Cream Caramel Cheesecake with Berries. 

Hello everybody.

Had guests last night for an early dinner,sorry no photos cause I was so busy!

Dessert was a chiq new recipe,tries it last week at a restaurant so I kept digging till I found it.

It’s a combination of flan and cheesecake together with berries sauce on the side. Sweetness of cheesecake is perfectly balanced by the sour taste of berries.

Ingredients and method :

Crust :

#half cup of roasted finely crushed almonds.

# 1 pack crushed biscuits.

# 3 big tablespoons butter.

* mix all together till crumbly then press in a spring pan and bake for 10 minutes. 

Flan Cheesecake batter :

# 2 packs cream cheese.

# 1 can sweetened condensed milk.

# 5 eggs.

# 1 small pack heavy cream.

# 1 tsp vanilla.

# 1 tsp lemon zest.

*Beat cream cheese well then gradually add condensed milk.

* add eggs one at a time and keep beating mixture.

* add cream and vanilla.

* add lemon zest.

Pour mixture over crust then back into a medium heated oven for 40 minutes.

Note: I placed the pan in a water bath guess it’s better.


Caramel Sauce

1 cup sugar heated till you get the right color then slowly add 3/4 cup heavy liquid cream.

Stir well till you get a thick sauce.

When cheesecake is done cool for 3-4 hours then add caramel sauce on top.

Berries sauce:

1 cup frozen mixed berries with 3/4 cup sugar dissolved then boiled till sauce is thick.


Baclava Cheesecake.بقلاوة تشيزكيك

Hello again.

A member in banancooking posted this dessert last night and directly I thought why not do it today since I have a family gathering.


Very easy specially if you have all ingredients.


Ingredients and method:

* crushed biscuits with butter for the crust.

* filling:

* 3 packs cream cheese.

* 4 eggs.

* 3/4 cup sugar.

* 1/2 cup milk.

* 1/2 cup flour.

* 1/3 cup labaneh.

* 1 tsp vanilla.


* 1 cup crushed walnuts and almonds.

* syrup: 1 1/2 cups sugar,1 cup honey,1 cup water,1 tsp cinnamon all boiled together till thick.

* 4 sheets phyllo pastry and butter.

* Make crust as usual then put in in cheesecake pan.

* Mix filling ingredients all together for 7 minutes.

* add over crust then mix nuts with half the syrup and add it as gallops on the filling.

* cover with phyllo pastry coated with butter and some of the nuts mixture if you like.

* bake in a medium heated oven for &0 minutes in a water bath pan.

* cool in fridge and serve with rest of the syrup.


طبقة البسكوت المعتادة ( زبدة و بسكوت)
ال syrup كاسة و نص سكر، كاسة عسل، كاسة مي، معلقة قرفة صغيرة مليانة ( بتنعمل عالنار لتعقد شوي)
الحشوة: كوب جوز و لوز مطحون مع نص كاسة من السيرب

التشيز كيك: ٣ علب فيلادلفيا، ٤ بيض، تلت ارباع كاسة سكر، نص كاسة حليب، نص كاسة طحين، تلت كاسة لبنة، معلقة صغيرة فانيلا. كل خاي المكونات مع بعض عالخلاط يدون ترتيب معين لسبع دقايق يتندار فوق طبقة البسكوت و بعدين بنحط من حشوة الجوز معالق صغيرة مفرقة عخليط الجبنة.
بعدين طبقة عجينة بقلاوة و تدهن زبدة و تكرر ٤ طبقات، بعدين طبقة جوز اختياري بعدين طبقة عجينة و تدهن زبدة.
تحبز بحمام مي عحرارة ١٥٠-١٧٠ طبقة وسط يالفرن ٧٠ دقيقة


wpid-20150713_124815.jpg wpid-20150713_125212.jpg






Knafeh Cheesecake.

Hello everybody.

Invited to my sister in-law’s for Iftar today, promised her to make something sweet so I kept searching for something new and suitable for Ramadan as well.

