Mini Sale !


Hello everybody.

An idea clicked my mind last night why not make a small market at my house as a trial, this came up after visiting a local farmer’s market yesterday. Well I do make or already have many products so why not sell them the same way but through social media instead of going to a market.


So my kitchen started buzzing early this morning, baked some za’tar puffs, date rolls, jams and marmalade, walnut cookies and a full basket of farm eggs .

wp-1459705430900.jpg wp-1459705367050.jpg

After I posted the products on Facebook all was gone in an hour specially the eggs, already have orders for the next batch , guess my mini market will be a fixed event !
wp-1459705405366.jpg wp-1459705387005.jpg wp-1459705397989.jpg








Eventful Weekend.


Hello everybody.

A weekend full of happy events, family lunches and parties,ended with the beautiful wedding of my beloved cousin.

wp-1458511031731.jpg wp-1458511068632.jpg

wp-1458511009672.jpg  wp-1458511057215.jpg

Beautiful party full of love and joy, wish the bride and groom a happy life ahead

Today’s morning was also extra special, breakfast with my besties, can’t get enough of these warm gatherings,always full of laughter and old memories, I always thank God for having the best friends in the world.


Orders for today was date rolls and lunch was mellow and spaghetti with veggies.

wp-1458511141629.jpg date rolls.

wp-1458511154943.jpg spaghetti with veggies

wp-1458511160750.jpg  mellow.





Rock Cookies with White Chocolate.



Hello everybody.

Today’s order was for a friend of mine, date rolls and rock cookies but with a twist this time .


I have some white baking chocolate so a crushed them into big chunks and added them to the classic rock cookies batter, increased cranberries also cause both ingredients works well together I presume.

Result was super yummy .

ingredients and method of rock cookies:

* 2 eggs.

* 1 cup sugar or 3/4 brown sugar.

* 3 big spoons butter.

* 1 cup mixed nuts ( walnuts,almonds,pistachios,hazelnuts)

* 1/2 cup raisins ( you can add dried cranberries also)

* 1 tsp cinnamon,pinch of cloves,cardamom and nutmeg.

* vanilla,1 tsp baking powder and a pinch of salt.

* 2 cups flour.

wp-1453217726582.jpg excellent results.

* mix eggs,sugar and butter till creamy.

* toast nuts in the oven for 10 minutes then crush them.

* add nuts and raisins to flour,baking powder and salt then add egg mixture.

* mix very well with wooden spoon till you have a not too soft nor tough dough.

* make spoonfuls of the dough on a baking pan,size of a small ball.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-13 minutes or till edges are golden.

* store in a well sealed jar or tin.

Enjoy :)

20140512_143725 wp-1453217733659.jpg



Another Date Rolls Baking Day.


Hello everybody.

Another day of baking, date rolls are a favorite to many. They’re actually really yummy and healthy.

I’ll post ingredients and method again :

Ingredients and method:
* 5 cups flour
* 4 cups whole wheat flour (طحين اسمر ).
* 1 cup vegetable oil.
* 1 cup olive oil.
* 1 cup margarine or ghee.
* seeded and ground dates (2-3 packs).
* 1/2 cup sugar.
* 1 tsp sodium bicarbonate.
* 2 big spoons ground anise (يانسون ).
* 1 big spoon ground fennel (شومر ).
* 1 big spoon cinnamon.
* 2-3 spoons sesame seeds and black seeds ( سسمسم وقزحه ).
* 1 small spoon mahaleb (محلب )
* mix all oils and spices with flour well till it forms crumbles and leave overnight so as flour absorbs all oils and essences.

* to the dates add olive oil, cinnamon, anise powder, nutmeg, cardamom . A little sprinkle just to add some flavor.

