Cheesy Seperable Loaf.

Hello everybody.

On the occasion of my son’s birthday yesterday I did his favorite dish of all, stuffed courgettes with tomato sauce, still love it since he was a one year old till now, many happy returns my young man.

Another thing he always asks for is something easy to eat for breakfast, so today I tried this way, you make a simple dough  ( 3 cups flour,1 tsp yeast,1 tsp sugar ,1 tsp salt,1/2 cup oil and warm water to make a firm dough) shape it as a big rectangle then spread any kind of cheese, herbs you like( you may add garlic,parsley,fresh oregano ). Cut it all to even squares then stack them all on top of each other then flip them on the side in a greased loaf pan.

Leave to rise well then bake in a medium heated oven for 30–40 minutes.

Really easy nice way to serve a breakfast or appetizer.



wpid-wp-1440341688501.jpg lovely loaf.

wpid-wp-1440341706765.jpg wpid-wp-1440341718526.jpg

wpid-wp-1440341735709.jpg  all squares stacked on top of each other.

wpid-wp-1440341756476.jpg flip them into the pan and bake.

wpid-wp-1440341801875.jpg wpid-wp-1440341677230.jpg








Ramadan Kareem.

Hello everybody.

First day of the Holy month of Ramadan, wish  Muslims all around the world a month full of spirituality and forgiveness.

A usual custom in our house first dish will be stuffed vine leaves and courgettes with yogurt cucumber salad, fatoush and mushroom soup. My sister in-law will bring lentil soup and boiled eggs and potatoes.
I also baked a big loaf and sliced it to squares a must for my son every year.

Good thing weather is warm so as we’ll eat outdoors.








Happy Women’s Day.

Hello everybody.
Sorry for the delay but I was out in a big gathering,arrived home just a while ago.

Lunch today was homemade kebabs with yogurt and fried tomatoes. Big hit was freshly on the spot done bread, did it specially today in memorial of my dear loving grandma, God rest her soul cause as I keep saying no bread will ever taste like hers,you could smell and feel love and kindness in every loaf and bite.She’s my woman hero for sure.

Well hope you ladies all celebrated your way and enjoyed our day.









Seperable Garlic Bread and Steak Sandwiches.

Hello everybody.

Recycling yesterday’s steaks today, I shredded the leftovers and sauteed them with onions and green peppers  added some spices and a bit of water.

I baked the sandwiches bread at home, bakery style braided with sesame seeds on top.

kept some of the dough and formed them to balls then coated each one with a mixture of butter, oil,parmesan, oregano then put them all in a loaf pan and left them to rise well before baking, they’ll be like a salty monkey bread, really yummy.

Ingredients and method for bread ( as seen on Roya TV done by Domain Hijjawi for burgers)

* 3 cups flour.
* 50 gr butter or two big spoons.
* 1 tsp salt.
* 1 egg

* Mix all these well then add :
* 1 cup warm milk.
* 1 big spoon instant yeast.
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* all mixed till frothy then added to flour.

* knead all together very well then leave in a warm place till it rises.
* form to any shape you like, buns,braids or big loaf.

wpid-wp-1424624970996.jpeg  steak sandwiches with fries.

wpid-wp-1424625000039.jpeg wpid-wp-1424624992064.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625018857.jpeg  wpid-wp-1424625028148.jpeg breads before baking.

wpid-wp-1424625046361.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625060785.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625073480.jpeg shredded steaks.

wpid-wp-1424624978087.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625008859.jpeg













Fava Beans and Eggs ( Iraqi Dish,باقلاء بالدهن)

Hello everybody.

Special brunch today at my sister in-law’s house,her hubby made us a famous Iraqi dish which is usually done for breakfast but we had it as lunch this time.

Main ingredients are cooked fava beans and scrambled eggs , it’s a sort of fatteh type of dish  cause bread is soaked a bit in boiled water of cooked beans is the base , then you add over it a good amount of beans,lemon juice, very hot oil ( usually the oil used in frying the eggs), butnuj ( which is a dried wild mint) then chopped tomatoes and onions.

Last thing you add fried eggs,scrambled and sunny side ups and dig in. Very fulfilling meal,you won’t feel hungry till next day for sure ,my late father in -law ( god bless his soul) used to call it the cement mix meal :)

Anyone who loves new different food should try it,really good.
اليوم الغداء طبق عراقي “باقلاء بالدهن ” الباقلاء يعنى بها الفول ويكون بالعادة فول ناشف منقوع ومسلوق ويمكن استعمال العلب للسهوله.
الطريقه تشبه مبدأ الفتات المعتادة حيث يشرب الخبز بماء سلق الفول ثم يضاف الفول، الليمون والبطنج (نعنع بري ناشف) ويسقى بالزيت الحار أو السمن حسب الرغبه.تضاف بندوره مفرومه ناعم وبصل مفروم، آخر طبقه عباره عن بيض مخفوق مقلي أو بيض عيون.
وجبه دسمه نوعا ما لمحبي الفطور مع إننا اعتبرناها غداء اليوم.



20150116_143304 20150116_151333 dessert was Kollaj.


DSC_0369 Butnuj ( wild mint)



Summer Farewell Breakfast.

