Chicken Ceazar Salad.


Hello again.

A quick satisfying lunch in a busy day Chicken Ceazar salad, fresh and healthy cause of the little amount of mayonnaise cause I use thick yogurt with it.

For the dressing :
A juice of half a lemon.
1 small teaspoon mustard.
2 big spoons mayonnaise. 2 big spoons yoghurt ( a trick so as not to use too much mayonnaise).
Salt.pepper.dried oregano…and a small cup olive oil.
A useful way to get a thick creamy dressing is to put all ingredients in a tightly closed jar and shake it very well….very easy.


wpid-wp-1447600864471.jpg  fulfilling easy salad.

Chicken Liver.


Hello everybody.

Leftovers aren’t enough today so I had to do something as a backup. Option was chicken Ceazar salad but it turns out I don’t have any chicken left so a plain one was done.

Found a small plate if chicken liver in my freezer,healthy easy option as well though as my hubby said they turned out a bit dry, always in my case when I make them unlike when he cook them don’t know why.

My sweet stuffed pickled peppers are done, so yummy!

Thank God all leftovers and today’s dishes are gone except a bit of salad that I kept for the boys as a night snack.


Chicken Liver:

* 1/2 kg chicken liver.

* 2 sliced onions.

* chili green pepper.

* olive oil,salt,pepper and pomegranate sauce.

* saute onions and peppers in heated oil,then add livers and stir.

* add salt and pepper then leave to simmer on low heat till dine ( 30-40 minutes)

* when done turn off heat and add one big spoon pomegranate sauce and stir all together.



wpid-wp-1442241768082.jpg wpid-wp-1442241759114.jpg

wpid-wp-1442241779928.jpg  not harmonic but all tasty.






Vegetables Stew (طباخ روحو)

Hello everybody.

This dish is a very very old traditional one, I remember till now that my grandma used to cook it a lot and we all hated it and run away lunch time to buy a falafel sandwich instead. I isn’t kid’s friendly I guess.

But since a have lots of pumpkin, courgettes, eggplants and tomatoes I thought I’d do some though I did it with small cubed meat pieces not big boned ones which is how it’s originally done.

Ingredients and method :
# 4-5 pieces of lamb with bones cooked till done with it’s stock (2-3 cups)
# 3-4 big courgettes cut to chunks
#1 bug eggplant cut to chunks.
# 1 slice of pumpkin or 3 big green pumpkins also cut to chunks.
#1 big onion sliced.
# 4 ripe tomatoes peeled and cut to small pieces.
# 4 cloves of minced garlic.
# 1 tsp dry mints.
# olive oil.
# salt, pepper, all spice.

# in a deep nonstick pan saute courgettes, eggplants and pumpkins till golden.
# add onions and leave to simmer till all veggies are a bit tender.
# add meat pieces and stock.
# season with salt, pepper and all spice to your taste.
# add the tomatoes and cover to cook over low heat till all stewed well together.
# add minced garlic and dry mint and leave for another 15-20 minutes.
# Serve with plain rice.

I also made a bowl of Ceazar salad in case keep kids didn’t like it.

Oh I forgot to mention that the exact translation of this dish Arabic name  is  ” cooked by itself ” cause it does actually!



wpid-wp-1438184900416.jpeg wpid-wp-1438184881476.jpeg

wpid-wp-1438184908658.jpeg wpid-wp-1438184894747.jpeg







Lasagna and Pan Garlic Bread.

Hello everybody.

Another busy Saturday, I think I should change my schedule sometimes I really wish to have a real lazy weekend, always failing to do so.

Well lunch today was lasagna with mushrooms and spinach inside,a bowl of Ceazar salad and I did the same pizza procedure as yesterday but with garlic powder, oregano, salt and a drizzle of olive oil on top, really yummy and crispy.

Guess this pan pizza will be on my easy to do stuff list.

wpid-wp-1432394918033.jpeg lasagna and garlic bread.


wpid-wp-1432394949752.jpeg Ceazar salad.

wpid-dsc_0524.jpg pan garlic bread.

wpid-wp-1432394907994.jpeg successful Italian lunch.







Basil Cherry Tomatoes Mazorella Steaks.

Hello everybody.

Last minute decision of what to cook for lunch came out after lots of ideas and guesses, typical Friday.

Well finally I took out some steaks since I have all ingredients of the dish, Rita’s recipe, simple sautéed thin steaks topped with fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and a slice of mazorella. Extremely delicious, all gone in minutes.
I made mashed potatoes, sweet creamy corn, gravy with mushrooms and a bowl of Ceazar salad.

wpid-20150424_155935.jpg yummy !

wpid-20150424_154951.jpg wpid-20150424_155614.jpg

wpid-20150424_155722.jpg Ceazer Salad.

wpid-20150424_155910.jpg mashed potatoes,gravy and corn.









Everybody finished lunch happily, real comfort food.


Pesto Pasta and Ceazar Salad.

Hello everybody.

Upon my son’s request today’s lunch was on his favorite dishes, pesto pasta with chicken, mushroom and cream. Easiest thing to do specially if you have an outing.

