Cheesy Seperable Loaf.

Hello everybody.

On the occasion of my son’s birthday yesterday I did his favorite dish of all, stuffed courgettes with tomato sauce, still love it since he was a one year old till now, many happy returns my young man.

Another thing he always asks for is something easy to eat for breakfast, so today I tried this way, you make a simple dough  ( 3 cups flour,1 tsp yeast,1 tsp sugar ,1 tsp salt,1/2 cup oil and warm water to make a firm dough) shape it as a big rectangle then spread any kind of cheese, herbs you like( you may add garlic,parsley,fresh oregano ). Cut it all to even squares then stack them all on top of each other then flip them on the side in a greased loaf pan.

Leave to rise well then bake in a medium heated oven for 30–40 minutes.

Really easy nice way to serve a breakfast or appetizer.



wpid-wp-1440341688501.jpg lovely loaf.

wpid-wp-1440341706765.jpg wpid-wp-1440341718526.jpg

wpid-wp-1440341735709.jpg  all squares stacked on top of each other.

wpid-wp-1440341756476.jpg flip them into the pan and bake.

wpid-wp-1440341801875.jpg wpid-wp-1440341677230.jpg








Homemade Vimto.

Hello everybody.

After a beautiful elegant breakfast at my friend’s balcony, thank you dear Amal for the lovely time.

wpid-wp-1433170371864.jpeg basil cheese tomato salad.

wpid-wp-1433170384471.jpeg wpid-wp-1433170402629.jpeg

wpid-wp-1433170424294.jpeg wpid-wp-1433170437772.jpeg yummy yummy.

wpid-wp-1433171031239.jpeg cup of a coffee is a finale must !






Went back home in a hurry, made some burgers, my son in order to give it a twist topped it with a sunny side up egg, full satisfying sandwich.

Found some old berries and strawberries so I did them same way as raseberry lemonade and result was a really fresh tasty Vimto imitation drink, I know many people consider Vimto a must in Ramadan well this juice is much healthier of course.


wpid-wp-1433171012181.jpeg wpid-wp-1433171005758.jpeg syrup and mashed fruits.

wpid-wp-1433170984872.jpeg today’s lunch.






Beautiful Morning.

Hello everybody.

Beautiful morning after two hot dusty weather.

Woke up too early don’t know why, so by ten I was both bored and hungry so I decided to make a big breakfast or brunch actually.

Made mashed fava beans,sunny side ups, fried cheese plus labaneh and cheese.

I also tried the deep pan pizza but with olive oil and za’tar,not bad but not as tasty as a real manousheh.


wpid-dsc_0615.jpg wpid-dsc_0618.jpg

wpid-dsc_0617.jpg deep pan manousheh.



wpid-dsc_0621.jpg eggs and cheese are a great combination.







Enjoy your weekend lovely people.

Lemon Velvet Cake.

Hello everybody.

ً Went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday this morning to the Boulevard-Abdali ,first time for me to go and I was really impressed, beautiful place and scenery, didn’t expect it to be like this.

Birthday cake was a new recipe “Lemon Velvet Cake ” very similar to the red velvet but with lemons, really delicious and fresh,will definitely be on my favorite list.

Ingredients and method :

# 3 eggs.
# 11/2 cups suger.
# 1/3 cup margarine or butter.
# 2/3 cup vegetable oil.
# zest and juice of one big lemon.
# 1 tsp lemon essence (optional)
# 1/2 cup yogurt.
# 1/2 cup milk.
# 1 tsp vanilla.
#3 tsp baking powder.
# 3 cups flour.

Frosting :
# 3/4 cup butter.
# 2 cups icing sugar.
# some lemon zest.
# juice of half a lemon.
# some milk.
Note: I think next time I’ll make cream cheese frosting with lemons it’ll be better, this one is good but too rich in butter.

#Beat oil, butter and sugar till creamy then add eggs, yogurt, milk, vanilla.
#add lemon zest and juice.
# add baking powder and flour.

