Prettiest Maqloubeh.


Hello everybody.

Today’s lunch was eggplant maqloubeh but with a twist.

Saw this method of arranging maqloubeh on Instagram, an easy nice way specially if you have guests.

You simply arrange eggplant slices around and in bottom of pan, cook rice in broth halfway then arrange meat and rice inside eggplants.After that add a bit of broth and keep pan on very low heat till all done together.




Kofta Eggplant Bundles.

Hello again.

Lots and lots of eggplants in my fridge, have to cook them before they’re ruin I guess.

Lucky me my sister came to lunch today and she’s an eggplant lover cause half of my family doesn’t eat it at all by the way.

Quick lunch solution, kofta balls wrapped in fried eggplants as bundles then cooked in tomato sauce. Though the shape wasn’t perfect but taste was very good.

I also did some Gazpacho soup, good in this hot weather.









Gazpacho (cold soup)

Hello everybody.

Seems today’s the hottest this season though we can finally feel it’s Summer at last, thank God it cools at night.

A great lunch time option in this weather is gazpacho, a traditional Spanish cold vegetable soup, first time I do it, really nice and cooling plus very easy to make I even added spring onions and it did add a nice flavor.

I also did some eggplant dip or mtabbal and some fresh guava grapes bananas lemon smoothie,all very refreshing.

Ingredients and method of gazpacho :
# 3-4 big peeled coarsely chopped tomatoes.
# 1 cucumber.
# 1 clove garlic.
# one small onion (I added a small spring onion also)
# 1 small red sweet pepper.
# 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
# 2 cups tomato juice.
# salt, pepper, chili powder.

# chopped parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers to garnish.

# mix all ingredients in a blender very well.
# chill in fridge for 3-4 hours then garnish with parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers and crushed black pepper upon serving.

I personally loved this dish, hope you try it and give me your opinion.

wpid-wp-1437571873143.jpeg cold chilled gazpacho.

wpid-wp-1437571882559.jpeg eggplant dip or mtabbal.

wpid-wp-1437571889595.jpeg guava juice.

wpid-wp-1437571898044.jpeg wpid-wp-1437571910499.jpeg





Eggplant Salad with Ricotta Cheese.

Hello everybody.

Had a big dinner yesterday so I have too much food left.

A small side dish was the same eggplant salad I did once before but I added some Ricotta Cheese from the ones my cousin brought me from Rome on top, yummy yummy.

I also did fresh mushroom soup from the pack of dried ones, again yummy.


wpid-wp-1436195317047.jpeg eggplant salad.

wpid-wp-1436195323408.jpeg wpid-wp-1436195330792.jpeg

wpid-wp-1436195341515.jpeg typical Mediterranean dish.







Mhammara ( محمره)



Hello everybody.

Today I made a selection of appetizers with the leftovers of yesterday in very little amounts.

One dish which is a favorite of mine is mhammara, usually done in Lebanese restaurants.I also made baba ghanouj which is roasted eggplant with tomatoes and parsley.


One the side I made some chicken liver sautéed in olive oil and pomegranate sauce and chili potatoes.

Ingredients and method of mhammara :
# 1 cup walnuts.
# 1 cup breadcrumbs or toast bread.
# 2 tablespoons tomato paste.
# salt,pepper.
# chili powder.

# 1 tsp cumin powder.
# 3/4 cup olive oil.
# water till paste is smooth.

# mix all ingredients together in food processor till all homogeneous add water till you get a good consistency.

#garnish with walnuts and olive oil.

Day 4 is done, now thinking about what to cook tomorrow.


wpid-wp-1434910055415.jpeg wpid-wp-1434910062480.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434910076619.jpeg  selection of appetizers.

wpid-wp-1434910068895.jpeg chicken liver and chili potatoes.

wpid-wp-1434910034126.jpeg today’s dinner.





Ramadan Preparations.

Hello everybody.

Busy morning preparing for Ramadan cause I get too tired first day so thought I’ll do some things to be at ease.

Did some samboosek, cheese rolls, roasted bread and a big pot of syrup for the sweets.

