Morning Gathering. 


Hello everybody.

A simple elegant cheese platter with dried fruits and strawberries with crackers or breads can be the best thing for a small gathering specially if done with love to loving friends. 

wp-image-1640552431jpg.jpg wp-image-994391250jpg.jpg


I used a selection of cheeses, white, cheddar, Camembert and kashkaval with healthy dried fruits, some olives and a selection of jams (figs,quince, marmalade) 




I also made some sweet light cheese served with mixed berries jam.




Successful Lunch Gathering.


Hello everybody.

Had a big lunch gathering for my mother in-law’s friends,a group of lovely cheerful ladies.

Menu was as follows, curry veggies rice with chicken, kibbeh both spread and mini, fava beans fatteh, kibbeh with eggplants,Iraqi dolma done by an Iraqi lady, rocca apple cranberry salad and green salad.

wpid-wp-1449678969592.jpg elegant kibbeh display.

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg wpid-wp-1449679022818.jpg wpid-wp-1449678978336.jpg

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg lovely buffet.

Dessert was the almond citrus cake I did yesterday and Muhalabieh with caramel a highly desired dish for sure.

wpid-wp-1449678996940.jpg wpid-wp-1449679001265.jpg


I’m not bragging or even hate to talk about myself but to be honest food was really delicious, all guests said so!
I’m 100% convinced that any dish cooked with love and willingness will taste great and this depends on your mood and to whom you’re doing it for sure.










Bread in a Pan.

Hello everybody.

Have some dear friends coming over this evening and upon their request I did some light dishes cause they’re on diet and frankly so do I at least trying to cut down meals and sweets,a decision I try to comply to every September.

So I did a cheese platter, Caprese salad with some watermelon,labaneh with walnuts and some veggies.

A healthy bread loaf to go to with all this was in my mind since morning so after some research I found this healthy easy one that you bake in a deep pan.

Ingredients and method :
# 5 cups whole-wheat flour or a mix of two kinds.
# 1 tablespoon yeast.
# 1 tablespoon sugar.
# 2-3 cups warm water.

* Mix 2 cups of the flour with all the ingredients and cover till it’s bubbly.

Then add the remaining flour with
# sun-dried tomatoes.
# fresh oregano.
# pitted olives.
# any kinds of seeds you like.

Mix all very well with a wooden spoon and cover till it doubles in size.

# heat the oven with a deep metal pan in it till both are very hot.
# sprinkle some flour or semolina in the pan and add dough quickly.
# bake covered for 40 minutes then uncovered for 15 to get a crunchy crust.

Leave to cool then cut to slices.



wpid-wp-1441210796828.jpg wpid-wp-1441210804181.jpg

wpid-wp-1441210818803.jpg dough in deep pan.

wpid-wp-1441210839569.jpg colorful healthy table.

wpid-wp-1441210846700.jpg wpid-wp-1441210863133.jpg

wpid-wp-1441210870698.jpg labaneh and grape dessert.

wpid-wp-1441210877998.jpg wpid-wp-1441210854583.jpg











Cousin’s Lunch Gathering.

Hello everybody.
Had a warm loving lunch for my cousin and her cute daughters visiting Jordan from Rome, it was really a pleasure.
Menu was Banan’s rice, Fava beans with cooked yogurt and steaks, a pesto pasta and salad.Dessert was plain cake with chocolate Ganache on top and fruits.



wpid-wp-1437940736684.jpeg wpid-wp-1437940768272.jpeg

wpid-wp-1437940778382.jpeg pesto pasta.wpid-wp-1437940790984.jpeg baba ghanouj.


wpid-wp-1437940800785.jpeg dessert.






Light No Bake Fruit Cheesecake.

Hello everybody.

It’s Summer time, fruits of various kinds and colors are abundant everywhere, this morning I got some fresh from the farm peaches on my way back from the lovely town Fuheis where we had a nice breakfast.

Back home I decided to try this dessert, kind of my own invention, small cups of no bake cheesecake with fruits on top,so yummy and light great in this hot weather.

Ingredients and method :

# crust :
# 1/2 pack of plain biscuits.
# 2 tablespoons oats.
#2 tablespoons coconut.
# 1 big tablespoon butter.
# 1 tsp jam.