Hello everybody.
This morning all family ladies gathered at my uncle’s garden for breakfast, a kind of farewell to Summer days cause as usual here in Jordan we suddenly go into Winter, no in betweens !
As agreed from last week it was a sharing party, though my aunt almost prepared most of the food from her household pantry, cheese, labaneh, olives and delicious newly ripened stuffed eggplants (مقدوس )…etc.
The star of the table was fresh home baked bread done by my dear cousin, unbelievably tasty, wiped out instantly.

At the meantime I’m preparing dinner for our dear friends, made some lovely appetizers and salad, will post them later.

Inshallah we always gather each year in all seasons and times in good health and happiness, love you aunties and cousins and sorry expats, I know you all wished to be with us.♡








Burgers in a Bun and Nachos.

Hello everybody.

Middle of Ramadan now,hope you’re all doing well so far!

I went through my blog recipes last night,it’s been almost 6 months,209 posts, wow!

Anyway I remembered this recipe,burger in a bun and decided to make it today,plus a big plate of nachos, yummy yummy.

With the extra dough i made a big sesame loaf like the ones you buy from bakeries,wasn’t puffed like them,but tasted really fresh.

Enjoy the game tonight,Go Germany <3



20140713_192759  20140713_193112



Msakhan ( مسخن)

Hello everybody.

Today’s lunch is a very traditional dish,Mediterranean and specifically Palestinian to be exact, it’s very common in big lunch or dinner invitations, usually done in olive harvest and oil production season,when it’s still fresh.

To be honest I’m not an expert in doing it, not a dish that I do often, my late grandma used to do it a lot,my mom now also,so I usually go to Mom’s eat it !! but today I did it upon my youngest son request,so msakhan it is.

Ingredients and media:

* whole chicken.

* 4-5 big onions.

* summaq.

* special taboun bread (خبز طابون)

* olive oil.

* spices used in chicken cooking like cinnamon sticks,cardamom,pepper corns,bay leaf and salt and pepper definitely.


* clean and rub chicken with lemon,salt and cinnamon then cook it with all spices and boiled water till tender.

* chop onions finely then cook them in a generous amount of olive oil ( actually I do use vegetable oil with the olive to lighten it a bit,this is optional of course).

* when onions are done add summaq and a bit of chicken broth and leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes.

* before serving,cut bread to halves or quarters then dip the ends in onion mix and arrange on a wide oven tray next to each other.

* add onions on each peace of bread,try not to add too much oil with it.

*sprinkle with toasted pine nuts.

* add another layer of bread then spread chicken pieces on top, I dip each peace with remaining oil onion mix.

* sprinle all with summaq and some of the chicken broth then bake for 20-30 minutes and roast chicken at the end.

*always serve it with rich fresh yogurt !

I know many people may do it in a different way or better way let’s say,but it was very tasty and everybody loved it :)



20140521_160457   20140521_161541

20140521_164753   20140521_16380520140521_165130   20140521_165943



Homemade Shawerma .

Hello everybody.

I know many people specially youngsters prefer to eat Shawerma from local specialized restaurants. In my case I don’t like buying it at all ( had many bad health incidents whenever  I do !!) . It’s not a difficult dish to do at home,you even  eat with comfort cause you’re sure of meat quality and hygiene  as well.

I started Spring clean up today,so to be quick, called the butcher and ordered fresh lean steaks . picked them noon with some fresh thin bread and started cooking.

Ingredients and method:

* shredded beef marinated in soy sauce,balsamic vinegar,lemon juice,salt,pepper,all spice,cinnamon,cloves and pinch of nutmeg .

* 2 big thinly sliced onions.

* Summaq.

* sliced tomatoes,pickles and tahini sauce for adding in sandwich.

* thin bread ( خبز شراك).


* Heat pan till very hot then add meat ,stir till all excess water is gone and meat starts sizzling.

* mix onions with summaq then add over meat.

* lower the heat to minimum and cover till onions are tender. ( you might add a bit of water so as meat won’t dry).

* upon serving fill bread ,roll it and press it in grill till crispy.

* serve with french fries,tomatoes,pickles,tahini,mayonnaise as each one prefers.


Bet you it’s  best than any Shawerma sandwich you buy !!!

Enjoy my friends.








Chicken Fatteh (فته دجاج )

Hello everybody.
Kids been telling me since last week to make fatteh for lunch. I waited for a day when I’m sure everybody is home at lunchtime cause it cannot be heated and must be eaten directly or else bread inside will be soft.
This dish is mostly served as an appetizer in restaurants or big lunches but I usually make it as a main dish,it’s rich, fulfilling and kids love it so fair air enough, no need for more .
Ingredients and method:

* 1 chicken, whole or only breasts as you wish. cooked till done with usual spices (salt, pepper, cinnamon, all spice, bay leaf, cloves, onion).
* fried bread cubes.
* rice cooked in chicken broth and spices.
* tahini sauce (tahini, yoghurt, lemon juice, salt).
* finely chopped parsley and roasted pine nuts for decorating.
* boil chicken in water and spices till done. Keep the broth.
* cook the rice as usual but use a bit of broth when making it and add spices  to make it more flavored like all spice, cinnamon, cardamom according to taste.
* Assemble the fatteh by layering bread, rice, chicken pieces, sprinkle hot sieved broth so that bread is a bit tender. Then add tahini sauce.
* Garnish with parsley and pine nuts.
* You can add crushed garlic to tahini sauce if you like.











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