Fried Ice Cream With Maple Syrup.


Hello again.

End of the day treat to wrap up my hubby’s birthday celebrations is this yummy desert, no cake this time cause I guess we had enough cakes and cookies over the last month.

Fried ice cream is our favorite dessert that we end up each meal ,though full, at the most delicious restaurant in Limassol, Meze Tavern. We usually order one portion and end up fighting for the last bite. Though owner doesn’t give her recipe to anyone but I’ve been searching for something close to it for so long, all recipes I found usually coat ice cream balls with crushed cornflakes or coconut but it’s not the same as the one we eat, last night I came across one that uses pancake mix so I decided to try to make it for our special occasion.

For a first trial it was not bad at all, gone in seconds actually, may thicken the mix next time or freeze ice cream for a longer period.

wpid-wp-1452277567058.jpg wpid-wp-1452277553939.jpg wpid-wp-1452277560043.jpg

It’s an easy recipe but must be done and eaten at once, shape ice cream into balls then coat it completely with crushed biscuits and freeze for 3-4 hours, make pancake batter ( I added some orange zest for flavor) ,heat oil very well, coat ice cream balls with batter and into hot oil till golden.

Serve with maple syrup on top.


As I said they were good but not exactly like Meze Tavern’s ,hope one day Madame Kicoulla will share her secret recipe with me 😍






Baked Feta Cheese.


Hello everybody.

Alone for lunch today so I was looking for something light and quick to do,though hate eating alone but well one have to sometimes.

Found a pack of feta cheese in my fridge so I directly decided to this super easy appetizer that we always eat in our favorite restaurant in Limassol /Meze Tavern in old town. Of course it’s served alongside a wide selection of meze but today only with some rocca salad and crisp toasted bread.

Though the one they make stays more firm cause it’s originally this way so it stays the same after baking,mine was a bit crumbly but yummy nevertheless.

You simply coat the feta in foil paper then drizzle with olive oil and add oregano,tomatoes,olives and herbs. bake for 10-15 minutes and that’s it.

wpid-wp-1442587410198.jpg wpid-wp-1442587401575.jpg

wpid-wp-1442587430326.jpg wpid-wp-1442587438326.jpg

wpid-wp-1442587419735.jpg wpid-wp-1442587445635.jpg






Preserved Grape Dessert (خبيصه عنب)

Hello everybody.

Did you ever thought of what to do with all the grapes that ripene all at once on your vine tree?  Well of course you can make juice, raisins, vinegar or simply give aways to family and friends.

A very very old way that our late grandmas used to preserve excessive amounts of grapes is making this kind of dessert that can be kept without any damage throughout Winter season, nice energetic dessert.

In Arabic it’s called “Khabissa “خبيصه. It’s done a lot till now in Jordan specially in Northern Villages were they grow very good grapes all over.

In Greece and Cyprus they do something similar called Soujouka, usually done with nuts wrapped in grape juice or pomegranate or kharoub.Thought to try doing some today but found it a bit difficult so I’ll stick to old Jordanian way this time.

Ingredients and method :
# 10 cups of sieved fresh grape juice.
# 1 cup fine semolina.
# 1 cup sugar.
# 2 1/2 tablespoons anise powder.
# 2 tablespoons Areesh seeds ( don’t know what’s the English name for it, it’s a kind of seed)
# 1 tablespoon sesame seeds.
# 1 tablespoon black seeds.
# 2 tablespoons crushed almonds.

# mix all ingredients well together and bring to a boil till it thickens.
# pour and spread mixture in a wide pan over a clean thin cloth.
# leave in the sun for 3-5 days till it’s really dry.
# cover with any kind of cloth or tool to keep away bugs and dust.
# cut to squares and keep in a well closed jar.

Note: you can make this like very thin sheets and roll them when dried or as cubes depending on your liking.

Will post photos of end up results later on.



wpid-wp-1440681013454.jpg wpid-wp-1440681020926.jpg

wpid-wp-1440681006578.jpg  boiled mixture.

wpid-wp-1440680999569.jpg covered and set in the sun.






Honey Cakes.

Hello everybody.

Happy Easter to all friends celebrating today,though usually it’s supposed to be a Spring warm day this time of year specially on Easter Sunday and today happened to be rainy and cold but I’m sure everybody celebrating felt the warmth and spirit of this Holy day.

I intended to do some ma3mool but unfortunately didn’t have the time ,but today after I finished cooking lunch which was a traditional roasted meat and potato pan done the way my late grandma used to do it, meaning fried potatoes,lots of onions,cooked meat then all slowly cooked together till well stewed, I did these cute honey cakes that Greek people usually bake Easter time.