Mix all these together till crumbly.

# cheese layer :
# 1 pack cream cheese.
# 1 pack cream ( قشطه)
# 1/2 cup caster sugar.
# 1 tablespoon butter.
# 2 tablespoons labaneh.

Mix all ingredients together till creamy.

# put some crust in small bowls or cups.
# add cheese filling.
# top with any fruits you like.
# keep in fridge for couple of hours then serve.

Oh and lunch was regular kofta with vegetables and a big salad.

wpid-20150609_150825.jpg wpid-20150609_150735.jpg

wpid-20150609_151006.jpg elegant for a dinner or lunch party.






Try it,really good you won’t regret.

Beans Orange Salad and Thumbprint Cookies.

Hello everybody.

Had visitors last night with no time to do lots of stuff,so I made this easy salad and some cookies and arranged some fruits,with coffee,tea and nuts turned out a pleasant evening.

Salad contains red beans,sweet corn,chopped colored sweet peppers with orange slices on top,dressing was salt,oregano,lemon,vinegar and olive oil.

As for the cookies, these are ingredients and method:

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1/4 cup sugar.

* 1 large egg separated.

* 1 cup flour.

* pinch of salt.

* 3/4 roasted finely crushed nuts.

* jam


* beat egg yolk,butter,sugar and salt till creamy.

* add flour and knead till you form a ball.

* form small balls then press them  with your thumb a bit in the middle.

* beat the egg white and coat cookies with them.

* roast and crush finely the nuts then coat cookies with them as well.

* bake in a moderate heated oven for 13-15 minutes.

* when cooled add a little bit of jam in the thumbprint.


Yummy yummy :)



20140920_160958  20140920_162026

20140920_163948 20140920_192903





Watermelon Fiesta !!!

Hello everybody.

Nobody home for lunch today and I was busy all morning making Date Rolls for my friend, when when done I was in no mood to cook anything.

This morning I bought a lovely watermelon, been waiting for it’s season to make these lovely servings or decorations all done with watermelons,fruits and cheese, as usual shape wasn’t as perfect as photos you see in magazines or websites but not bad for a first time, I’m sure this needs lots of practice and special cutters and lots of Photoshop :).

I also made a lovely refreshing juice with them,thanks to my Facebook friend who recommended it, I mixed watermelons with Tang lemon and mint and two ripe bananas with lots of ice. Very cooling in this hot day :)

I’ll post my photos and the original ones, you compare and judge!!!

8d6e71969074a9b723b3fa21565ed9d1   20140515_151838

dd1a89fb1e8519fa8da02754f94582e5   20140515_151859




Old fashion meat and potato ( صينيه بطاطا )

When we were kids we used to run away or grumble when grandma  cooked certain dishes…called it a grown ups meal. It’s funny that we crave them now, I’m sure cause of the memories they bring. Those were simple lovely days. (.الله يرحمك تيتى ام جعفر ).

Today I made meat and potatoes in the oven,  you may add more vegetables like eggplants, courgettes, or tomatoes. I added mushrooms today cause kids love it.

* big pieces lamb meat with bones.
* 1 big onion.
* 3-4 cloves garlic.
* green sweet pepper.
* 4 big potatoes cut to medium sized cubes.
* bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, salt, pepper and all spice.

* Rub meat with salt and pepper , heat some olive oil in a pan.add meat pieces , stir till brownish.
* Add one small onion, bay leaf, cinnamon stick , salt, pepper and all spice.
*  Add water enough to cook meat .leave to boil till done.
* In a big oven tray, sautee sliced onions, garlic and sweet pepper till soft.
* Deep fry potato cubes then leave on paper towel to remove excess oil.
* Remove meat from broth,put them on top of onion mix.
* Arrange potatoes and other vegetables you’re using around.
*Add sieved meat broth and season with extra pepper and all spice as desired.
*  Put it in the oven in low heat for 1 hour and roast it till potatoes are crispy.

   Well gandma used to have big old fashion oven which makes these kinds of dishes extra delicious. Atually many people still use it till now. Excellent for baking and roasting.
* Serve it with white rice and simple salad.









A small plate of fresh fruits after lunch was a delightful dessert!!



Enjoy ♡♥♡♥

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