Successful Catering Job. 

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Hello everybody.

Today I was honored to cater a workshop at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation for a group of Dutch experts.

I can proudly say it was a job well done, everything was perfect and work went on smoothly.

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I did assorted cookies and snacks for the coffee break then followed by burgers, shawerma and falafel for lunch.  

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Along with zatar and cheese puffs all with veggies and olives.

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Grand finale was a beautiful lemony cake topped with berries and ganache.

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Busy Friday.


Hello everybody.

Such a busy day,usually Fridays are lazy and quiet but this one was the opposite.

Started with breakfast with my friend who came by to give a German lesson to my son,followed by coffee for sure.

wp-1460140071175.jpg yummy healthy breakfast.

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Then preparing today’s last minute order, falafel rolls and great  depression vanilla cake with pineapples and roasted coconuts on top.


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Directly after that I assembled a strawberry pavlova as dessert after lunch which was a big tasty mansaf.

wp-1460140050577.jpg Mansaf  :)

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Lively nice Spring day.













Best Birthday Party.



Hello everybody.

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday, our bundle of joy is one now.

Theme of the party was teddy bears, cake, cupcakes and all ornaments were brown and yellow. All done by my talented sister in-law, very elegant and cheerful.

I did the catering,menu was as follows :
# falafel rolls.

# mini kibbeh.

# mini burgers and baked potatoes.

# salmon sandwiches.
# turkey and cheese sandwiches.

# mini baked corn dogs.

# Italian cream cake.


My sister in-law did quesadillas,lasagna and cheesecake pots and my sister made pasta salad.


All was really delicious, we had great fun.











Beetroot Apples Dip.

Hello everybody.

What a busy eventful day, nonstop activities since morning which started by a gathering at mom’s for my dear aunties , lovely ladies with so many old stories to tell. I made some spinach pastries and almond pudding,mom made za’tar cookies and orange cake.

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As for lunch at home I made this lovely bright beetroot apple dip or salad that my sister told me about since beetroots are in season  these days,this can be a very nice healthy dish to make instead of processed ready dips.

Ingredients and method:

* 2 large beetroots boiled or baked.

* 2 apples.

* 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

* 2 tablespoons labaneh.

* 2 tablespoons crushed walnuts.

* salt and pepper.

* grate beets and apples then squeeze them with your hands to remove all excess water.

* mix mayonnaise,labaneh,walnuts,salt and pepper.

* add beets and apples then mix well.

* put mix in a bowl then leave in fridge a bit .

* turn it upside down and serve with chips or toasted bread.

20150217_152816  yummy good looking dip.


I also made a quick pesto pasta with the dip.




Then I went out with my lovely college friends to Yoshi for sushi, though I’m not a fan of it but food was great and atmosphere and service were excellent, company was the best part of the evening as always.

20150217_185717 20150217_185408 Yoshi !

As soon as I arrived back home my aunt and her lovely daughters passed by and brought Falafel sandwiches, unfortunately I was full :( though I love it, again it’s the company that matters. Love you 3amto <3.

20150217_210020 20150217_210046





Chicken Pie and Broad Beans.

Hello everybody.

Had no idea what to cook today,nobody gave me an answer,so I decided by myself!

Chicken pie,hummos and I have some dried broad beans so I soaked them last night and made them with onions,garlic and tomatoes.

I also made a halloumi,tomatoes, pesto sauce and olives plate and fried some spring rolls I found in the freezer.



20140715_194112   20140715_193454

20140715_193833  20140715_194229



Lazy Friday:)

Hello everybody….typical sunny lazy Friday.
We all got up late..and I woke up with a bad back pain,, so my lovely family said no cooking today.
Best solution for a late breakfast and no lunch is  hummus, falafel, fatteh, fool meal (حمص.فﻻفل.فته.فول ).
Well hummus, fatteh and falafel are bought..some people buy fatteh also….though it’s more delicious if done at home….well frankly I never did..but will bring the recipe from my uncle…who’s famous of doing the best fatteh and post it for you.
As for fava beans (فول مدمس ) I usually make at home.
I use a can of cooked fava beans.heat it very well then add it to a mixture of chopped green or dry onions.chopped tomatoes. Fresh mint leaves.juice of half a lemon.1 small spoon of cumin powder.dried mint.paprika.salt,, a spinkle of hot chilli and olive oil.mix heated beans with and…….Bon Appetit.






Enjoy your weekend♡♥♡♥

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