20150412_151721 Old fashioned meat and potatoes roasted pan.

20150412_162604 a real comfort food in this weather.

Ingredients and method: ( I did half quantity only)

* 1 cup butter.

* 1 cup light olive oil.

* 1 kilo flour.

* 1 cup sugar.

* 1 tsp cinnamon.

* 1/2 tsp cloves.

* grated peel of a lemon or orange.

* 2 tsp baking powder.

* 1 cup yogurt.

* 1 cup crushed walnuts.

For the syrup:

* 2 cups sugar.

* 3 cups water.

* 1 cup honey.

* juice of one lemon.

* walnuts and cinnamon to sprinkle.

20150412_151203 20150412_152525


* Put the butter and flour in a big bowl and beat well.

* add oil ,sugar, cinnamon,cloves and peel.

* add soda and yogurt and knead well.

* add walnuts .

* make small balls then roll them over the grater to get a nice shape.

* bake in a medium heated oven till golden from bottom and surface.

* meanwhile make the syrup by boiling sugar and water for 10 minutes then adding the honey and lemon and boil further more till it’s thick.

20150412_154105 20150412_155752

* when cakes are done and cooled dip them in syrup then sprinkle with cinnamon and crushed walnuts.

20150412_164553 20150412_164718

Really yummy in this all Winter cold wet day!!

20150412_170141 20150412_170322

20150412_170439 yummy yummy!



Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwich.

Hello everybody.

Usual Saturday, but today nobody will have lunch at home,each had plans to do so no cooking till tomorrow.

As for me though I’m invited to an engagement dinner at night but was feeling hungry by mid afternoon so I fixed myself some sandwiches,one with  Cypriot kashkaval cheese and another with salmon and cream cheese left from dinner the other night,really tasty with lemons and dill.

I love light lunches like this, comfort food for me I guess !


Lovely Limassol.

Hello everybody.

I wanted to post this article a month ago,but then decided to wait till after Ramadan and Eid so as to write it in the proper mood with a cup of coffee!

Many  friends and family always ask us why  we always chose Limassol/ Cyrus as our vacation destination and why not try other places?

Well the answer is very simple,perfect place for a perfect holiday, clean beaches,DELICIOUS food,easy going town cause you can walk to your destination most of the time,friendly hospitable people,short flight,nice weather most of the time and most important for me great shopping!

It is as if going to a mixed European Mediterranean nearby country,has a bit of Lebanon,Syria,Turkey and London (cause they drive on the right side) all together. though this year I felt sorry for Cypriots cause many of them are affected from the economic crisis,too many shops closed and people are complaining,hope things will be better soon.

You can find many places to go to,downtown where you’re always welcomed for a snack or coffee at Petros cafe,Debenhams mall where you can shop,have coffee and eat fresh tasty bakeries,MY Mall,Fassouri water park  for kids amusement and the most recent newly opened Limassol Marina, beautiful scenery and a wide selection of restaurants and coffee shops,you can go enjoy your time and have dinner then coffee or ice cream.

A place we always go to on our first and last night is a small family owned restaurant,Meze Taverna, most delicious variable Cypriot dishes all made with love by the owner and hosted by the most welcoming  Mr. Demidies, warm cozy atmosphere and most delicious dessert you’ll ever have Fried Ice Cream , be sure not to miss it if you go.

20140623_081735  20140623_081725

view from hotel balcony.

20140627_140245-1  nothing beats a good book at the poolside .

20140623_141721  20140627_132028

coffee and pastries at Debenhams.

20140623_104627  nuts and dried fruits shop downtown.

20140623_144705   loved these elegant raviollis 😉

20140625_154003  fresh salad at Petros Cafe.

20140627_214017  20140623_220825 Meze Taverna.

20140625_223636 20140625_222446 Derlicious Restaurant.

20140627_193738  20140627_193732

20140625_220921  20140625_222237 Marina.

20140628_055119  20140628_055113 Sunset

Hope enjoyed this briefing !




Hello everybody.

How are you all? hope you’re not tired from fasting long hours!!

Today’s ftoor is kofta with sliced tomatoes and green peppers,chicken quesadillas,broad beans salad and Greek salad the way we ate it in a cozy restaurant in Limassol Marina called Derliciuos ,it’s basic Greek salad but with cute presentation.

As for dessert I made this also Greek dish called anarokrema, which is roasted phyllo or puff pastry  and cream with honey and nuts on top.

Ingredients and method:

* puff or baclava pastry roasted till golden.

* Anari cheese or any sweet white cheese with some sugar and rose water added to it ( like the one you use for qatayef)

* cream.

