Decorating With Russian Nozzles.


Hello everybody, hope you’re enjoying Spring.

Couple of days ago I tried decorating my lemon poppy seed cupcakes with cream cheese icing using the Russian nozzles for the first time.

17634818_10154938030795907_6006997262970179890_n 17457336_10154938031325907_4726354089308508576_n

Outcome was nice considering that I didn’t practice before and surprisingly cream cheese frosting was good enough, cause everybody says that these tools only work with butter cream .

17757192_10154938031025907_7355686313150063734_n 17634767_10154938031210907_8118450036083028958_n

Well now that I’m happy with those I guess I should buy all shapes :)

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Pineapple Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting.

Hello everybody.

Had the pleasure of hosting my lovely niece this morning,a usual ritual every time she visits is baking something sweet,well a tradition we  both actually enjoy cause I guess I love to teach her something and she’s a quick eager learner to everything not just cooking and as she always says we must eat and try something from banancooking.

Today I have some pineapples left and some strawberries and since Noudy wants a pink thing ( a must ) so I we did this easy recipe but altered a bit in ingredients cause it’s too sweet.


Ingredients and method:

* 2 eggs.

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1 1/2 cups sugar.

* 2 cups flour.

* 1/4 cup milk.

* 1/2 cup crushed pineapples.

* !/4 cup pineapple or orange juice.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

* 2 tsp baking powder.


* Butter cream icing:

* 1 cup butter.

* 1 cup icing sugar.

* 1/2 tsp vanilla.

* a bit of cream or milk.


* Mix all cupcake ingredients alternatively till smooth ,batter will be a bit thick not runny don’t worry.

* bake in cupcakes or one pan in a medium heated oven for 20-30 minutes.


* whip all icing ingredients for 6-7 minutes till creamy then cool till you need it.

* decorate cupcakes with any fruit you like or coconuts.


20150406_143117  20150406_143245

20150406_143018 20150406_143351

20150406_140651  DSC_1690

20150406_143207  beautiful end result.






Fruit Cheesecake Cookie Cups and Apple Cinnamon Rolls.

Hello everybody.

I’m so excited today cause me and my friends are invited to a special early dinner at our lovely neighbor’s house and she’s making a traditional Carcissian dish called chips and basta, I’ll write you details about it later tonight.

As usual I told her dessert is on me, I wanted to do something new, colorful and lively so after a bit of searching did these cute kind of tarts and since I have some apples in the fruit basket is did some apple wheels or rolls.

Ingredients and method of fruit tarts :

* 3/4 cup butter.
* 1 cup sugar.
* 1 egg.
* 1 tsp vanilla.
*  2 cups flour.
* 1/2 tsp baking soda.
* 1/2 tsp baking powder.
* 2 tsp cornstarch.

For the filling :
* 1 pack cream cheese.
* 1/2 cup icing sugar.
* 2 tablespoons cream.( قشطه)

* mixed fruits for topping.

* beat butter and sugar till creamy then add all other ingredients till you have a thick dough.
* in a cupcake pan add a spoonful in each paper then press well with higher edges ( this quantity made 24 cups)
* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-15 minutes.
* remove and leave to cool.
* meanwhile beat cream cheese with sugar and cream then top over each cupcake.
* decorate with fruits as you look like.

As for the apple wheels, I did same dough for cinnamon rolls or Nutella tree, the added brown sugar and cinnamon to a rectangular spread-ed dough, lined up sliced apples the rolled and baked them.

Hope our host will like them,I’m sure we’ll have fun and eat delicious food.


wpid-wp-1427808973847.jpeg lovely outcome.


wpid-wp-1427809057835.jpeg wpid-wp-1427809029041.jpeg wpid-wp-1427809017590.jpeg   apple rolls.

wpid-wp-1427808983336.jpeg wpid-wp-1427809005505.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427809074883.jpeg wpid-wp-1427808999086.jpeg











Double Chocolate Cupcakes.

Hello everybody.
Gloomy dark day,just hate when the sun is not out.

Lunch was courgettes in cooked yogurt (ablama كوسا مخشي) , suitable in this cold weather.

I also did these amazing amazing cupcakes maybe they’ll cheer up the mood. I have this box of chocolates,a gift from a dear friend and a pack of ready mix chocolate cake. I saw this done on the net once thought I’d try it before I end up eating the whole box of chocolate alone.
You simply mix cake as directed then fill half a cupcake with battery add the round chocolate then add another quantity and bake.
They were supposed to be more like molten chocolate but maybe kind I used is too smooth that it sank down but nevertheless it made a crunchy crust,shooo yummy with some ice cream.






Courgettes in cooked yogurt.


Pumpkin Cupcakes.

Hello everybody.

First day in Winter timing and it coincides it’s cold and rainy today, plus It’s Halloween this weekend. I made these cupcakes for my friend’s son going to a sharing party today.

I love pumpkin and all its recipes,gives you a feeling of warmth specially in cold weather, I think I’ll make the remaining pumpkin a soup or stew tomorrow !

Lunch was out in Taj Mall at Hanin Cafe today,really yummy go try it, knafeh cheescake is a must try believe me.

Ingredients and method:

* 3 eggs.

* 1 cup sugar.

* 1 cup pumpkin puree ( boiled till done then mashed)

* 1/2 cup oil.

* 2 tablespoons butter.

* 1 tsp cinnamon,pinch of nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice if available.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

* 2 tsp baking powder and pinch of salt.

* 2 cup flour.


* Icing is cream cheese with whipping cream and orange food coloring.


* Mix all ingredients alternatively then fill cupcakes till half and bake till done.

* decorate with icing and sprinkles.


20141031_111104~2 I decorated the tray with dry leaves,nice right?


DSC_0208 special Autumn effects :)


DSC_0225  Knafeh cheesecake,mouthwatering !



Farewell Treat♡

Hello everybody.
We’re saying farewell to my sweet lovely niece going back after Summer vacation, it was really fun and amusing having her around all this time, cause she’s such a funny adorable girl.
I invited her to come over this afternoon and made her some pink decorated cupcakes cause she just loves everything pinky.



As for lunch well it was a healthy fulfilling meal, I bought fresh lean steaks and grilled them with herbs and spices, roasted some veggies and chilli potatoes with coriander. Really really yummy .








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