# pour batter in two small round oven pans.
# bake in a moderate heated oven for 35-40 minutes or till dry from inside.
# leave to cool then assemble two cakes with frosting in between and all over.
# decorate with lemon zest or roasted coconut.

Happened that I have two chocolate decorations one for a girl graduate and the other a boy which were so convenient cause my friend has both occasions for her children aside from her birthday.

Congratulations lovely Fufu and many happy returns.

wpid-20150521_101043.jpg Lemon Velvet !


wpid-dsc_0453.jpg wpid-dsc_0454.jpg

wpid-wp-1432211715955.jpeg breakfast at Za’tar w Zeit yummy specially the roasted cheese.

wpid-dsc_0481.jpg Boulevard walk.

wpid-dsc_0482.jpg wpid-dsc_0483.jpg

wpid-dsc_0488.jpg Summer decorations.












Cranberry Orange Muffins.

Hello everybody.

Babysitting my adorable nephew today, thank God I have leftovers for lunch cause he’s such a polite cute bundle but I got busy with him,well it’s been such a longtime since I took care of a baby. God bless them all.

In my free time while he napped, I made these muffins, new recipe I found so as to use the last box of berries, very easy and tasty.

Ingredients and method :
# 2 eggs.
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1/2 cup brown sugar.
# 1/2 cup vegetable oil.
# zest of an orange or as I did today 1 tablespoon marmalade.
# 1/2 cup sour cream or yogurt.
#1 tsp vanilla.
# 1 tsp baking powder.
# 1 tsp cinnamon.
# 2 cups flour.
# 3/4 cup flour dusted cranberries.

For the topping :
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1/2 cup flour.
# 1/4 cup butter.
# 1/4 tsp cinnamon.

# beat eggs, sugar, oil and zest till creamy.
# add yogurt, cinnamon, vanilla.
# add flour and baking powder.
# dust cranberries with flour then fold into batter slowly.

# pour till half in muffin paper.
# make topping like crumbles with your hands then sprinkle on top.
# bake in a medium heated oven till golden ( 20-30 minutes) .

wpid-20150511_160347.jpg extremely yummy.


wpid-20150511_121024.jpg wpid-20150511_121348.jpg

wpid-20150511_160239.jpg wpid-20150511_160108.jpg

wpid-20150511_160239.jpg  lovely bunch.






Galaxy Ganache Chocolate Cake.

Hello everybody.

Summer is here at last,isn’t it enjoyable?  I just love it.

Went out with my lovely friends to celebrate two birthdays at Dahab restaurant and cafe in Abdoun, very nice place,delicious food and atmosphere.

Cake was plain chocolate with Galaxy Ganache, you simply melt galaxy bars on a water bath then add cream and mix well, all was yummy we had great time as always.


wpid-20150429_094836.jpg isn’t it elegant?


wpid-20150429_121006.jpg hummus and za’tar manousheh.

wpid-20150429_121029.jpg yummy meat pizza,though I usually don’t like to eat meat in the morning but this is really good.

wpid-20150429_121123.jpg Foul and veggies.

wpid-20150429_120946.jpg Greek Salad and cheese pastry.

wpid-20150429_121935.jpg highly recommended place.

wpid-20150429_094808.jpg Happy birthday lovely ladies.












Upside Down Toffee Date Cake.

Hello everybody.
Another cozy warm breakfast at my cousin’s this morning,  simple elegant table full of yummy food.

Dessert was a new cake, upside-down toffee it caramel date cake, easy and yummy. Resembles a lot the upside down pineapple one but with dates instead and my favorite jello with apples and reminder of our lovely childhood.

Ingredients and method:
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1 stick butter (100 g)
# pitted dates ( 2 cups)
# cinnamon and cardamom
Cake batter:
# 3 eggs
# 1 cup sugar.
# 1 cup oil.
# 2 tablespoons yogurt or milk
# 1 1/2 cups flour.
# 1 tsp vanilla.
# 2 tsp baking powder.

# heat sugar in baking pan till it caramelizes then add butter and mix.
# arrange dates and sprinkle the cinnamon and cardamom.