* walnuts and cinnamon.

* sugar syrup pr honey.

* After toasting the pastry layer it in a deep dish.

* mix cheese with cream,sugar and rose water and add on top.

* add walnuts and cinnamon.

* crush remaining pastry and add on top.

* keep in fridge to cool then add honey or syrup upon serving.





20140702_185156   20140702_185438

20140702_193844   20140702_194458



Yalanji ( vegetarian stuffed vine leaves)

Hello everybody.

Though I’m suffering from a bad back pain,but I bought fresh vine leaves and tiny courgettes Saturday to make yalanji and It’s a shame to leave them uncooked or freeze them,so I prepared stuffing and God bless my Mom  came by to help,actually stuffed them all . Thank you precious Um Khaled <3<3.

This dish is famous in Eastern Mediterranean countries,Turkey, Greece and Cyprus,usually as appetizer or side dish with Lebanese  mezzeh ,today I cooked it as main dish for lunch,kids asked for it so yalanji it is. I also made baba ghanouj with it ( roasted eggplant with veggies).

Ingredients and method:(

* Hollowed courgettes ( scoop out pulp with special knife,كوسا محفور ).you can stuff small eggplants also.

* fresh vine leaves.

* 2 ripe tomatoes,peeled and finely chopped.

* bunch of parsley and mint leaves.

* 1 small onion finely chopped.

* salt, pepper and 1 tsp coffee ( don’t know why coffee is added but many people use it ,they say it gives a nice taste,no harm to add it anyway).

* 1/2 cup lemon juice.

* olive oil.

* some sliced potatoes sliced ,placed at bottom of pan.


* prepare stuffing by mixing washed rise,chopped tomatoes,onion,parsley and mint.

* add salt,pepper,coffee,lemon juice and oil.

* soak vine leaves in boiling water and cover till color changes then drain all water.

* stuff courgettes and vine leaves.

* line potatoes and sliced tomatoes in the bottom of pan or pressure cooker.

* arrange courgettes and vine leaves then cover with a plate covered in foil paper so as to stay compressed.

* add lemon juice,salt,olive oil and enough water to cover all by one inch.

* cook on high heat till water is bubbling for 10 minutes then lower heat to minimum and leave to cook for an hour and half or till done ( time depends on quantity you did)

* leave to cool completely then arrange in a large dish and serve.


Baba Ghanouj :

* roast eggplant on stove or in the oven, when done cut half way, remove pulp and chop.

* chop tomato,onion,pepper,parsley . p.s. you can add 1 clove garlic if you like

* add lemon juice,salt then mix all together.

* drizzle olive oil on top.

Note: I apologize for not posting exact quantities cause it all depends on how many leaves and courgettes you’re stuffing.

Unfortunately seems I either added too much water or overcooked it, first time this happens with me ,leaves turned out sloppy (بالعربي فرط اليلنجي :( ) I tried to save few good looking pieces to show you !!! we ate the courgettes and  baba ghanouj  .









Spaghetti and Tzatziki Salad.

Hello everybody.
Saturday is back!!!!

Grocery and errands, kids wanted spaghetti, of course I didn’t object..easiest thing to do.
Today I made the sauce by using:
*minced meat.
* one can chopped tomatoes.
* 1 spoon tomato paste.
*1 spoon pesto sauce.
* chopped mushrooms.
* Mix meat with all other ingredients add a bit of water then leave to simmer till done.
* add salt, pepper, oregano or paprika according to your taste.
* cook pasta then add olive oil, salt and pepper , mix them all till heated
* serve with sauce abd cheese on top.




I found a bottle of tzatziki herbs in my husband’s picnic basket. Took it to use before it expires.
We usually eat this salad in all Cypriot restaurants, it’s served with traditional meat or fish mezze. It resembles the cucumber and yoghurt salad we make but it’s thick and eaten with bread.
Tzatziki seasoning can be bought ready as the bottle I show you or it can be done easily at home by mixing garlic powder with a bit of salt, oregano and dried mints. Original recipe uses only garlic, salt and vinegar. But adding herbs gives is a great taste.
Ingredients and method:
* 3-4 grated cucumber.
* 2 cups strained yoghurt or thick creamy yoghurt (
لبن بالقشطه او لبن نعاج )
* 1 tsp tzatziki powder.
Or salt, vinegar, crushed garlic, oregano and dried mints.
* Drain and squeeze cucumbers till all water is out.
* add herbs and salt.
* Add yoghurt and mix well.
* drizzle with olive oil.
* Can be garnished with paprika and olives.







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