Sheraton Amman Spice Garden/Arabian Nights.



Good morning everybody.

I was privileged last night  to be invited to a very nice venue at Sheraton Amman on the occasion of launching Arabian Nights at  The Spice Garden restaurant which includes a variety of Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese and Moroccan dishes along with delicious sweets and amazing live music.

Invitation came through Family Flavors magazine to all food bloggers,venue was for all social media people active on all platforms.

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Evening started with a tour at the Ambassador Suite on the 7th floor, beautiful space and exquisite view to beautiful Amman, then we gathered at The Spice Garden  for a Knafeh making lesson with the chef which we ate later on.


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Dinner was served afterwards,a wide selection of delicacies starting from salads, appetizers, main dishes and desserts. You even can order special dishes like kofta or hummus with meat on top ( that was so yummy).

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wp-1460443437463.jpg Mansaf.

wp-1460443442636.jpg maqloubeh

wp-1460443469823.jpg koukous.

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Highlight of the evening was meeting the new GM Mrs Iva Trifonov and all marketing staff who were very kind and hospitable, nice interesting event and we even went home with a nice apron to remember it.

wp-1460443315993.jpg elegant aprons :)

.wp-1460443394151.jpg  Thank you Sheraton Amman.



















My Interview About Family Family Flavors Magazine.

Hello again.

Yesterday morning I was interviewed in Roya TV during the morning show Dunya Ya Dunya to talk about my monthly posts in Family Flavors magazine.

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I started my monthly menu planner and recipes pages and my column in healthy and happy segment.

A very nice informative interview with two lovely TV anchors.

Family Flavors January Post.

Hello everybody.

Family Flavors magazine January issue is in market now, in it you can find many interesting topics and recipes for kids and adults.

My contribution this month and hopefully months ahead will be a calender planner and some recipes plus one healthy recipe for kids.

So hurry up go buy your copy now<3


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