Lunch was various fries, potatoes, eggplants and cauliflowers with pickles and tahini sauce.

Salad was Rita’s recipe, wide green beans with garlic and cherry tomatoes.

Ramadan Kareem everybody.

wpid-wp-1434464407603.jpeg fries of all kinds.

wpid-wp-1434464442959.jpeg green beans salad.

wpid-wp-1434464458110.jpeg wpid-wp-1434464503287.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434464490439.jpeg cheese rolls.

wpid-wp-1434464474344.jpeg samboosek.

wpid-wp-1434464513732.jpeg wpid-wp-1434464535669.jpeg








Eggplant Appetizer.

Hello everybody.

Got some fresh vine leaves yesterday so better to cook them immediately, hate freezing fresh stuff feels like a waste of something valuable.

So I stuffed some courgettes with them, best dish ever. Plus I made this appetizer that my Italian cousin posted yesterday.

You simply grill your sliced eggplants after salting them then add sliced tomatoes, minced garlic, chopped parsley, lemon, salt and oil on top before serving, I even added some olives turned out absolutely delicious.

Happy day with good food and best friend coming for a short visit.

wpid-20150510_144757.jpg yummy easy dish.


wpid-20150510_144715.jpg fresh vine leaves,courgettes and cucumber yogurt salad.






Turmeric Smoothie and Eggplant Pasta.

Hello everybody.

Was reading an article the other day about how much turmeric is beneficial to humans health, immunity booster, anticancer, metabolism inhacer and much much more and because I don’t use it much thought I’ll add it to a recipe so nobody can notice it,not a favorable spice in my house.

Found this lovely fresh smoothie recipe, blend all together mango, orange juice, pineapple or strawberries with a teaspoon of turmeric and a bit of cinnamon, really refreshing and delicious.

Lunch was a old recipe is have,eggplant with pasta in a mold.You fry eggplants and cook pasta with tomatoes, meat and red sauce then arrange eggplants alongside of a cake mold, pour pasta in between and bake till all holds on together. Result wasn’t that perfect maybe it needed some time to cool down before I flip it or more baking, but taste was great and rich.


wpid-20150419_155323.jpg mango,strawberries,turmeric and cinnamon.

wpid-20150419_163220.jpg eggplant pasta mold.

wpid-20150419_151321.jpg wpid-20150419_151406.jpg

wpid-20150419_153620.jpg wpid-20150419_153820.jpg

wpid-20150419_163057.jpg wpid-20150419_162552.jpg end results of today!










Roasted Lemony Chicken and Potatoes.

Hello everybody.

As I mentioned yesterday we had a dinner gathering and I made a chicken and potato dish, which was incredibly juicy and well flavored cause of the awesome marinade I used.


Ingredients and method ( for 8  small pieces of chicken)

* zest and juice of one lemon and one orange.

* 1 tablespoon fresh or dry rosemary.

* 1 tablespoon oregano.

* 1 leaf fresh or dry sage (ميرميه)

* salt,pepper and olive oil.

*Marinate chicken in all these for a whole night or 3-4 hours minimum.

* in a deep oven pan,add some onion slices,bay leaves,cinnamon stick and few cardamons then add chicken with marinade close tightly with foil and leave in a medium heated oven for 1 1/2 -2 hours.

* when done roast chicken till golden then remove each piece to a deep serving dish.

* sieve remaining juices to get a clear fluid then add 1 tablespoon flour or starch diluted in cold water.

* leave to simmer till it thickens.

* You can bake some veggies or only potato cubes in another pan alongside also seasoned with rosemary,oregano,salt,pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

* arrange potatoes around chicken pieces and drizzle sauce all over them before serving.


Really easy tasty dish,went well with the eggplant maqloubeh last night.

DSC_0293 roasted chicken and potato.

DSC_0292 eggplant maqloubeh.


DSC_0264  DSC_0277






Hello everybody.
Lasagna fiesta today, remember the eggplant lasagna I cooked a month ago? I made a small one today and a regular one.
I also made some cooked cauliflower with minced meat, I know this is too much but I’m planning not to cook tomorrow cause my besties are coming to visit me at night ! I’m so excited ♡





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