My Interview About Family Family Flavors Magazine.

Hello again.

Yesterday morning I was interviewed in Roya TV during the morning show Dunya Ya Dunya to talk about my monthly posts in Family Flavors magazine.

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I started my monthly menu planner and recipes pages and my column in healthy and happy segment.

A very nice informative interview with two lovely TV anchors.

Seperable Garlic Bread and Steak Sandwiches.

Hello everybody.

Recycling yesterday’s steaks today, I shredded the leftovers and sauteed them with onions and green peppers  added some spices and a bit of water.

I baked the sandwiches bread at home, bakery style braided with sesame seeds on top.

kept some of the dough and formed them to balls then coated each one with a mixture of butter, oil,parmesan, oregano then put them all in a loaf pan and left them to rise well before baking, they’ll be like a salty monkey bread, really yummy.

Ingredients and method for bread ( as seen on Roya TV done by Domain Hijjawi for burgers)

* 3 cups flour.
* 50 gr butter or two big spoons.
* 1 tsp salt.
* 1 egg

* Mix all these well then add :
* 1 cup warm milk.
* 1 big spoon instant yeast.
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* all mixed till frothy then added to flour.

* knead all together very well then leave in a warm place till it rises.
* form to any shape you like, buns,braids or big loaf.

wpid-wp-1424624970996.jpeg  steak sandwiches with fries.

wpid-wp-1424625000039.jpeg wpid-wp-1424624992064.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625018857.jpeg  wpid-wp-1424625028148.jpeg breads before baking.

wpid-wp-1424625046361.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625060785.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625073480.jpeg shredded steaks.

wpid-wp-1424624978087.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625008859.jpeg













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