Beautiful Chocolate Cake.

Hello everybody.

Today’s order was various, date cookies, ginger crinkles, sable and a chocolate cake.

Well the cake was the usual one I always do but I kind of decorated it differently, inside and cover were ganache with some crunch and hazelnuts.As for the top I used button white and dark chocolate with other shapes to make flowers. Not exactly same as original one I saw but close enough.

I also made a chicken pie, really good I even made another one for lunch.

Tomorrow I’ll start working on Christmas orders.







Egyptian Date Cookies ( كعك مصري او اساور)


Hello everybody.

A friend of mine ordered this particular kind if date cookies, called Egyptian ka’ek, we actually call it bracelet cookies cause it’s round.

Got the recipe from my best friend Ruba, cause I never did them before, recipe is very similar to one I once did called Nawa3em but with a slight difference is that you add rose water when you knead them.

Ingredients and method :
# 2 cups fine semolina.
# 4 cups flour.
# 2 cups butter or ghee ( I used 1/2 ghee, 1 butter and 1/2 vegetable oil)
# 1 tablespoon anise powder.
# 1 teaspoon fennel powder.
# 1 tsp special cookie spice (كلفه كعك)

#1/2 tsp mihleb

#1/4 tsp mistaka.

#2 tablespoons sesame seeds.
#1/2 cup sugar.
# 1 tsp instant yeast dissolved in 1 tablespoon sugar and a cup of warm water.
# 2 tablespoons rose water.

# pitted dates mixed with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and anise powders.

# Heat butter then mix with semolina, flour and all spices very well till crumbly.
# leave for 2-3 hours or better overnight till all butter is well absorbed.
# add frothy yeast and water and mix all well.
# add rose water and knead all together.

# start working right away by stuffing small portions of dough with dates and shape them in the molds.


Order also included baked zaynab fingers ,light and baked not fried.wpid-wp-1450020656316.jpg






wpid-wp-1450020638497.jpg wpid-wp-1450020631580.jpg

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