On the side and made a big bowl of Ceazar salad, yummy and fresh goes along with the warm sunny day.

wpid-wp-1427131358774.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131341822.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131366736.jpeg  Fresh pesto done and cooked at the same time,amazing !

wpid-wp-1427131376289.jpeg dessert was a piece of yesterday’s cake !

Best thing that happened to me today is receiving a big beautiful greeting card on the occasion of Mother’s day from my best friend’s lovely beautiful daughter Ward, though I don’t have a daughter of my own but I really love all my friends’ beautiful young ladies as mine, thank you loving Whardo,you’re the sunshine of my life.

wpid-wp-1427131399280.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131389993.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131394170.jpeg I will keep cooking,promise :)









Veal Escalope and Potatoe Skins.

Hello everybody.
Though I still have some cauliflower from yesterday but nobody accepted the idea to eat from it again,so rather than making something small with it I decided to keep it in the freezer and make something new.

After searching in  my Beef cookbook for something different to do I made this recipe, though I have previous failures in cooking veal this way but I liked this one and result was great, veal was tender inside and crispy from outside.

On the other hand I baked potatoes instead of making fries so as to try to minimize the damage, when done I sliced them lengthwise, removed pulp and mixed it with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, herbs and chili powder, filled potato skin again and roasted them.

Ingredients and method of veal:
* lean pieces of veal.
* one small grated onion, salt, pepper, mixed herbs and paprika.

Egg batter:

* 1/2 cup flour.
* 3 eggs.
* 2 tablespoons milk.

* Coating:

* 2 cups breadcrumbs.
* 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese.
* some herbs and paprika if you like.

* rub spices, onion and herbs all over veal.
* mix flour, milk and eggs very well.
* coat veal with egg batter.
* coat with breadcrumbs Parmesan mixture.
* refrigerate for 1-2 hours then deep fry in very hot oil till golden.

Serve with potatoes and salad, made Ceazar today.




wpid-wp-1423674113470.jpeg  veal,egg batter, breadcrumbs.


wpid-wp-1423674140407.jpeg wpid-wp-1423674155710.jpeg

wpid-wp-1423674167120.jpeg  filled potatoes.

wpid-wp-1423674050601.jpeg pickled olives,chili peppers and carrots.


wpid-wp-1423674179993.jpeg  comfort food for sure.












Chicken Ceazar Salad.

Hello everybody.

Cleaning up the kitchen today, though it’s tiring but had to be done every now and then,but results are satisfying at the end.

Lunch was beans from yesterday with a big bowl of Ceazar Salad with grilled chicken on top,refreshing after hard work.

I also planned some nice mints in these cute pots so as upon my son’s advice those tiny ants will go away,they say mint odor repels ants,hope this trick works cause nothing else is.

Couldn’t resist to get this beautiful bunch of flowers and planted it outside by the kitchen door,lovely don’t you think?







Light lunch with yesterday’s leftovers ( Mushroom Soup and Ceazar Salad)

I know almost every mom faces this problem 2 or 3 times a week leftovers won’t be enough and backup is needed,as my mom always say (سنده ).

Well today I made mushroom soup and Caesars salad.
I usually make mushroom soup from scratch..never used ready’s very easy and much more tasty for sure.
You will need:
1 small onion.
1 packet fresh mushroom or 1 can.
3 big spoons butter.
3 big spoons flour.
1 cube chicken stock.
1 cup heavy cooking cream or 1/2 cup milk with 1 small pack of cream as u wish.
3 cups of water.

Heat the butter..then add the inions and a small bunch of sliced mushrooms..stirr well till tender then add flour and stirr very well until flour is well absorbed and brownish. .add the water slowly then mix all with food mixer till creamy…
Then add the cream and remaining sliced mushrooms…add salt and pepper. ..leave to boil then simmer for half an hour






As for the salad you’ll need luttuce, mushroom, capers if you like, parmesan cheese, croutons.
For the dressing :
A juice of half a lemon.
1 small teaspoon mustard.
2 big spoons mayonnaise. 2 big spoons yoghurt ( a trick so as not to use too much mayonnaise).
Salt.pepper.dried oregano…and a small cup olive oil.
A useful way to get a thick creamy dressing is to put all ingredients in a tightly closed jar and shake it very well….very easy.


Today I also made orange marmalade. …well I had too much oranges about to be ruined…thought that a jar if marmalade will be a nice gift for family and friends in this cold weather.
This is a very easy recipe I got from tv.
You boil the oranges as is in water…no peeling or cutting…for 10 minutes.
Then you discard the water and add fresh water to cover the oranges and boil for 1 hour.
Discard all water then remove top and bottom of oranges..cut in half to remove seeds then place them with peel in the food processer ..spin but don’t let them be too fine.
Measure oranges in cups..then add 1 cup of sugar to each cup of oranges.
Add a juice of a lemon to the mixture and let it boil on low heat for 1 hour or more…till syrup is thick.
Let it cool then fill it in clean jars.
Note: home made jams and marmalade must be kept in the fridge cause no preservatives are added.






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