Steaks with Onions and Mustard.



Hello again.

Had to cook something quick before going out this morning, easiest of all grilled steaks covered with spices and mustard with caramelized onions on top.

Side dishes were mashed potatoes and lentil soup.

wpid-wp-1446735799322.jpg sauteed onions and mustard steaks

wpid-wp-1446735806680.jpg wpid-wp-1446735782396.jpg




Cheese Stuffed Steaks.

Hello everybody.

My husband bought some meat yesterday preparing for Ramadan coming in couple of weeks so as to avoid crowded roads and shops as usual,anyway I kept some fresh steaks to do today.

Well as I always say my number one application to look for new recipes or ideas is Pinterest, just love this it !

Found this super easy recipe, you simply stuff then roll steaks and grill them in some oil and butter. Stuffing was minced garlic, chopped onions and parsley, some pesto sauce and a hard sharp cheese with spices and salt of course.

Happens to be that my friend did the same but stuffing was shredded veggies, looks yummy as well.

Made mashed potatoes and a salad on the side plus a sauce made of balsamic vinegar,steak sauce,a bit of Worcestershire sauce and one teaspoon butter all boiled till it thickens





wpid-wp-1433429530445.jpeg wpid-wp-1433429544424.jpeg my stuffing.

wpid-wp-1433429565686.jpeg my friend’s stuffing.

wpid-wp-1433429556805.jpeg wpid-wp-1433429570125.jpeg


wpid-wp-1433429590053.jpeg  wpid-wp-1433429574668.jpeg all yummy.






Grilled Chicken with Broccoli Mushrooms and Pesto Pasta.

Hello everybody.

Had to cook something quick today cause I had to meet my friends to go watch Mammia Musical and it was really worth every minute and penny, absolutely amazing,music still in my ears till now.

Saturday lunch is always fresh cause it’s grocery day, marinated chicken breasts in this yummy rich dressing marinate sauce my husband bought yesterday, then grilled them with garlic, sage and rosemary, added fresh broccoli and mushrooms then left them to simmer a while. Made some pesto pasta on the side and that’s it, quick and easy.


wpid-20150516_123549.jpg wpid-20150516_123608.jpg very tasty marinade.

wpid-20150516_123819.jpg wpid-20150516_125443.jpg

wpid-20150516_141536.jpg best dish ever !






Black Angus Beef with Blue Cheese Sauce.

Hello everybody.

Been waiting for a day when everyone is home for lunch to do these steaks that our dear cousin brought us cause they must be grilled and eaten right away,so this snowy day is perfect.

The steaks are” black angus beef bone in striploin bone calvetti ” was afreaid they won’t be done cause they’re very thick and I can’t do them outside on the grill but they turned out alright, well done from inside.

I used some BBQ seasoning and salt only and pinched them all over then grilled then on top of a very hot grilling pan, kept turning them with a lid on till done. Side dishes were roasted potatoes and sauteed veggies and sauces were gravy mushroom ( ready mix ) and blue cheese sauce ( only for me cause nobody else like it)

wpid-wp-1424540838700.jpeg Restaurant style dish.

wpid-wp-1424540854105.jpeg roasted potatoes and veggies.

20150221_130926 wpid-wp-1424540880434.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424540892664.jpeg wpid-wp-1424540901785.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424540868150.jpeg wpid-wp-1424540908644.jpeg blue cheese and gravy sauces.

This morning I recycled some old goodies, processed some old rock cookies, all bran and mashed dates all together and made them balls, great as breakfast right? and I have two old oranges used them for a fresh orange cake and used the remaining of the Nutella cinnamon icing on top of it after adding some lemon juice to give it a tangy flavor.

wpid-wp-1424540925275.jpeg  date cookies balls.

wpid-wp-1424540934614.jpeg basic cake with lemony creamy icing.

Well it was a long day full of work but better than sitting doing nothing cause apparently we can’t go out :(




Nachos in an Eastern Look (فته مكسيكيه).

Hello everybody.

We all ate too much during this week ,lunches and dinners, so today we’re eating light to at least lessen the guilty feelings.

I made potato salad with dill and spring onions,grilled veggies tossed with pomegranate syrup and olive oil and this Mexican dish in an Arabic twist.

Learned this dish from my cousin, you simply cook some onions,tomatoes and black beans to form a sauce then spread it over the Nachos then add tahini sauce,chopped tomatoes,beans and some parsley on top. Really easy and light cause you don’t add cheese or butter,you can use light nachos for a healthier version.

Hope you all enjoying Friday so far.








Magical Cake.

Well today we’re invited to my uncle’s house for dinner….I’m sure any house wife is relieved when  invited to lunch or dinner….no worries about what to cook that day.

So today’s lunch will be light….cause dinner will be stuffed turkey. …must keep room for it:)
…I will post pictures of it for sure.

I will make light grilled cheese sandwiches and green salad…with a twist.
Meaning…I use lettuce.tomatoes.some walnuts…and for the dressing..mix lemon juice..a small spoon of balsamic vinegar.a drizzle of of pomegranate molasses ( دبس رمان ) .and salt.simple and tasty.



As for the cheese sandwiches. can use any type of cheese…halloum.white nabulsi cheese..cheddar. I have  white cheese..
I spread the toast with a bit of pesto. (Optional of course) or sprinkle a bit of thyme…as you prefer.
Heat the pan..add a bit of butter…put the cheese sandwiche and press it with a spatula or heavy pan…till bread is toated.then flip and toast the other side…
sometimes I grill the cheese also… especially if  it’s halloumi…Enjoy



I usually make something sweet and take with me when invited to lunch or dinner….homemade sweets are much more desired from readymade…
I will also take a jar of the orange jam I made last week…a perfect gift♡.

The cake I made is  Magical Cake….it’s called like that cause it separates to three layers when baked.
I got this recipe from Ro’ya tv channel..made by chef Ghada El-Tally….her recipies are always easy and delicious. …
4 eggs seperated.
1 cup sugar.
1 spoon water.
1 tsp vanilla.
100 g melted butter.
2 cups warm milk.
3/4 cup flour.
1 tsp baking powder.
1 small spoon vinegar

Mix egg yolks.vanilla. water.sugar  very well then add butter..milk .flour and baking powder…mix.
Note:make sure butter is melted and milk is warm or else butter will clot if milk is cold.
Beat egg whites with vinger until it’s foamy and no liquid stays at the bottom…by using electric mixer.
Fold the egg whites into the yolks mixture gently..until all mix together.
Use a small pan…grease with oil and sprinkle with flour…or for easier handling use waxed paper..let it cover all sides of pan and out so that you can remove cake from pan easily.

Bake in medium heated oven for 45 minutes  ..or till upper layer is crispy.
Cool for half hour then put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
The cake will seperate to a cake layer.custard layer and upper crust.
Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.





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