Appetizers.

Hello everybody.
Dinner today was homemade kebabs with lots of appetizers: hummus, aubergine dip, baked tomato salad, yogurt with mint and oregano and fatoush.

Dessert was baked tweitat or Zaynab fingers.

Ingredients and method:

2 cups plain flour.
2 cups whole wheat flour.
1 cup olive oil.( or half olive and half vegetable oil)
1 small spoon of instant yeast.
1 small spoon grounded fennel,anise and cinnamon.
Half a cup of sesame seeds. (سمسم محمص).
Half a cup of black seeds,I think they’re called sativa (الحبه السوداء.قزحه ).
1/2 cup sugar.
Pinch of salt.

For the syrup:
3 cups granulated sugar.
1 and 1/2 cups water.
1 small spoon lemon juice.
Boil all ,then leave to simmer till syrup is thick (30- 35 minutes).

wpid-wp-1435600746521.jpeg Zaynab fingers (honey cakes)


wpid-wp-1435600767400.jpeg fatoush,yogurt,mtabbal.

wpid-wp-1435600760511.jpeg  wpid-wp-1435600779583.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435600773297.jpeg kebabs.








Energy Bites!

Hello everybody.

Did a massive fridge and freezer cleaning today and took out many things stored since a long time so as to do something useful or throw them away.

Result was a mix dried fruits,nuts, crushed biscuits,blueberries, oats all bound together with honey and molasses with a bit of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. They’ll make a super snack during Ramadan specially at suhour time cause they’re full of nutrients and fiber which will help during fasting next day.

Another outcome was a plate of chickpeas with tahini sauce ( مسبحه) decorated with parsley and nuts.

Lunch was Shakshouka, no cooking till beginning of Ramadan, that’s my decision so far.

wpid-wp-1434372089016.jpeg energy bites.

wpid-wp-1434372099175.jpeg wpid-wp-1434372131202.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434372111335.jpeg nuts fruits oats mixed with honey and molasses.

wpid-wp-1434372151087.jpeg chickpeas and tahini.

wpid-wp-1434372159462.jpeg shakshuka.

wpid-wp-1434372170908.jpeg lunch !

wpid-wp-1434372165693.jpeg  yummy light food!











Upside Down Toffee Date Cake.

Hello everybody.
Another cozy warm breakfast at my cousin’s this morning,  simple elegant table full of yummy food.

Dessert was a new cake, upside-down toffee it caramel date cake, easy and yummy. Resembles a lot the upside down pineapple one but with dates instead and my favorite jello with apples and reminder of our lovely childhood.

Ingredients and method:
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1 stick butter (100 g)
# pitted dates ( 2 cups)
# cinnamon and cardamom
Cake batter:
# 3 eggs
# 1 cup sugar.
# 1 cup oil.
# 2 tablespoons yogurt or milk
# 1 1/2 cups flour.
# 1 tsp vanilla.
# 2 tsp baking powder.

# heat sugar in baking pan till it caramelizes then add butter and mix.
# arrange dates and sprinkle the cinnamon and cardamom.

# beat cake batter ingredients alternatively then add over dates.
# bake in a medium heated oven for 30-35 minutes or till done in the middle.

# leave to cool down then flip over and serve.



wpid-wp-1428590451803.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590460269.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590490295.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590496518.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590506593.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590528086.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590481336.jpeg  lovely table.










Grilled Pina Colada.

Hello everybody.

Went out noon time for a drive to IKIA,lovely spring day and greenery everywhere, love this time of year.

On our way back home we suddenly decided to BBQ, though weather is a bit cold and wind is crisp but it was nice cause quantity is not big like when you have a crowd.
I did the usual appetizers roasted tomatoes, yogurt mint oregano mix, hummus, salad. Plus I baked some fresh bread which was a real treat.

While eating I peeled a fresh pineapple and put it on the grill, when done I sliced it, added some sugar and grilled it more till golden then served it with nuts,cream and coconut, yummy yummy :).
Of course a BBQ must end with tea on charcoal, though boys made it a bit sweet but it was warming since we stayed outside enjoying the last minute of daylight.

Hope you all enjoyed your day.



wpid-wp-1428081504514.jpeg wpid-wp-1428081514206.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428081545368.jpeg wpid-wp-1428081555348.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428081536317.jpeg wpid-wp-1428081565418.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428081575906.jpeg wpid-wp-1428081583752.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428081618146.jpeg wpid-wp-1428081642021.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428081650538.jpeg wpid-wp-1428081657433.jpeg  tea time.


















Kinder Bueno All Chocolate Cake.

Hello everybody.

My baby turned 18 today, though to me he’s still that blond skinny baby who never sat still for a moment,can’t imagine he’s a fine young man now.

Had a bunch of his friends for breakfast today, big variety of goodies : eggs in buns, manousheh, cheese, labaneh, hummus, falafel… etc.

Highlight of the event was a big fully packed with chocolate cake done upon his request, main filling was cream with crushed Kinder Bueno bars and topping was a mix of Oreo,Maltesers, Flakes and Wafers.

I also made mini pancakes with Nutella,bananas and strawberries in skewers.

Lunch is in process now, only some fries to go with left.

hummus and some leftovers.



wpid-wp-1427032212765.jpeg cake filling.

wpid-wp-1427032303579.jpeg wpid-wp-1427032327382.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427032312078.jpeg eggs in small buns.

wpid-wp-1427032333199.jpeg mini skewered pancakes with bananas, strawberries and Nutella.

wpid-wp-1427032294524.jpeg Happy Birthday Zozo,love you :)





Hummus with Sweet Potato.

Hello everybody.

Boiled some chickpeas this morning, hummus is a good low carbohydrate high in protein dish so it makes a good appetizer or even a breakfast choice.This time I tried it with a piece of boiled sweet potato as my friend Mary advised one, really yummy and added smoothness to the hummus.

I also made the special salad as they call it in restaurants thee palmetto artichoke mushroom and baby corn salad with a creamy dressing of mustard,mayonnaise,lemon,balsamic,herbs and olive oil. A fancy dish for sure .

Main dish was chicken curry from yesterday.

DSC_0500  Super Salad.

DSC_0490 hummus with sweet potatoes.

DSC_0484 chick peas,sweet potato,tahini, yogurt,garlic,lemon and salt.




Steak Sandwiches,Chips and Hummus.

Hello everybody.

Nobody answered what they wanted for lunch as always,only request was another plate of hummus cause it was  wiped out yesterday .

Searched through the blog,fridge,freezer and pantry then decided to make steak sandwiches,some potato chips with some veggies. Of course boys love this though I feel it’s a kind of Summer food but it was good as a change.

Was about to bake a cake but everybody objected,we ate too much last week ,enough for now !

20150113_143219  Steak sandwich,chips,hummus and veggies.


DSC_0314 Sun is out but still extremely cold :(




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