# beat cake batter ingredients alternatively then add over dates.
# bake in a medium heated oven for 30-35 minutes or till done in the middle.

# leave to cool down then flip over and serve.



wpid-wp-1428590451803.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590460269.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590490295.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590496518.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590506593.jpeg wpid-wp-1428590528086.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428590481336.jpeg  lovely table.










Kinder Bueno All Chocolate Cake.

Hello everybody.

My baby turned 18 today, though to me he’s still that blond skinny baby who never sat still for a moment,can’t imagine he’s a fine young man now.

Had a bunch of his friends for breakfast today, big variety of goodies : eggs in buns, manousheh, cheese, labaneh, hummus, falafel… etc.

Highlight of the event was a big fully packed with chocolate cake done upon his request, main filling was cream with crushed Kinder Bueno bars and topping was a mix of Oreo,Maltesers, Flakes and Wafers.

I also made mini pancakes with Nutella,bananas and strawberries in skewers.

Lunch is in process now, only some fries to go with left.

hummus and some leftovers.



wpid-wp-1427032212765.jpeg cake filling.

wpid-wp-1427032303579.jpeg wpid-wp-1427032327382.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427032312078.jpeg eggs in small buns.

wpid-wp-1427032333199.jpeg mini skewered pancakes with bananas, strawberries and Nutella.

wpid-wp-1427032294524.jpeg Happy Birthday Zozo,love you :)





Sunny Sides in a Log!

Hello everybody.

Forgot to tell you that O made spinach with minced meat and kofta yesterday,had some left for today but won’t be enough so I decided to make this appetizer or mostly breakfast kind of dish but nevertheless my boys love to eat eggs anytime no problem.

I would like to thank my cousin Rania for posting this idea to me,really easy and very  presentable way to serve eggs ,love it.

You simply make holes in a French loaf ,drizzle it with olive oil,crack your eggs add salt,pepper and some parsley, I added oregano and cheese also then bake it till eggs are done, amazingly easy.



wpid-wp-1425397312773.jpeg wpid-wp-1425397322004.jpeg

wpid-wp-1425397348348.jpeg yummy gooey from inside.



Swedish Meatballs.

Hello everybody.

After searching many food apps and sites for a dish containing mined meat, something new and easy . Thank God for Pinterest by the way,a big source for ideas and new ideas.

Decided to do this recipe at the end Swedish meatballs or as many say IKEA dish, actually it is very tasty, heart warming and satisfying dish, sorry IKEA but homemade ones are much tastier than yours.

This morning I went out with my friends to  very nice place called “Funjan” to celebrate our beloved Reem’s birthday,I made a beautiful Red Velvet cake and food as yummy yummy.

20150218_123340 nice place ,recommended !

20150218_102304  Red Velvet cake.

PhotoGrid_1424275702351  nice breakfast selection.


Ingredients and method:

For meat balls:

* 1/2  kg minced beef.

* 1 egg.

* 1/2 cup bread crumbs.

* salt,pepper,nutmeg,all spice.

* grated small onion.

* 1 big tablespoon butter.

For the sauce:

* 1/3 cup flour.

* 4 cups chicken broth or 1 cube Maggi cubes dissolved  in 4 cups water.

* 1/2 cup heavy cream.

* salt,pepper,all spice to taste.

* some chopped parsley for garnish.


* Mix beef with all ingredients and form it into balls.

* heat butter and saute balls till done and golden.

* remove balls and add flour to remaining butter and mix well.

* gradually add broth and whisk quickly to get a smooth silky sauce.

* leave to simmer and thicken for 10 minutes.

* add the cream and seasoning then return balls in sauce and simmer for 15 minutes.


Serve with rice or mashed potatoes, a special kind of jam is usually served with it but I didn’t have time to look for it,guess it’s available in IKEA  called lingonberry jam.


DSC_0796 DSC_0798

DSC_0801 DSC_0802

DSC_0805 DSC_0811

DSC_0843  final outcome .


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