Dry Fruits Cookies.

Hello everybody.

Was privileged by a visit from my dear uncles this morning,e had coffee and Coconut Jam cake, a favorite of my best uncle Ziad, I was really happy he ate from it cause I know how much he loves coconut.


Started cooking lunch after they left which was upon kids request ” Shakshouka” and some baked beets. Did them a different way than usual, wrapped in foil then baked till tender , yummy and easy.

DSC_0363 20150129_135120

DSC_0367 baked beets,you can mash one to use as food coloring !


My son invited some of his friends over so I baked some mixed dried fruits cookies and prepared a chocolate chip giant skillet cookie to bake when they arrive. I actually prepared a basic batter then divided it to two portions one with fruits and one with chocolate.

Basic cookie dough is:

*1 egg.

* 3/4 cup butter.

* 1/2 to 3/4 cup brown sugar.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

*1/2 tsp bicarbonate.

* 1 tsp baking powder.

* 1/2 cup oats ( optional)

* 1 1/2 cups flour.

* pinch of salt.

* beat butter and sugar till creamy then add egg and rest of ingredients then you can add any kind of nuts,dried fruits,dark or white chocolate or marshmallows.

* spoon a walnut size amount of dough and place in a big oven pan.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-13 min max.

* I decorated today’s cookies with some melted chocolate.

DSC_0371 dried apricots,cranberries and raisins.

DSC_0375  DSC_0380

DSC_0384 drizzled some chocolate on top when cooled.

20150129_171429 20150129_171448

Smores Monkey Bread.

Hello everybody.

A member in my group posted a video of how to make monkey bread last night and many were asking for recipe.By chance I was planning to do this monkey bread with a twist recipe since last week,even have all ingredients ready but didn’t have the time to do it.

To be honest original recipe contains too much sugar so I didn’t add the exact amount written and added some ingredients to add up the flavor.Monkey bread is a very nice dessert to do in wintry cold days, resembles a lot the taste of cinnamon rolls bit easier to do, you can find many different recipes,basic one is very simple then you can add any flavors or nuts or marshmallows and chocolate depending on how you prefer it.

Lunch today was Spaghetti with chicken cream and pesto.

Ingredients and method:

For the dough:

* 2 1/2 cups flour.

* 1 cup crushed digestive biscuits.

* 1/3 cup warm water.

* 1/3 cup brown sugar.

* 1 tsp instant yeast.

* 2 eggs.

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1/3 cup warm milk.

* 1 tsp baking powder,pinch of salt.

For the sauce:

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1/3 cup sugar.

* 1 pack cream.

* 1 tsp cinnamon.

* 1 cup mini marshmallows.

For the assembly:

* 1 cup crushed digestives.

* 2 tablespoons butter.

* chocolate chips and marshmallows.


* Make the dough by first whisking the water with yeast and sugar and leave it till it foams.

* beat eggs with butter and milk.

* add all to flour and biscuits mixed with baking powder and salt.

* knead well till you form a firm dough,leave covered in a warm place till it rises ( 1 hour)


* make the sauce by mixing all ingredients except marshmallows till syrup boils then add them and mix well.

* make equal sized balls from the dough and leave to rise again.

* cover balls with crushed biscuits and butter.

* in a round oven pan spread some biscuits in the bottom,pour some of the sauce then line the balls all over.

* sprinkle some chocolate and marshmallows.

* add another round of balls and repeat filling.

* add the rest of the sauce all over.

* cover and leave to rise and doubles in size.


* bake in a medium heated oven for 30-40 minutes.

* leave to cool a bit then flip over.

* Note 1: I made a butter,cinnamon,brown sugar sauce and drizzled it on top cause it looked a bit dry.

* Note 2: basic monkey bread is done the same way but without digestive and marshmallows only cinnamon and butter.

*Note 3: key word for a successful monkey bread is letting dough rise well and leave it to rest after each handling.

ENJOY really yummy.



DSC_1396 DSC_1399

DSC_1404 DSC_1403



20141217_152120  today’s lunch.





Ginger and Chocolate Cookies.

  A crime in our kitchen,  cookie jar has been empty for more than a week. So it’s time to bake some to fill it.
  Made ginger for me and chocolate for the kids. Same ingredients but diffrent flavors.

* 1 egg.
* 1 cup white sugar or 3/4 brown sugar.
* 3/4 cup butter.
* 1 cup oatmeal.
* 1 small spoon baking powder.
* 1 spoon vanilla.
* 1 spoon ginger powder.
* 1/4 spoon fresh grated ginger.
* pinch of salt
* 1 1/2 cups flour.
For the chocolate flavor:
* substitute ginger with cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

* mix all ingredients alternatively. Add a bit extra flour if dough is too soft.
* form the dough to a cylinder or log shape with the help of wax paper.
* keep in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.
* with a sharp knife cut to slices then place circles on a non greased oven or cookie tray.
* bake for 10-15 minutes or till sides are golden.
* I sprinkled ginger cookies with sugar and caramelized it with a torch. ( optional).
* cool then store in well closed jar or tin.









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