Stuffed Turkey.


Hello everybody.

Today we had a big festive lunch, stuffed turkey with all accompanying dishes.

Recipe from my sister which turned out very good, turkey was very moist and well done, I soaked it  yesterday in brine containing salt,pepper corns, cinnamon stick, cardamom, rosemary and vinegar.

This morning I dried it very well then stuffed it with sauteed onions and bread ( whole loaf of toast without crust edges)  then I added lots of butter between skin and flesh with spices and salt.

wpid-wp-1449255721421.jpg spices,butter and bread stuffing.
Wrap the turkey very well with foil paper and bake for 4 hours, begin with very high heat for the first half hour then lower it to medium or a bit less for remaining time. Remove foil last half hour so that it’ll be roasted and golden.

wpid-wp-1449255689811.jpg golden and done.

Along with it, I made potato gratin, rice with spices and meat on top, veggies, corn salad, butter sautéed red cabbage with cloves and rocca apple cranberry salad.

wpid-wp-1449255736122.jpg potato gratin.

wpid-wp-1449255749464.jpg sauteed red cabbage.

wpid-wp-1449255773059.jpg rocca apple cranberry salad.

wpid-wp-1449255704911.jpg wpid-wp-1449255799164.jpg

A big success thank God.









Stuffed Mushroom and Courgette Flowers.

Hello everybody.

Too hot to cook today and nobody gave me any answers about what they want so I did what I found.

End result was some okra in olive oil with garlic, onions and tomato and no meat, vegetarian style. Then I decided to do some stuffed mushrooms with garlic, coriander, cheese, breadcrumbs salt pepper and chili, and since I have some courgette flowers that I intended to fry I stuffed them same as mushrooms and all together in the oven.

Result was super, all gone in minutes


wpid-wp-1432649543680.jpeg light nice lunch.

wpid-wp-1432649553383.jpeg okra with garlic onions and tomatoes.

wpid-wp-1432649576682.jpeg stuffed mushrooms and courgette flowers.

wpid-wp-1432649606703.jpeg wpid-wp-1432649618725.jpeg stuffing.

wpid-wp-1432649585477.jpeg great appetizer dish.









Veal Escalope and Potatoe Skins.

Hello everybody.
Though I still have some cauliflower from yesterday but nobody accepted the idea to eat from it again,so rather than making something small with it I decided to keep it in the freezer and make something new.

After searching in  my Beef cookbook for something different to do I made this recipe, though I have previous failures in cooking veal this way but I liked this one and result was great, veal was tender inside and crispy from outside.

On the other hand I baked potatoes instead of making fries so as to try to minimize the damage, when done I sliced them lengthwise, removed pulp and mixed it with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, herbs and chili powder, filled potato skin again and roasted them.

Ingredients and method of veal:
* lean pieces of veal.
* one small grated onion, salt, pepper, mixed herbs and paprika.

Egg batter:

* 1/2 cup flour.
* 3 eggs.
* 2 tablespoons milk.

* Coating:

* 2 cups breadcrumbs.
* 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese.
* some herbs and paprika if you like.

* rub spices, onion and herbs all over veal.
* mix flour, milk and eggs very well.
* coat veal with egg batter.
* coat with breadcrumbs Parmesan mixture.
* refrigerate for 1-2 hours then deep fry in very hot oil till golden.

Serve with potatoes and salad, made Ceazar today.




wpid-wp-1423674113470.jpeg  veal,egg batter, breadcrumbs.


wpid-wp-1423674140407.jpeg wpid-wp-1423674155710.jpeg

wpid-wp-1423674167120.jpeg  filled potatoes.

wpid-wp-1423674050601.jpeg pickled olives,chili peppers and carrots.


wpid-wp-1423674179993.jpeg  comfort food for sure.












Fish and Hash-browns !!

Hello everybody.

Weekend almost over :(
  Was on my way back from an errand with my son, stopped by Ocean fish store upon his request, wanted fish and chips for lunch.
  I always try to avoid deep frying so will cook fish in the oven and make hash browns instead of fries. I even removed fish fillets thin ends to make some rice on the side.

Ingredients and method:
* fish fillets.
* potatoes.
* onion.
* basmati rice.
* whole walnuts.
*lemon juice, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic for seasoning.
* flour , beaten egg and breadcrumbs for coating the fish.
* cinnamon, all spice, cardamom, nutmeg for seasoning of rice.

* cut fish to big pieces and leave thin and small ends for the rice.
* season flour then coat fish with it.
* dip in eggs then breadcrumbs.
* line them in a well oiled pan and cook in a medium heated oven for 25-30 minutes.
* grate potatoes ,add salt and pepper then mix well and leave in a sieve till all water is out.
* in a nonstick pan heat some oil then make heaps if potato mix. You can use metalic moulds to make a nice shape.
* flip on both sides till golden.

As for the rice:
* saute flour coated fish in some oil till golden then remove from pan.
* in the same oil saute finely sliced onions till tender.then add rice seasoning.
* add a bit of water to onions and leave to simmer 10 minutes.
* add walnuts and fish fillets.
* wash rice and add on top.
* cover with water till above rice by 1 inch.
* add more spices if you desire so as rice is brownish.
*simmer on low heat till done.
* serve with tahini sauce and toasted pitta bread.

Healthy delicious meal ♡♥
















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