Date Rolls.

Hello everybody.

It’s been such a long time since I did these, maybe in Eid Al-Adha meaning seven months now.

  Date Rolls are such a favorable kind of cookies, they have a nice aroma, taste and texture that everyone love, made a small batch for my dear sis to take with her back home next week and hopefully I’ll have time to make her some rock cookies also.

Love you sis


wpid-20150423_110516.jpg ready to go!!

wpid-20150423_120242.jpg all lined ready for baking.

wpid-20150423_131052.jpg all packed.





Baked Fennel!

Hello everybody.
So excited today, my friend’s son is getting married tonight, so happy for her and looking forward for the gathering of all of us at the party and thank God for the sunny nice weather so that all ceremonies won’t be difficult cause of rain or cold, congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom wish them all the happiness in the world.

Lunch was quick and easy, chicken scallop with mashed potatoes,salad and some baked fennels.

I have lots of these from our friends farm so thought I’ll try baking some,tastes really nice. You only add salt,pepper, olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar and bake uncovered in a well heated oven, that’s it.

Well have to go get ready,bye now!



wpid-wp-1425651640484.jpeg wpid-wp-1425651607476.jpeg




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