Smoked Salmon Bagels.

Hello everybody.

Thought I’d do some fresh bagels today,still have a pack of smoked salmon so a well combined rich bagel would be a lovely lunch for sure.

Did the same recipe as before, though today dough was so sticky so I added some more flour for easier handling.

Filled some with salmon, avocado, cream cheese, dill and capers and others with cheese,tomatoes and rocca.





Nachos in an Eastern Look (فته مكسيكيه).

Hello everybody.

We all ate too much during this week ,lunches and dinners, so today we’re eating light to at least lessen the guilty feelings.

I made potato salad with dill and spring onions,grilled veggies tossed with pomegranate syrup and olive oil and this Mexican dish in an Arabic twist.

Learned this dish from my cousin, you simply cook some onions,tomatoes and black beans to form a sauce then spread it over the Nachos then add tahini sauce,chopped tomatoes,beans and some parsley on top. Really easy and light cause you don’t add cheese or butter,you can use light nachos for a healthier version.

Hope you all enjoying Friday so far.








Let Summer Begin :)

Hello everybody.

In honor of the newly weds and beginning of Summer activities in our garden we’re hosting  the first BBQ  of the season .

Actually my hubby is the one responsible of the BBQ, my part is making salads and side dishes,some of them that are basic each time like  grilled tomatoes and hot peppers with garlic and yogurt with oregano and mints .

Today I’ll make few extra things Crab Salad and mixed vegetables with yogurt salad.

Ingredients and method:

Crab Salad:

* 1 pack frozen crab.

* mixed green leaves ( lettuce,parsley,mint,rocca)

* cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

* mayonnaise ,lemon juice,balsamic vinegar,salt and pepper for dressing.

* mix chopped greens with tomatoes,add mushrooms and shredded crab on top.

* mix dressing components well then drizzle over salad.


Mixed Veggies Salad:

* Mixed vegetables boiled till tender: potatoes,beans,peas,carrots,corn,red beans.

* bunch of fresh dill.

* 2-3 cups of plain yogurt and 1 small creamed yogurt.

* salt and pepper.

* mix all veggies with yogurts,add chopped dill,salt and pepper.


As for the lovely part of the evening, chocolate fountain was set and ready early afternoon with a selection of tasty assorted chocolates melted on a water bath and various fruits and dips.

It was a great gathering ,wish everybody enjoyed Friday as we did :)







I will post more pictures later of the real yummy food :)

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