Steak Sandwich Loaf.


Hello everybody.

Had to make a lunch quickly cause boys had dentist appointment and may not be allowed to eat for hours afterwards.

I was about to make shawerma with some spinach in pitta bread I made this morning for mom’s gathering but boys suggested that I’ll try to make the Fajita Loaf style but as steak sandwich,result was really delicious they even loved it more than chicken.

Filling was sauteed shredded beef and onions with steak spices and chili then when done I added some Gouda and cream cheese. Of course you can add sweet peppers and mushrooms.



Nice new dish to add to our menu.




Chicken and Greek Quesadillas.

Hello everybody.
Though shopped groceries and went to vegetables’ shop but still had no clue what to cook till just before lunch.

Winner was chicken quesadillas and when I had two more extra pitta breads I made them Greek style,very tasty.

On the side I made a fava bean smashed dish,with tomatoes onions peppers and cumin also yummy.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend
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A nice kitchen decor my husband made yesterday,from old fridge magnets, thank you Abu Khalil.


Chicken Fajita.

Hello everybody.

Another full of events weekend,last night was the Henna party for our lovely bride Tara,lovely alive party and delicious food catered by Gourmet,wish the bride and groom an everlasting love and happiness. Today we’re invited to a wedding at the Four Seasons,best wishes to newlyweds as well!

Well lunch today was chicken fajita,very hot weather and dinner out needs a light lunch.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 large shredded boneless chicken breast.

* 1 shredded green or dry onion.

* shredded carrots.

* shredded colored peppers.

* fajita spices ready or homemade like the ones I made for quesadillas.

* pitta bread.


* marinate chicken in a bit of lemon juice or vinegar and 1 tablespoon of spices .

* heat some vegetable oil then add chicken and stir till dry and colored.

* add the onions,carrots and peppers and stir fry till all done.

* before serving add some sour cream or labaneh or avocado dip on the pitta bread then add chicken mix.

* wrap and toast a bit on the toaster.

Serve with simple lettuce vinaigrette salad or any of your choice.



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