Ramadan Dishes.


Hello everybody.

Sorry for the laziness but Ramadan is really tiring specially after Iftar, one gets lazy and tired.

Strategy this month is to make little amounts of every dish so as not to have leftovers next day ,the past couple of days I made many dishes.

wp-1465586884171.jpg noodles veggie soup.


wp-1465586877561.jpg chicken pie.

wp-1465586924337.jpg rocca sun dried tomatoes grilled cheese salad.

wp-1465586979193.jpg chicken fatteh.


wp-1465586938900.jpg qatayef and muhalbieh with caramel.



Delicious Family Lunch.

Hello everybody.

Hosted my dear cousin for lunch today, as I always say when you cook with love for special people everything will taste amazing.

Made fresh green stuffed vine leaves and courgettes, fava beans fatteh, rocca and cucumber yogurt salads.


wp-1462823197207.jpg fava beans fatteh.

New dish was the squid ink pasta I got as a present from Maysas Pasta yesterday


though it’s usually done with fish or shrimps but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to buy some so I made it with garlic, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and lemon zest.So yummy and fresh.




Successful Lunch Gathering.


Hello everybody.

Had a big lunch gathering for my mother in-law’s friends,a group of lovely cheerful ladies.

Menu was as follows, curry veggies rice with chicken, kibbeh both spread and mini, fava beans fatteh, kibbeh with eggplants,Iraqi dolma done by an Iraqi lady, rocca apple cranberry salad and green salad.

wpid-wp-1449678969592.jpg elegant kibbeh display.

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg wpid-wp-1449679022818.jpg wpid-wp-1449678978336.jpg

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg lovely buffet.

Dessert was the almond citrus cake I did yesterday and Muhalabieh with caramel a highly desired dish for sure.

wpid-wp-1449678996940.jpg wpid-wp-1449679001265.jpg


I’m not bragging or even hate to talk about myself but to be honest food was really delicious, all guests said so!
I’m 100% convinced that any dish cooked with love and willingness will taste great and this depends on your mood and to whom you’re doing it for sure.










Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce.

Hello everybody.

Got a nice neat roast beef from Centro Supermarket yesterday and did it for dinner with mushroom sauce to go with it.

Alongside was mashed potatoes,couscous salad and fava beans fatteh.

Did Italian couscous salad and hummus.


wpid-dsc_1173.jpg roast beef and mushroom sauce.

wpid-dsc_1172.jpg fava beans fatteh.

wpid-20150711_193805.jpg Italain couscous salad.





Lentil Soup Fatteh.

Hello everybody.

Seems like winter is back again, weird weather this morning, rainy with heavy fog.

Well I’m sure a big percentage of Jordanians cooked lentil soup today, it’s a rain tradition i guess.

Today I’ll do it with a twist, and member in banancooking.com made this dish and while ago and it looked interesting.

You cook soup as usual but I made it a bit thicker, then you assemble it with all fatteh ingredients. Roasted bread, soup then tahini yogurt sauce and garnish it with cooked minced meat, almonds and parsley.

A big big success, very fulfilling but not heavy, mother in-law and kids loved it,waiting for hubby’s approval now.



wpid-wp-1427897754108.jpeg wpid-wp-1427897747280.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427897740952.jpeg end result .




Kofta Fatteh(فته كفتة).

Hello everybody.

Yesterday’s lunch was a recipe from Al-Rai newspaper 3 weeks ago,wanted to do it since then.
It’s basically Kofta balls or fingers cooked in tomatoes,onions and some tomato paste (كباب هندي) but instead of eating it with rice you serve it as usual fatteh.
Start with a layer of toasted or fried bread,then meat tomato layer then tahini sauce. Finish the dish with chopped parsley and toasted nuts on top,really good try it.

Well as for today’s lunch,we ate at Mom’s. Stuffed vine leaves and courgettes, salad and fruit salad. Delicious thank you my dear mommy.








Happy Morning Breakfast.

Hello everybody.
We had the liveliest gathering this morning for my sister in -laws family,it was really great having you all.
  I made usual breakfast menu, labaneh,cheese platter, za’tar,hummus,Fava beans,fatteh,olives,eggs..etc.
Extra dishes were turkey cheese club sandwiches, labaneh murtadella wraps and small falafel tahini salad sandwiches.
Dessert was my mother in-law’s famous rice pudding and some End cookies.
May we always gather in good health and happy times.










Winter is Back!

Hello everybody.

I’m sure you’re all surprised by today’s weather,it’s unusual to have such rain this time of year in Jordan, but I guess weather this year is really weird from the beginning.

Since we’re back to rainy cold weather all over again, so I made potato soup with eggplant fatteh ( فته مقدوس), this dish reminds of Ramadan which is practically coming soon,less than two months :)

Ingredients and method:

Potato soup:

* 1-2 big potatoes,cubed.

* 1 spring onion.

* 1 maggi cube.

* 1 pack cream.

* salt ,pepper.

* 4-5 cups water.

* saute chopped onions till tender then add potatoes and stir well.

* add salt,pepper,maggi and water.

* leave to boil then simmer till potatoes are done.

* mix with hand mixer or blender then add cream and simmer for 10 more minutes.


Eggplant Fatteh ( فته مقدوس)

3-4 cubed fried eggplants.

* finely chopped onion.

* roasted or fried squared pitta bread.

* tahini sauce ( tahini,lemon,salt,yoghurt,garlic)

* tomato paste.

* chopped parsley.

* cooked spiced minced meat.

* toasted almonds and pine nuts.

* salt,pepper,all spice and cinnamon for seasoning.


* saute onions till tender then add fried eggplants.

* add all seasoning,tomato paste and enough water to cover all then leave to simmer till sauce is thick and eggplants tender.

* layer pitta bread in Pyrex or serving dish,add eggplant with sauce on top.

* add tahini sauce then garnish with parsley,meat and nuts.

Note: this dish must be assembled right before you serve so as pittas stay crisp otherwise they’ll be soggy .

I made some salad and kids made egg omelette with the remaining meat,nice hot lunch in this kind of cold day.


Enjoy your weekend :)


20140508_112633   20140508_113703



IMG-20140508-WA0037  IMG-20140508-WA0038  20140508_152518

20140508_153648     20140508_154453









Chicken Fatteh (فته دجاج )

Hello everybody.
Kids been telling me since last week to make fatteh for lunch. I waited for a day when I’m sure everybody is home at lunchtime cause it cannot be heated and must be eaten directly or else bread inside will be soft.
This dish is mostly served as an appetizer in restaurants or big lunches but I usually make it as a main dish,it’s rich, fulfilling and kids love it so fair air enough, no need for more .
Ingredients and method:

* 1 chicken, whole or only breasts as you wish. cooked till done with usual spices (salt, pepper, cinnamon, all spice, bay leaf, cloves, onion).
* fried bread cubes.
* rice cooked in chicken broth and spices.
* tahini sauce (tahini, yoghurt, lemon juice, salt).
* finely chopped parsley and roasted pine nuts for decorating.
* boil chicken in water and spices till done. Keep the broth.
* cook the rice as usual but use a bit of broth when making it and add spices  to make it more flavored like all spice, cinnamon, cardamom according to taste.
* Assemble the fatteh by layering bread, rice, chicken pieces, sprinkle hot sieved broth so that bread is a bit tender. Then add tahini sauce.
* Garnish with parsley and pine nuts.
* You can add crushed garlic to tahini sauce if you like.











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