Today’s Order. 

Hello everybody.

A loving grandma ordered this lovely combination of dishes for her visiting grandchildren.

Outcome was very colorful specially the tutti fruitti cake, full of fruits and cream.

Alongside she ordered za’tar puffs, pasta salad, teramisu and a small box of chocolate balls I sent as a gift.

wp-image-868975489jpg.jpg wp-image-181775601jpg.jpg



Full Lunch Order.


Hello everybody.

Today’s order was a full lunch for a dear friend.

She ordered spread and mini kibbeh, grilled cheese salad. Dessert was assorted cookies and crinkles and chocolate balls.

wpid-wp-1448288974611.jpg wpid-wp-1448288982787.jpg wpid-wp-1448288992979.jpg wpid-wp-1448288962208.jpg

A big success, everybody is satisfied.






Assorted Cookies, Chocolate Balls and Za’tar Puffs.


Today’s order was lovely, assorted cookies included chocolate and lemon crinkles, rock cookies and date rolls plus some za’tar puffs.

Additional small gift for my new client a box of chocolate balls hope she’ll like them.


wpid-wp-1447600698008.jpg wpid-wp-1447600690174.jpg

wpid-wp-1447600682394.jpg these zatar puffs are a big hit !



Kids Expo 2015.

Hello everybody.

Happening now, my participation in Kids Expo 2015 with Family Flavors magazine a brief cooking class with the kids.

I did the easiest cookies ever, no baking no gas required Chocolate Balls and Maltesers Balls.

It was really a very nice experience.


wpid-dsc_0170.jpg wpid-dsc_0175.jpg

wpid-dsc_0173.jpg Family Flavors booth.

wpid-dsc_0177.jpg all ready









Most Perfect Dinner !

Hello everybody.

Can’t think of any other title to describe last night,they say you can feel you’re pouring your love when you cook as much as you love the people to you’re cooking for,well I guess it’s kind of true

Dinner last night was to the  dearest loveliest group of friends, though I did do my best to make everything perfect,or maybe cause the whole atmosphere was warm and loving but food was really fantastic . Love you guys <3

As for the menu, it was:

* Greek and Caprese salads.

* Penne Arabiata and Pesto Pasta.

* Grilled vegetables and baked potatoes.

* Roasted boneless chicken marinated in lemon and herbs.

* Grilled steaks with mushroom sauce.

* Dessert was cheesecake pots and chocolate balls ( done by crumbling old brownies and chocolate cake then mixing with butter,cinnamon and coconut)

Thank God I still have leftovers to take photos <3


20140826_161040  20140826_161014


20140825_140714  20140825_143445

20140825_150705  20140825_231018









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