Beetroot Hummus.


Hello everybody.

Boiled some beetroots yesterday , it’s the season you know, so today I searched for something new to make with them other than salads .Since I have a box of ready made hummus this mix seemed a good option.


Mix is so easy ,all together in the food processor :

*boiled beetroots.( I used 2 large ones)

* half cup of hummus or 1 cup boiled chickpeas.

*1 tablespoon tahini sauce.

*1 tablespoon lemon juice.

*1 tsp of each, salt, cumin and chili powder.

*1 clove garlic.

15193575_10154557187015907_404327296130639555_n 15178157_10154557187475907_2460789222531627188_n


That’s it! see super easy especially if you have ready hummus. By the way one can find many kinds and flavors of them these days, all  good .

15220132_10154557186690907_432126117574757298_n you can decorate dish with anything you like, today a added spring onions, sesame and black seeds.



A really healthy cheerful dish that works great as dip with chips or veggies and of course a great option for kids as a trick to eat healthy stuff.


Mud Pie ( Lunch and Birthday ).

Hello everybody.

Big day!  lunch in the honor of my cousin and birthday of my big bro, all people around the table today are precious to me that’s why we had great time and enjoyed every minute . WELCOME my dear family,love you <3.

Lunch was many dishes, main was Rice with veggies and chicken (رز بنان) ,steaks with mushroom,hot spicy potatoes,mloukhieh,kibbeh,cheese rolls, marinated salmon,green salad and rocca pomegranate salad.

20141227_145806 main dish.

20141227_145747  20141227_145822  steak and potatoes.

20141227_145923  20141227_145942 mloukhieh,kibbeh and cheese rolls.

20141227_145843 20141227_121358

20141227_124916  marinated salmon.


Dessert was knafeh,strawberries with dips and this new awesome recipe I got from my sis, Mud Pie, it really looks like a plant you can’t tell it’s something edible specially that I inserted a real flower in it :)

Oh most important thing I got some beautiful presents ,one of them is a bunch of lovely stuff from my dear cousin living in Rome ,thank you lovely Rita.


Ingredients and method:

* 75 Oreo biscuits.

Mix 1 :

* 1 pack vanilla pudding.

* 2 cups milk.


Mix 2:

* 2 packs cream.

* 3/4 cups milk.


Mix 3 :

* 2 packets cream cheese.

* 1 tablespoon butter.

* 1/2 cup sugar.


*Mix  each one alone then add mix 1 and 2 to 3.

* Mash Oreos in food processor.


* In a deep transparent bowl make layers of Oreo then cream but take care not let cream appear on the side so that overall look be all brownish.

* leave in fridge to settle ( I made it yesterday) and decorate with real or artificial plant or flower.



DSC_0001  20141226_150924

20141227_121513  20141227_121539



Artichoke with Dip and Mloukhieh.

Hello everybody.

What a long Saturday !

Went grocery shopping as usual,found these lovely fresh artichokes and bought a couple to try them, first time I buy them like this I usually get them frozen or canned. Even the man working at the grocery shop asked me:” what are going to do with these? ” told him I really have no idea.

Well after a quick search I combined many recipes together and came out with this easy conclusion, boiled the artichokes with lemon slices,clove of garlic and some bay leaves then made a dip which is a mix of yogurt,lemon juice,balsamic vinegar,mayonnaise and some salt. Really yummy and great as appetizer before dinner or if you have a gathering,it’s also a healthy substitute to chips or crackers.

Lunch was coarse mloukhieh (ملوخيه ورق) ,as a friend told me this morning make mloukhieh it’s the lazy lady’s choice , well I’m not lazy but needed the quickest choice I assure you.





Cold Days= Dry Beans.

Hello everybody.

Definitely cold these days,crisp wind specially when the sun goes down,best place to be these days is in the car !

  Dry white beans are a good option in this case,though I’m not a big fan of it, so I did some avocado dip or kind of guacamole and remember the olives I pickled the other day with veggies and walnuts? well they’re perfectly done now,really yummy with hot bread !



20141109_161544  pickled olives.

20141109_161637  avocado dip.


Spinach with Cream and Cannelloni.

Hello everybody.

Mom had guests this morning,did spinach tabouleh for her with other yummies as well,so I cooked cannelloni before I left since I already have cooked minced meat and chopped spinach so I fixed it quickly and left.

Yesterday my cousin posted this dish on banancooking page,spinach with cream,mushroom and cheese,decided to try it also, unfortunately I made a nice video of the recipe and way of cooking then deleted it by mistake :( will repeat it soon for sure.

Ingredients and method:

* fresh mushrooms.

* bunch of chopped spinach.

* fresh cream.

* any kind of cheese,cheddar,mozzarella or kashkaval.

* salt,pepper and pinch of nutmeg.

* saute mushrooms in a bit of butter till tender.

* add spinach ,salt,pepper and nutmeg.

* add cream and leave to simmer 10 minutes.

* put them in a pottery pan or deep oven pan add cheese then bake for 10 minutes.

Really yummy either as dip or appetizer or with garlic bread.

20141028_152627  cannelloni.


DSC_0117  mom’s gathering.

DSC_0135 spinach dip.





Green Beans and Avocado Dip.

Hello everybody.

This morning  I gave another Date Rolls lesson to a dear friend who couldn’t make it last week, It was a big success, we finished quickly,chatted and had coffee :)

I prepared a quick lunch before, no time for a big meal, green beans with olive oil and garlic (فاصوليا بالزيت) and avocado dip, both easy and tasty.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 kilo cleaned cut green beans.

* 3-4 cloves garlic.

* one big ripe chopped tomato.

* olive oil,salt,pepper.

* heat oil then saute garlic.

* add beans,salt and pepper cook till tender.

* add tomatoes and leave to simmer for 30 minutes.


*2 ripe tender avocados.

* 2 big spoons tahini sauce ( tahini,lemon juice,salt and some yogurt)

* chopped tomatoes,mint leaves,paprika for garnish on top.

* peel and  mash avocados then mix with tahini sauce.

* chop tomatoes on top,add mint,paprika and oil .

Light tasty colorful lunch,only sin is you eat too much bread without knowing it :)











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