Then it hit me,remembered this awesome dessert we always eat at Haneen Cafe which is knafeh cheesecake, stylish eastern western kind of dessert and luckily it turned out to be easy and light.

Looks good and yummy but we’ll have to wait till after we eat to decide.

Ingredients and method :
For the crust :
# 1 pack digestive biscuits.
# 1/2 cup butter.
# 1 tablespoon cream.
# 1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

For the filling :
# 2 packs yogurt ( 2 big cups)
# 6 pieces Kiri or pack cream cheese.
# 1 cup powdered milk.
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1 tsp vanilla.

Topping :
# 1 1/2 cups knafeh dough( عجينه كنافه)
# 1/2 cup melted butter.
# orange food coloring.
# some pistachios.
# syrup when served.

# mix crust ingredients well, crushed biscuits, butter and cream.
# press in a spring pan and bake for only 5 minutes.
# mix filling ingredients well then pour over crust then return to the oven but with upper grill on this time ( الشوايه)  till surface is a bit hard.
# meanwhile mix knafeh dough, butter and orange color well with your hands.
# spread over filling and roast again till crispy a bit (5-10 minutes)

# keep in fridge 4-5 hours.
# garnish with pistachios and syrup when you serve.

wpid-wp-1435329660085.jpeg looks yummy !

wpid-wp-1435329689780.jpeg wpid-wp-1435329678337.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435329670161.jpeg  can’t wait !

wpid-wp-1435356349762.jpeg amazing result.

wpid-wp-1435356339827.jpeg wpid-wp-1435356330429.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435356319960.jpeg highly recommended.








Light No Bake Fruit Cheesecake.

Hello everybody.

It’s Summer time, fruits of various kinds and colors are abundant everywhere, this morning I got some fresh from the farm peaches on my way back from the lovely town Fuheis where we had a nice breakfast.

Back home I decided to try this dessert, kind of my own invention, small cups of no bake cheesecake with fruits on top,so yummy and light great in this hot weather.

Ingredients and method :

# crust :
# 1/2 pack of plain biscuits.
# 2 tablespoons oats.
#2 tablespoons coconut.
# 1 big tablespoon butter.
# 1 tsp jam.

Mix all these together till crumbly.

# cheese layer :
# 1 pack cream cheese.
# 1 pack cream ( قشطه)
# 1/2 cup caster sugar.
# 1 tablespoon butter.
# 2 tablespoons labaneh.

Mix all ingredients together till creamy.

# put some crust in small bowls or cups.
# add cheese filling.
# top with any fruits you like.
# keep in fridge for couple of hours then serve.

Oh and lunch was regular kofta with vegetables and a big salad.

wpid-20150609_150825.jpg wpid-20150609_150735.jpg

wpid-20150609_151006.jpg elegant for a dinner or lunch party.






Try it,really good you won’t regret.

After Eight Cake.

Hello everybody.

Busy Saturday as usual,many errands and work at home plus cooking and baking a cake, but all was done by time to go to the gathering at my uncle’s house.

I promised my auntie to bring something sweet and after searching a lot for something new and different ended up taking this recipe from my dear friend Ola,turned out really yummy everybody loved it.

Lunch was chicken curry and chicken giblets ( قوانص).

DSC_0457 DSC_0455chicken curry and giblets.

Ingredients and method:

* 3 eggs.

* 1 cup sugar.

* 1/2 cup vegetable oil.

* 8 small spoons cocoa.

* 2 tsp baking powder.

* 1/2 tsp bicarbonate.

* 1 big spoon peppermint essence.

* 1 1/2 cup flour.

* 1 cup boiled water.

* 1 pack After Eight.

* 1 pack cream.


* Beat sugar and oil well till creamy then add eggs,vanilla,mint,cocoa, baking powder, soda and flour.

* In a small baking greased baking pan pour batter and directly add a cup of boiled water on top.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 35-45 minutes or till surface and center are dry.

