Cherry Berry Mousse.

Hello everybody.

Gloomy cold day,I hate this weather when no sun appears,went shopping to lighten up but unfortunately though most shops have sale but I wasn’t lucky at all :)

Anyway since I was out all morning I was planning to fry some ready chicken escalopes,I boiled some potatoes before I left to make mashed potatoes. God bless Nabil products as I always say.

I rushed to grocery store on my way back to bring some extra chicken and fresh rocca to make a salad cause my son called saying his friend is coming to lunch,as I entered I couldn’t resist the fresh berries,cherries and strawberries on the fruit stand,so I got a good amount to make this recipe,refreshing and yummy, I’m sure kids and adults will love it.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 pack cream cheese.

* 2 packs whipping cream.

* 1 pack cream.

* 3 packs strawberry and cherry jello plus 1 for the top.

* 1 cup milk

*3/4 cups hot water.

* 2 cups fresh berries.

* mix all ingredients with only 1/2 cup of berries very well in food processor.

* pour in a deep serving dish then dip in some big chunks of berries.

* refrigerate till firm then decorate top with rest of cherries and berries.

* dissolve the remaining jello pack in 1 cup very hot water then cover berries with it slowly.

* refrigerate for 2-3 hours then serve.

Haven’t tasted yet but it sure looks pretty good,enjoy your weekend my friends.




20140605_182144   20140605_182641

20140605_172107  today’s lunch,fried chicken,mashed potatoes and roca salad.




Pistachio Cake


Hello everybody.

Morning breakfast birthday celebration was superb, beautiful weather we even sat outside with best company and delicious chocolate orange mousse cake. Happy Birthday Reemo ♡♥.



As I told you we have visitors coming this afternoon. Last night I baked the cake and mixed the cream and kept it in the fridge..I assembled it this morning.
Well this cake has very little ingredients and very easy to make, but it’s success depends upon baking heat and time.Oven must be on 180 º and may need to lower it after 15-20 minutes to 130º. Another issue is baking time, recipe says 20-25 minutes, it may need a bit more but you must be careful not to over bake or else it will dry or collapse..turn off the oven when surface is golden and sides crispy. Then leave to cool completely before removing it from pan.

* 3 cups finely crushed pistachios
* 6 eggs.
* 1 1/2 cups sugar.
* 1 tsp vanilla.
* 1 1/2 tsp baking powder.

* Mix eggs, vanilla and sugar till fluffy and creamy.
* Add baking powder and pistachios.
* Grease 2 small baking pans or line with wax paper.
* Devide batter in pans.
* Heat oven at 180º. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Leave to cool.
For the filling:
* 1 pack kiri or cream cheese.
* 1 pack dream whip.
* 1 pack cream.
* icing sugar if you like your cream extra sweet.
Mix well till fluffy and doubled in size. Leave in fridge overnight.
Assemble the cake and leave in fridge to firm for 2-3 hours. Decorate it as you wish.








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