Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding.

Hello everybody.

As you may also noticed we’re Mansaf-ing today,and farewell treat to dear Haidar before heading back to Subway and frozen meals.As usual it was superb and we’ll done,my mother in-law’s specialty hope God give her good health and energy to keep on doing it :mrgreen:.
My part was the dessert, I arranged a small tray of sweets including fresh cream, honey, molasses and homemade halaweh with toasted bread sticks and made this new dish that was posted in my page from yummy yummy website which is self-saucing chocolate pudding.

Very easy to make plus it saves you time and effort to make a sauce or ganache for the cake .

Ingredients and method :
* 3 eggs .
* 1/2 cup butter .
* 1/4 cup coccoa .
* 3/4 cup sugar .
* 3/4 cup warm milk .
* 1 tablespoon Nescafe .
* 1 tsp baking powder .
*1 tsp vanilla.
* 1 cup chocolate chips or any kind of milk chocolate .
* 2 cups flour .

For the syrup :
* 2 1/2 boiling water .
* 1/2 cup sugar .
* 2 big spoonful of coccoa .

* whisk eggs,vanilla ,sugar,butter with milk and nescafe till frothy .
* add dry ingredients ( flour,coccoa and baking powder )
* fold in chocolate chips .

* mix syrup ingredients well.
* pour chocolate batter into a greased deep pan.
* pour hot syrup on top .
* bake in a medium heated oven for 40 minutes .
* you’ll have two separated layers of cake and pudding or thick syrup under it.
* serve alone or with vanilla ice cream .



wpid-wp-1421854753023.jpeg  Mansaf accessories.



wpid-wp-1421854765551.jpeg   halaweh,molasses,honey and cream.

wpid-wp-1421854805472.jpeg  wpid-wp-1421854852093.jpeg



wpid-wp-1421854779835.jpeg   it is actually a self saucing type of cake ,loved it :)










Homemade Halaweh (حلاوه بيتيه).

Hello everybody.

Lots of events today,started with a lovely breakfast gathering with my beautiful friends at Al Narenj restaurant located in Abdoun, highly recommended by the way, delicious food,excellent service and very relaxing atmosphere plus very reasonable price. Food is Middle Eastern and various,we were really full and satisfied. Definitely going back for lunch or dinner soon.

PhotoGrid_1421775920666   Al Narenj breakfast.

Lunch was light,broccoli soup,mushroom and cheese quiche ( same as spinach but used mushrooms instead) and some za3tar cheese pastries I did yesterday.

DSC_0082 broccoli soup.

PhotoGrid_1421776041729  mushroom cheese quiche.

PhotoGrid_1421776124224  za3tar cheese rolls.

After lunch I decided to try a recipe my dear young cousin ,who’s a newly wed by the way but showing great cooking skills ,posted this afternoon on my page which is homemade halaweh. A product usually bought ready from stores and not a usual at all to do at home, never thought it would be so easy to do,even simple available ingredients.

Well it’s firming up in the fridge right now but I did taste it and it’s awesome, thank you lovely Mouna for the new adventure :)

Ingredients and method:

* 1 cup powdered milk.

* 1 cup powdered sugar.

* 1 cup tahini sauce.

* 1 tsp cardamon.

*1 tsp vanilla.

* some pistachios to garnish.


* Mix sugar,milk,vanilla,cardamon well then add tahini till all mixed,you may need less quantity of tahini so pour it slowly till you get a soft paste.

* press paste in mold or jar and garnish with pistachios then leave to cool in fridge.


That’s it,ready to go !

DSC_0093  halaweh.حلاوه

DSC_0070  DSC_0086




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