Weekend Dishes.


Hello everybody.

Weekend almost over, lazy and calm but will end up with a wedding in couple of hours 😀.

Dishes this weekend were various,first thing I delivered this beautiful full of love Red Velvet cake.

wp-1460821050259.jpg wp-1460821072673.jpg

Lunch was a selection of yummy stuff, tandoori chicken with eggplants, potatoes with cream, chicken and meat scallop and coleslaw.


wp-1460821055423.jpg wp-1460821085268.jpg




After lunch my Kleija successfully won the test


Today’s lunch was fresh fava beans with garlic and coriander, creamy yogurt on the side of course.



Hope you all enjoyed the sunny warm weather.

Farewell Dinner Party .

Morning everybody.

Just realized that I  haven’t posted since Feb 10’th , never happened before by the way, reason is that I’ve been very busy lately preparing for catering a big dinner for my sister in-law’s daughter farewell dinner. Thank God it was a big success, food was delicious and everybody was happy . Congratulations lovely bride to be.

As for the menu it was as follows:

Nice loving joyful gathering :)














French Pizza and Cole Slaw Salad.

Hello everybody.
Weekend at last!!!
We’re invited to a wedding tonight and boys going out with friends so a light lunch is enough.
I have fresh cabbage from Ghor, small enough to do a salad, and i made small pizzas on baguette bread, that’s why it’s called French Pizza.

Ingredients and method:
French Pizza:
* 2 baguettes .
* 1/2 cup chopped sweet peppers.
* 1 cup seeded black olives.
* 1 pack mushrooms, finely chopped.
* 1 1/2 cups grated mozzarella or kashkaval cheese or mix of both.
* 3 tablespoons mayonnaise.
* salt, pepper and paprika.
* mix all ingredients together and season.
* cut baguettes to 1 inch slices.
* scoop 1 spoonful of mixture over each bread slice.
* toast for 20-25 minutes till golden.
* serve hot.

*Cole Slaw Salad:
* shredded cabbage.
* grated carrots.
* mayonnaise.
* salt, sugar and white vinegar.
*mix all ingredients together .
* mayonnaise quantity must be enough to coat all ingredients.
* you can add thick yoghurt to lessen mayonnaise portion if you want it lighter.

Enjoy your weekend everybody ♡♥♡♥.











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