Tomato Gouda Soup.


Hello everybody.

Cold rainy day,the kind that says a soup is extremely a must.

We had a late breakfast so a light lunch was efficient, though my hubby made Shakshouka but I only ate soup,heartwarming and tasty in this weather.

wpid-wp-1452271621909.jpg wpid-wp-1452271628559.jpg

Found this recipe on Pinterest, simple tomato soup with cream and some basil but with a twist, you use a bun as a bowl, remove pulb then add a slice of Gouda cheese, roast a bit in the oven then add your soup.




Seperable Garlic Bread and Steak Sandwiches.

Hello everybody.

Recycling yesterday’s steaks today, I shredded the leftovers and sauteed them with onions and green peppers  added some spices and a bit of water.

I baked the sandwiches bread at home, bakery style braided with sesame seeds on top.

kept some of the dough and formed them to balls then coated each one with a mixture of butter, oil,parmesan, oregano then put them all in a loaf pan and left them to rise well before baking, they’ll be like a salty monkey bread, really yummy.

Ingredients and method for bread ( as seen on Roya TV done by Domain Hijjawi for burgers)

* 3 cups flour.
* 50 gr butter or two big spoons.
* 1 tsp salt.
* 1 egg

* Mix all these well then add :
* 1 cup warm milk.
* 1 big spoon instant yeast.
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* all mixed till frothy then added to flour.

* knead all together very well then leave in a warm place till it rises.
* form to any shape you like, buns,braids or big loaf.

wpid-wp-1424624970996.jpeg  steak sandwiches with fries.

wpid-wp-1424625000039.jpeg wpid-wp-1424624992064.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625018857.jpeg  wpid-wp-1424625028148.jpeg breads before baking.

wpid-wp-1424625046361.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625060785.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625073480.jpeg shredded steaks.

wpid-wp-1424624978087.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625008859.jpeg













Eggs in a Bun.

Hello everybody.

In no mood to cook today,my son suggested to do this eggs in the bun thing he saw once on Instagram so we did, tasted good but more a breakfast than a lunch option but a good choice with the remaining chicken pie from yesterday.You simply remove the inside of the bun,stuff it with cheese,turkey or salami and add the eggs then cover with foil paper and put it in the oven till eggs are done.

I also made some orange marmalade cause I have lots of citrus fruits from Ghor sent to us from our dear aunt, love this kind of jam, my favorite actually.

I also made some jam biscuits,needed the jar to be honest,they’ll be a good treat for tomorrow’s hunting trip.

Well full long day , hoping for a relaxing weekend !!



DSC_0689  DSC_0690

DSC_0693  DSC_0702

DSC_0684  DSC_0695  orange marmalade.

DSC_0708  biscuits and evening coffee :)



Crunchy Courgettes.

Hello everybody.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest last week,got some courgettes the to try it. turned out really good,healthy light appetizer can be an alternative to fried or heavy simply cut them,dip them in egg white then coat with breadcrumbs and bake till crunchy,you can add pepper,chili,oregano and salt of course to the crumbs as seasoning.

Well lunch was okra in the oven,couldn’t resist not buying those lovely small green okra yesterday,always be sure that fresh vegetables when in season make the best dishes :)

When I was done cooking my husband called to tell me his friends are coming at night,so I baked a simple orange cake with syrup on top and small buns ( pizza dough recipe) with some oregano and dry basil, then filled them with different kinds of cheese and labaneh.


20140914_145249 20140914_150449

20140914_102342  20140914_163018

20140914_185151   orange cake with syrup.

20140914_155921  20140914_164117

20140914_154144  20140914_154437

My hubby got me these cloths from Safeway,one for the roller and one to roll dough on,very useful , I liked them a lot <3

20140914_183744  20140914_185245




Burgers in a Bun and Nachos.

Hello everybody.

Middle of Ramadan now,hope you’re all doing well so far!

I went through my blog recipes last night,it’s been almost 6 months,209 posts, wow!

Anyway I remembered this recipe,burger in a bun and decided to make it today,plus a big plate of nachos, yummy yummy.

With the extra dough i made a big sesame loaf like the ones you buy from bakeries,wasn’t puffed like them,but tasted really fresh.

Enjoy the game tonight,Go Germany <3



20140713_192759  20140713_193112



Tuna Sandwiches and Cheese Buns.

Hello again.

We’ve been eating too much meat, chicken, fatty food this week. So today I’m keeping it simple.

I made tuna sandwiches,  only added lettuce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, salt and pepper to a can of tuna, with some pickles in the sandwich and that’s it.

Early morning though I was rearranging the fridge, found lots of already cut  cheeses from breakfast,  thought to make cheese buns with them. So I kneaded a dough, exactly like  pizza , then arranged cheese slices with tomato slices and thyme. Form them into buns and baked them. Perfect for school lunches or snacks for kids.
Well, I had some dough left so I cut some fresh oregano from the garden, chopped a tomato on them, added dry oregano and sesame and made more buns.

Ended with a light delicious lunch…important point is that hubby and kids loved it ♡♥♡♥











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