Cream Chicken Corn Soup.


Hello everybody.

Had two orders  today, citrus almonds syrup cake and crinkles both ginger and chocolate.
As for lunch I have some green beans from yesterday and I made some chicken corn cream soup, great in this cold weather.


ِAlready  have some cooked chicken nobody touched from the one cooked in milk so I used them in the soup.

Ingredients and method :
# one spring onion.
# 1 cup sweet corn.
# 1 big cooked chicken breast.
# 2 tablespoons butter.
# 2 tablespoons flour.
#3 cups chicken stock.
# 1 cup cream or full fat milk.
# salt, pepper, all spice and a pinch of nutmeg.


# saute chopped spring onions in heated butter.
# add half of the corn.
# chop chicken breast to small cubes and add half of them as well.
# add flour and chicken stock,stir well and leave to simmer till corn is done and tender.
# whisk all with hand mixer till creamy.
# add cream or milk and rest of corn and chicken.
# leave all to simmer till thick and done.





Chili Cheese Potatoes and Tehran Salad.

Hello everybody.

Feels like late Autumn days today it even rained a bit.

Dinner today was leftover ablama from yesterday, I added up some string beans in olive oil, noodles soup.

I tried a small portion of two new recipes, an appetizer and a salad.

Salad is a Persian recipe, grated cucumbers in yogurt with some chickpeas, raisins, walnuts, cumin powder and mint decorated with crispy bread pieces on top.

As for the other dish it’s a potato stew or bake that I saw last night on instagram.

Ingredients and method :

* 2 large cubed potatoes.
* 1 small chopped onion.
* one minced garlic clove.
* 2 cups pasta sauce ready or homemade.
* some sliced mushrooms.
* some sweet corn.
* chili powder or Tabasco.
* salt, pepper, oregano.
* mazorella cheese.

* fry potatoes till golden.
* saute onions and garlic till tender.
* add pasta sauce,chili salt and pepper and leave to simmer till onions are done.
* in a deep oven pan line half of the potatoes then mushrooms and corn on top then another layer of potatoes.
* pour sauce over all,then sprinkle cheese on top and in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Great with roasts or steaks.

wpid-wp-1435508934276.jpeg yummy hot potatoes.

wpid-wp-1435508971999.jpeg wpid-wp-1435509000612.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435509008745.jpeg wpid-wp-1435509027081.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435508955943.jpeg Tehran Salad.










Freezing Vegetables.

Hello everybody.
No cooking today, each one has plans either for lunch or dinner so no cooking is necessary, did a bowl of Russian Salad it will do just fine in guess.

Spent this morning cleaning and preparing some fresh peas and fava beans for freezing, my husband bought some from side road sellers on his way back from Irbid yesterday, very fresh and green, I usually only cut wash and freeze directly.

Peas were really sweet and tender, boiled some and added them with carrots, corn and potatoes to the salad.

wpid-wp-1426764993873.jpeg  ready for storage.

wpid-wp-1426765010427.jpeg Russian Salad.
Another Irbid product is garden cress(  رشاد)  sent to me from my cousin, very tasty with labaneh and green olives or onions, all yummy.






Turkish Pie.

Hello everybody.

Needed something to back up yesterday’s lunch so this pie would be great, since many of my cousins and aunties been doing it and posting its photos on my Facebook page so I think it’s time for me to try it. A success for sure, boys loved it.

Ingredients and method :
Dough :
* 2 1/2 cups flour.
* 1 cup warm milk.
* 2 tsp instant yeast.
* 2 tsp sugar.
* 2 tsp salt.

Filling :
* 1/2 kg minced beef meat.
* 1 small chopped onion.
* 1/2 cup sweet corn.
* some chopped green peppers.
* grated mazorella or kashcaval.
* some sesame and black seeds.

* Mix all dough ingredients together, knead well for 5 minutes then leave in a warm place to rest and rise.

* sauté meat and onions with some oil till done.
* add the corn and spices,I added salt, pepper, all spice and some chili powder.

* grease and pie pan the spread 3/4 of the dough to the edges.
* add the filling then half of the cheese.
* cover with the rest of the dough then cover top with remaining cheese,sesame and black seeds.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 40-50 minutes..

