Om Ali ( ام علي).

Hello everybody.

no cooking today cause we went shopping at City Mall and had lunch there,in the way back I bought ingredients of Om Ali dessert cause my husband been craving it since two weeks and I hadn’t got the time to do it at all,it’ll be a nice treat after his hunting trip when he comes home.

This dessert is of Egyptian origin,as they say the mother of Egyptian desserts, it’s said that it’s named after the sultan’s wife Om Ali who distributed this sweet after the death of the Sultan’s second wife. It’s basically done from puff pastry with nuts and cream.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 pack puff pastry.

* 3 cups pf milk.

* 2 packs cream or fresh double cream.

*  1 cup sugar.

* some walnuts,almonds,pistachio,raisins and coconut.


* toast the nuts in the oven for 10 minutes then crush them.

* bake the puff pastry till golden.

* heat the milk,cream and sugar till they boil.

* shred the pastry in a deep oven pan then add nuts,coconut and raisins .

* add half the amount of milk then add another layer of pastry and nuts.

* add remaining milk and sprinkle with some cinnamon.

* bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes .

This dish is served hot,you can make it in a pottery pan so as to stay warm for a long time.



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Kushari and Baked Pumpkin.

Hello everybody.

Didn’t know what to cook today till late noon,as usual nobody gave an answer,as you wish they all said, I already wanted a no meat or chicken dish so choice was mujadara then I thought why not try to do kushari.

Kushari is a traditional  Egyptian dish that you can find in special restaurants or even carts in the road all over Egypt, it’s  healthy full of protein,very fulfilling yet light at the same time. It’s made of lentils,rice,chickpeas ( though I forgot them today) ,small pasta with hot tomato sauce and fried onions on top. In some recipes small pasta (شعيريه)is cooked with the rice and lentils or you can do without. This is the first time I cook it,turned out a success,everybody loved it.

I also roasted a pumpkin I have since last week with some garlic,lemon juice,rosemary,salt,pepper,herbs and olive oil.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 cup cooked brown lentils ( a new tip from my sister’s husband to soak it in green tea and cumin before cooking it so as not to reduce stomach bloating) .

* 1 cup rice.

* cooked chickpeas.

* cooked small size pasta, seasoned with salt and pepper.

* hot tomato sauce ( sauteed garlic,onions,1 can chopped tomato,cumin,salt,pepper,dried chili powder) all cooked together till thick.

* fried onions.

* cook rice with lentils as you make mjadara.

* before serving assemble all ingredients together as layers, rice and lentils,chickpeas,pasta,sauce then the onions.

Really yummy.


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Apple Pudding Eclairs.

Hello everybody.

Back from a short trip to Taba/Egypt,though tiring long drive but it was worth it.Fun in the sun is the exact description , beautiful Sofitel Hotel with lots of pools and activities all day,the only disadvantage was the quality of food, all inclusive buffets but nothing good to eat.Thank God for bread and butter,but all in all it’s the company of good friends that made this trip memorable,we had a blast and lots of funny stories to tell for sure :)

Today as my son said we need something with rice,a good homemade meal is so satisfying after 3 days of eating out,I made Kebabs with tomatoes and rice or as we call it Indian Kebabs.

Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day at my friend’s house by the pool,another fun in the sun day,so I prepared this cool Summery dessert to take with me, very easy to do and a chance to use all the apples my husband brought while I was away !

ingredients and method:

* 5-6 large apples.

* 1 tsp cinnamon.

* 1 tablespoon flour.

* sugar if desired.

* 1 pack whipping cream.

* 1 pack fresh cream.

* 1 pack cream cheese.

* 4 packs vanilla pudding or you can use homemade pudding also.

* plain biscuits and some milk.


* peel and chop apples then add flour,cinnamon and sugar and mix well.

* mix together whipping cream,fresh cream,cream cheese and pudding very well .

* line the biscuits in a deep serving dish and sprinkle with some milk.

* add half the amount of cream then half of apples.

* repeat the layers then decorate with crushed biscuits and cinnamon.

* keep in fridge overnight for better results.



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20140810_134525  20140810_152706 today’s lunch.






Trip Goodies!

Hello everybody.
Long day full of events, I just finished my errands and work, niw enjoying a cup of coffee outside, beautiful night ♡
One of the things I did today was cheese, za’tar and hotdog pastries for our trip to Taba tomorrow. We’re leaving early morning so they’ll be perfect for breakfast in the bus.
See you all Sunday :)








Courgettes in White Sauce ( كوسا بالبشاميل).

Hello everybody.

Usual  Saturday morning, went grocery shopping and  found lovely fresh courgettes,plus a new butcher just opened near the grocery store I  go to,still bright new and meat looks really fresh,so thought why not try it?

So lunch ended up to be courgettes with minced beef and bachamel or white sauce. I guess this is an Egyptian dish,actually I learned how to do it from the old Egyptian landlady  my late father used to rent  at her house while studying  in Alexandria/Egypt. She used to come visit us often  and taught us this dish. May God rest their souls both .

Ingredients and method:

* 2-3 kg medium sized courgettes.

* 1/2 kg minced beef.

* 1 onion,finely chopped.

* for the white sauce: butter,milk,flour.

* mozzarella or kashkaval cheese .

* salt,pepper,all spice.


*Peel courgettes but not all (lines) then sprinkle with salt and leave 15 minutes till excess water is out.

* saute them with a bit of oil or as i usually make them cover and put them in microwave for 5-7 minutes till they’re a bit tender.

* saute meat till done,add onion,salt,pepper,all spice and /or a bit pomegranate sauce if you like.

* make the white sauce by melting butter then flour and stir till golden then add milk and stir very well. Add seasoning and leave to boil till it thickens.

* layer courgettes in a Pyrex or oven pan, add white sauce then cooked meat.

* repeat layering courgettes and white sauce on top.

* bake covered in a medium heated oven for 40-50 minutes then add cheese on top and toast it till it melts.

Must mention that this is my big bro’s FAVORITE dish,will definitely invite him to launch or keep  his share !

Enjoy .






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