* add warm water to flour enough to make a dough 1-2 must be easy to handle not hard nor soft.
* cut dough and dates to four portions.
* roll one part of dough to a big  thin rectangle between nylons.
* roll dates all to same size rectangle between wax paper or nylon.
* place date over dough and cut unorganized edges.
* roll dough and dates together 3 or 4 rolls.
* cut to 1 inch slices then pat with your hand to flatten them a bit.
* with a sharp knife cut surface to small lines.
* bake in a medium heated oven till bottoms are golden and then toast surface a bit.
* store in a cookie jar or well sealed box.


* 5 كاسات طحين ابيض
4 كاسات طحين اسمر
* 1 كوب زيت نباتي
* 1 كوب زيت زيتون
* 1 كوب سمنه او زبده
* 2-3 باكيت تمر مطحون

* 1/2 كوب سكر

* .1 ملعقه صغيره بايكربونات
* يانسون 2 ملعقه كبيره يانسون مطحون
.1 ملعقه كبيره شومر مطحون
* .1 ملعقه كبيره قرفه
* 2-3  ملعقه كبيره سسمسم وقزحه
* 1محلب ملعقه صغيره
*     تخلط جميع المقادير مع بعض جيدا قبل بليله او على الاقل 4-5 ساعات ما عدا التمر طبعا ويفرك الطحين جيدا بالزيت والسمنه

*( يرش التمر ياليانسون والفرقه والهيل ويفرد بين نايلون ويرق ليصبح طبقه رقيقه جدا( استعيني بزيت الزيتون على النليلون حتى لا يلزق التمر

* يضاف ماء فاتر بالتريج الى العجينه حتى تصبح متماسكه وطريه

* ترق العجينه بنفس طريقه التمر بين النايلون

* (توضع طبفه التمر فوق العجينه برفق وتلف رول (لفتين  فقط

* تقطع الرول الى قطع صغيره وتصف في الصواني

* يزين الوجه بواسطه سكين

* تشوى في فرن متوسط الحراره حتى تحمر

* تحفظ في علب محكمه حتى لا تنشف




Baking Day.


Hello everybody.

Thursday is cake baking day, did the usual hunting one for my hubby with dried fruits and walnuts and another Samoa Bundt Cake for the boys but without frosting.

wpid-wp-1448557338613.jpg  dried fruits and walnuts cake

wpid-wp-1448557315562.jpg Caramel chocolate cake.


Today’s order was date rolls, all gone thank God 👍

wpid-wp-1448557351647.jpg everybody’s favorite at any time.






First Catering Order.


Hello everybody.
Did my first official order today to a dear friend of mine.

Date rolls, baked Zaynab fingers were the dessert part, za’tar puffs, smoked kebabs with Iranian rice were appetizer and main dish.

wpid-wp-1447167221115.jpg wpid-wp-1447167212999.jpg

wpid-wp-1447167235348.jpg all ready and packed.




Adha Mubarak.

Happy Eid everybody.

Today Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid Al-Adha.

Wishing all of you in these blessed days peace, health and happiness.

Guests visiting me will taste the new Earl Grey cookies,cardamom cookies and my famous date rolls plus chocolate and candy.

A small surprise this time are the yummy liquorice gummies, a treat nobody hates for sure.




Spread Ma’roota( مقروطه مد)

Hello everybody.

Plan today was to make date rolls  مقروطه to take them as presents and giveaways but I was caught up in time so a quicker solution was to spread it in the pan as sheets.

Three layers of dough and two of dates, result was very good maybe a bit thick but taste is great.

wpid-wp-1439304521423.jpg best wishes from banancooking.

wpid-wp-1439304536265.jpg wpid-wp-1439304544585.jpg


wpid-wp-1439304528461.jpg lovely gifts.





Date Rolls.

Hello everybody.

It’s been such a long time since I did these, maybe in Eid Al-Adha meaning seven months now.

  Date Rolls are such a favorable kind of cookies, they have a nice aroma, taste and texture that everyone love, made a small batch for my dear sis to take with her back home next week and hopefully I’ll have time to make her some rock cookies also.

Love you sis


wpid-20150423_110516.jpg ready to go!!

wpid-20150423_120242.jpg all lined ready for baking.

wpid-20150423_131052.jpg all packed.





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