Serve with green salad or sautéed vegetables.







Chicken Fatteh and Cheese Loaf.

Hello everybody.

Seems this cold weather will continue all week, was going to make a soup with chicken fatteh but boys said cheese loaf is better.

I like doing fatteh when I have extra cooked rice though it’s an easy dish but needs lots of preparation,cook chicken, roast bread, roast nuts,chop parsley and make tahini sauce. Too much work right?

Cheese Loaf this time was better than last time I did it,trick is as my friend told me is to wrap it in foil first. Absolutely yummy yummy.

I also made the palmetto,artichoke salad and refreshing rich salad for sure.






Palmetto Artichoke Corn Salad.

Hello everybody.

Very busy Saturday,didn’t have time to write my daily post till now.

Lunch today was Pizza,homemade in two big trays,boys are now eating it for dinner also. We are definitely a pizza lovers family !

I also made this rich salad,we usually eat it in restaurants specially in Fakhr El-Deen , it’s a mix of coarsely chopped  palmetto,artichoke, baby corns,avocados and mushrooms over a bed of lettuce and I made a honey mustard dressing which contains a bit of mustard,honey,lemon juice,bit of pomegranate sauce and of course olive oil,salt and oregano . Yummy rich salad for sure.







Beans Orange Salad and Thumbprint Cookies.

Hello everybody.

Had visitors last night with no time to do lots of stuff,so I made this easy salad and some cookies and arranged some fruits,with coffee,tea and nuts turned out a pleasant evening.

Salad contains red beans,sweet corn,chopped colored sweet peppers with orange slices on top,dressing was salt,oregano,lemon,vinegar and olive oil.

As for the cookies, these are ingredients and method:

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1/4 cup sugar.

* 1 large egg separated.

* 1 cup flour.

* pinch of salt.

* 3/4 roasted finely crushed nuts.

* jam


* beat egg yolk,butter,sugar and salt till creamy.

* add flour and knead till you form a ball.

* form small balls then press them  with your thumb a bit in the middle.

* beat the egg white and coat cookies with them.

* roast and crush finely the nuts then coat cookies with them as well.

* bake in a moderate heated oven for 13-15 minutes.

* when cooled add a little bit of jam in the thumbprint.


Yummy yummy :)



20140920_160958  20140920_162026

20140920_163948 20140920_192903





Appetizers:Russian Salad,Broccoli Soup and Spinach Pastries.

Hello eveybody.
Today I only made a salad and soup cause I still have some leftovers from yesterday. I also made some spinach pastries. Tomorrow i’ll make a new dish Inshallah.
* Russian Salad:
This salad is very easy but a bit fatty cause It has lots of mayonnaise. But  I always use light one hoping to decrease the damage :).
You simply boil some beans, carrots, sweet corn and potatoes in water till tender then add salt, pepper, bit of vinegar and a good amount of mayonnaise to cover them. Mix gently.
Note: boiled eggs are usually used in this salad also in it or as garnish but I don’t actually use’s fine without it as well.



*Broccoli Soup:
Love this delicious healthy soup.
   Used to make it with fresh cream but one day I ate it at my sweet aunt Nabiha, it was very light but creamy as well. Trick is using one big potato with it so that when mixed together with the broccoli it gives a creamy rich texture.
Ingredients and method:
* 1 big potato peeled and cubed.
* 5-6 broccoli florets.
* 2 green onions.
* 1 cube maggi.
* 2-3 big spoons oatmeal.
* 1/2 cup milk.

* heat a bit of butter, stir chopped onions, potatoes and half of the broccoli.
* add the oatmeal, maggi, salt and pepper. Mix all together.
* add 4 cups water and the milk.
* simmer till vegetables are done.
* mix with hand mixer or in blender.
* add rest of broccoli florets. Leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes.








* Spinach Pastries.
I was looking in my freezer and fridge wandering what else to do, found some puff pastry left from last time’s  chicken pie  and some spinach so thought to do these pastries . Hoped they’ll taste as good as they look.
I simply added black pepper, a piece of white cheese and a small piece of cream cheese, then closed the pastry as a parcel and baked them.





Actually all tasted delicious and satisfying. ♡♥♡♥



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