* On a water bath melt 10-15  After Eight pieces and whisk till they melt then add the cream and mix well.

* when cake is cooled cover with minty ganache and decorate as you like.


Afternoon gathering was nice as usual,we had tabouleh,yalanji,chicken pastries,oregano loaf, salad and cheese cake all yummy yummy :)

20150131_154219  Minty chocolate cake.


DSC_0438DSC_0440 boiling water on top.


DSC_0446  crispy surface.

DSC_0452  a perfect cake for sure.







My First Cooking Lesson:)

Hello everybody.

New teaching experience started today as I gave my first cooking lesson to some lovely ladies, Hope as they said were delighted and liked it.

Lesson was with in co-operation with my cousin and owner of Ribbon Cake, we’ll be sharing  each time by either doing the dessert or main dish. Today she began by doing strawberry cheesecake and I did broad green beans salad and Shepherd Pie,all was excellent and tasty.

As for lunch at home  I cooked Chicken with Pepsi before I left this morning,really yummy !!!

Next lesson will be Wednesday ,will keep you posted :)



DSC_0087  DSC_0095

DSC_0082  DSC_0075

wpid-20140319_143156-1  today’s lunch.



Cheesecake Pots.

Hello everybody.

I’m sure many many moms are delighted today right? Well it’s the first day of school for most students,though I feel sorry for them cause of the heat wave, they’ll all come back home sweaty and tired for sure. Nevertheless it’s back to order and routine, bye bye Summer vacation :(

Lunch today was simple Kofta,it’s too hot to do anything more complicated, I even regretted not making pasta with yogurt and mint instead,cooling dish.

I also started preparing for tomorrow’s diner party,made these cute cheesecake pots,very easy light recipe I have from an old magazine, they’ll be nice dessert after dinner.


Ingredients and method:

* digestive biscuits.

* 1 spoon butter.

* some strawberry jam.

* 1 can carnation ( condensed milk)

* 1 pick whipping cream.

* 1/2 cup plain yogurt.

* 1 pack cream cheese.

* juice and zest of one lemon.

* strawberry or cherry topping.

* crush the biscuits and rub in the butter till crumbly.

* divide the amount in glasses or pots.

* add small spoon of jam on top of biscuits.

* mix all other ingredients till creamy.

* add over biscuits then leave to cool in the fridge.

* decorate top with strawberry or cherry topping (will do that tomorrow)



20140824_084121 20140824_084129






Oreo Cheesecake. ♡♥

Hello everybody.

Festive mood in the air. Mother’s day is tomorrow, our dear friend’s birthday,  my son’s birthday also…♡♥♡♥.
Today we had a lovely gathering to celebrate ourselves “lovely moms” plus the birthday. It was a sharing brunch actually. Many delicious dishes..table was elegantly full of both salty and sweets variety. .I will post some new recipes of them soon.





My share was sweets..I made a plain chocolate  cake upon request of bday girl plus Oreo Cheesecake. It was superb..testimony of everybody not me alone.

Ingredients and method:
* 1-2 large packs Oreo biscuits ( 36 piece)
* 3-4 tablespoons butter.

* 3 eggs.
* 3/4 cup sugar.
* 3 tablespoons yoghurt.
* 1 small pack fresh cream.
* 1 pack kiri or cream cheese.
* 2 tablespoons flour ( sorry forgot to add in ingredients photo. )
* zest of lemon.
* 1 tsp vanilla.

* in food processor beat half of biscuits with the butter to form a base. Spread in a spring pan and keep in fridge.
* beat sugar, kiri, cream , lemon zest till fluffy then add eggs one at a time.
* continue beating, add vanilla then flour.
* add coarsely chopped Oreos,  around 10 and mix slowly.
* pour over base.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 40-50 minutes or till dry.
* keep in oven to cool but keep oven door open.
* cool in the fridge preferably overnight.
* decorate with crushed Oreo and chocolate syrup.

Enjoy your weekend everybody. ♡♥






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