Green Onions Mushrooms Cheese Omlette.


Hello everybody.

I’m talking the day off since it was a very tiresome weekend plus beginning of the week.

Went to a gathering at a friend’s house, met new lovely ladies, enjoyed delicious food and desserts. A real nice change from household work.

Well back to reality afterwards cause nevertheless kids and dad were hungry so I made a quick omelette, rich and fulfilling with green onions, mushrooms   and cheese in the middle.

I also had some ready made hummus that completed the issue.


wpid-wp-1445346598396.jpg wpid-wp-1445346603950.jpg

wpid-wp-1445346585115.jpg wpid-wp-1445346591604.jpg




Day Off!

Hello everybody.
Lovely day off at Dead Sea,beautiful weather with amazing company, I really needed this day.

Day ended with a super delicious dinner at Napolitana Pizzeria, haven’t had such a satisfying well presented meal in a long time.
We had an antipasto platter of marinated veggies and two kinds of pizza, dessert was yummy teremaisu and elegant espresso with cream.

wpid-wp-1426361609770.jpeg wpid-wp-1426361526956.jpeg

wpid-wp-1426361542898.jpeg antipasto platter.

wpid-wp-1426361574972.jpeg wpid-wp-1426361561252.jpeg yummy pizza

wpid-wp-1426361589980.jpeg wpid-wp-1426361603085.jpeg

Teremaisu and espresso with cream.

Highly recommended whenever you’re in Dead Sea, you won’t miss it in Samara Mall ground floor.

Open Buffet!!!

Well I’m off cooking today.

Looked into the fridge last night before going to bed,decided to take the day off.many leftovers and we all have plans to go out either for lunch or it’s open buffet, a nicer answer than leftovers when asked what’s for lunch!!

I’m going to my uncle’s house this afternoon to eat Carawayya كراويه (caraway pudding is the closest explanation to it).

Will post ingredients.method and photos later.

Have a nice day everybody♡♥♡♥


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