Farewell Dinner Party .

Morning everybody.

Just realized that I  haven’t posted since Feb 10’th , never happened before by the way, reason is that I’ve been very busy lately preparing for catering a big dinner for my sister in-law’s daughter farewell dinner. Thank God it was a big success, food was delicious and everybody was happy . Congratulations lovely bride to be.

As for the menu it was as follows:

Nice loving joyful gathering :)














Cheesecake Pots.

Hello everybody.

I’m sure many many moms are delighted today right? Well it’s the first day of school for most students,though I feel sorry for them cause of the heat wave, they’ll all come back home sweaty and tired for sure. Nevertheless it’s back to order and routine, bye bye Summer vacation :(

Lunch today was simple Kofta,it’s too hot to do anything more complicated, I even regretted not making pasta with yogurt and mint instead,cooling dish.

I also started preparing for tomorrow’s diner party,made these cute cheesecake pots,very easy light recipe I have from an old magazine, they’ll be nice dessert after dinner.


Ingredients and method:

* digestive biscuits.

* 1 spoon butter.

* some strawberry jam.

* 1 can carnation ( condensed milk)

* 1 pick whipping cream.

* 1/2 cup plain yogurt.

* 1 pack cream cheese.

* juice and zest of one lemon.

* strawberry or cherry topping.

* crush the biscuits and rub in the butter till crumbly.

* divide the amount in glasses or pots.

* add small spoon of jam on top of biscuits.

* mix all other ingredients till creamy.

* add over biscuits then leave to cool in the fridge.

* decorate top with strawberry or cherry topping (will do that tomorrow)



20140824_084121 20140824_084129






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