Lovely Meatballs In Buns. 


Hello everybody.

Tried this new recipe I’ve seen in So Yummy page.


You simply empty top of buns, sprinkle with garlic, parsely olive oil or butter then some cheese.


Add sautéed meatballs, a bit of marinara sauce then another layer of cheese.



Put all in the oven for 15-20 minutes and that’s it.
Easy, delicious and presentable.




Successful Catering Job. 

wp-image-1916940548jpg.jpg 14717137_10154418572960907_3503634211499989994_n
Hello everybody.

Today I was honored to cater a workshop at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation for a group of Dutch experts.

I can proudly say it was a job well done, everything was perfect and work went on smoothly.

wp-1476302911190.jpg  wp-image-1939558875jpg.jpg 

I did assorted cookies and snacks for the coffee break then followed by burgers, shawerma and falafel for lunch.  

wp-image-1939558875jpg.jpg wp-1476302948043.jpg

Along with zatar and cheese puffs all with veggies and olives.

14721688_10154418182055907_2783604325517805160_n wp-image-1158416883jpg.jpg

Grand finale was a beautiful lemony cake topped with berries and ganache.

14721558_10154418572785907_697109864734813972_n 14717137_10154418572960907_3503634211499989994_n


Last Days Of Ramadan.

Hello everybody.

I have to admit, I’m super lazy in my posts this Ramadan but I do post daily on banancooking page everyday.

Last days are usually less active iftar time cause everybody starts preparing for Eid. Date rolls orders already in process plus I’m making the super yummy pistachio rose water cookies and rock cookies with nuts and spices.

Today’s iftar was a kind of breakfast than dinner, cheese platter and kishek.




Last samboosek in Ramadan.



Not a Ramadan related thing but it was a super cake, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake.



Mini qatayef with cream and Nutella.



Another eggplant salad.



Burgers and fries.


Small Lovely Gathering.



Hello everybody.

Made some lovely finger food for a small gathering at a friend’s house.

Loved the idea of the menu, small shawerma, mini burgers, mini kibbeh and a cheese platter.

wp-1456858597959.jpg wp-1456858592776.jpg

Dessert was chocolate mousse and cookies but I didn’t get the chance to take photos, sorry!






McDonald’s Style Burger.


Hello everybody .

Lunch today was burgers, one of the dishes that nobody objects.

My son saw a video of how to do Mcdonald’s sauce, guess it’s the thing that give its burger a unique taste.

Sauce ingredients and method:

*half cup mayonnaise.

* 2 tsp mustard.

*1 tsp sugar.

*2 tsp ketchup

*1 tsp finely chopped onion.

*4 tsp sweet relish or pickles( مخلل خيار )

*1/2 tsp salt.


Assemble your burger as you prefer with tomatoes,lettuce and cheese with the sauce it’s really good.


Typical Friday Lunch.


Hello everybody.

Big fully loaded burgers are our typical Friday lunch whenever we’re all home.

Today with eggs, cheese and all toppings,tried these tiny breaded fried potato balls also, nice looking for a change.

A must with these burgers Mirinda,cold with lots of ice.

wpid-wp-1441978084997.jpg wpid-wp-1441978093348.jpg





Burgers and Freekeh Soup.

Hello everybody.

Upon request today’s dinner was burgers with fried wedges, did mushroom onions topping and some  sunnyside up eggs also.

Soup was fine freekeh, good in this cold weather, when will Summer come!!!



wpid-wp-1435254050570.jpeg veggies and fries.

wpid-wp-1435254034620.jpeg burgers,sunnyside ups.

wpid-wp-1435254061037.jpeg freekeh soup.



Avocado Cheese Burgers.

Hello everybody.

First day of external exams today, a special comfort meal is needed,nothing beats a good burger and fries don’t you think?

Tried my new Lodge cast iron grill,though I did as directed meaning I sprayed it with special oil ( Canola Oil Spray) then heated it well in the oven, all this so as it won’t stick but burgers got stuck a bit. Guess it needs more time or more oil.

Burger topping was mashed avocado with spring onions and garlic, really yummy and rich. I just love avocados.



wpid-20150504_151750.jpg grilled burgers.




Burger in a Bun and Ka3ek.






Hello everybody.

Made this awesome dough today,recipe was posted last week on my page done on Roya TV during cooking segment.

Most important thing is to use exact ingredients to get the required Ka3ek taste,we usually buy this kind of bread from bakeries specially the one located downtown called Nasser El-Deen,well these today tasted almost the same and I’ll certainly do them again.

I filled half the dough with half cooked burgers,cheese, tomatoes and ketchup. Ready to be eaten right away, kids just love these.

Dough ingredients :
* 6 and extra half cups flour.
* 2 tablespoons oil.
* 1 tablespoon instant yeast.
* 2 tablespoons sugar.
* 2 1/2 cups lukewarm water.
* 2 teaspoons salt.
* 1/2 cup milk.
* some sesame seeds.
* some semolina to sprinkle under the Ka3ek.

* Mix water,yeast and sugar and leave ten minutes till bubbles are formed.
* Mix flour,salt and oil then add yeast and water and knead well.
* leave in a warm place till it rises ( 1-2 hours)
* knead again then form it to loaf shape or place a metal ring inside to make a circle in the middle.
* Brush with milk and sprinkle sesame seeds in top.
* leave to rise again then bake in a well heated oven for 15 minutes.

As for the buns just spread it add burgers, tomatoes, cheese and ketchup then close all and bake.




wpid-wp-1423508034285.jpeg wpid-wp-1423508045045.jpeg

wpid-wp-1423508040546.jpeg  burgers before closure of the bun.


wpid-wp-1423507957628.jpeg  wpid-wp-1423507914343.jpeg

Chicago Style Burgers with Beef Bacon.

Hello everybody.

Nice sunny day after a gloomy rainy week,feels great to have your coffee outdoor with some delicious biscottis.

Lunch was fresh Chicago style burgers from Miles stores with crispy beef bacon and sauteed mushrooms onions mix.These burgers are really tasty and well spiced specially with the crispy beef bacon.

Of course French fries and mixed veggies are a must with burgers  :)

Enjoy your weekend.


DSC_0884  morning coffee in the sun.

DSC_0888  DSC_0891




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