Dry Fruits Cookies.

Hello everybody.

Was privileged by a visit from my dear uncles this morning,e had coffee and Coconut Jam cake, a favorite of my best uncle Ziad, I was really happy he ate from it cause I know how much he loves coconut.


Started cooking lunch after they left which was upon kids request ” Shakshouka” and some baked beets. Did them a different way than usual, wrapped in foil then baked till tender , yummy and easy.

DSC_0363 20150129_135120

DSC_0367 baked beets,you can mash one to use as food coloring !


My son invited some of his friends over so I baked some mixed dried fruits cookies and prepared a chocolate chip giant skillet cookie to bake when they arrive. I actually prepared a basic batter then divided it to two portions one with fruits and one with chocolate.

Basic cookie dough is:

*1 egg.

* 3/4 cup butter.

* 1/2 to 3/4 cup brown sugar.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

*1/2 tsp bicarbonate.

* 1 tsp baking powder.

* 1/2 cup oats ( optional)

* 1 1/2 cups flour.

* pinch of salt.

* beat butter and sugar till creamy then add egg and rest of ingredients then you can add any kind of nuts,dried fruits,dark or white chocolate or marshmallows.

* spoon a walnut size amount of dough and place in a big oven pan.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-13 min max.

* I decorated today’s cookies with some melted chocolate.

DSC_0371 dried apricots,cranberries and raisins.

DSC_0375  DSC_0380

DSC_0384 drizzled some chocolate on top when cooled.

20150129_171429 20150129_171448

Dry White Beans.

Hello everybody.

Guess many people cooked beans in this storm, actually it’s heart warming in this cold weather,specially with some pickles,peppers and olives.

Had a small chance to go grocery shopping today,first time out since last week,roads still slippery and full of snow, hope tomorrow will be better !



20150111_162704  pickles,olives and beets.

20150111_163018  beans and rice.


How to make Pickles.

Hello everybody.

Today I cooked a repeated dish ,eggplant with rice (maqloubeh),I think made it with cauliflower,it’s the same but with eggplants instead.

Last week I bought these lovely mini cucumbers,great for making pickles,many housewives now starts to make them for Ramadan,they’re very tasty though people with high blood pressure must avoid them,but I usaully make them not too salty. I might even need to make another batch cause I’m sure they’ll be gone soon as Ramadan comes.

Ingredients and method:

* cucumbers (or any other vegetables you like e.g. cauliflower,beets,green tomatoes,small eggplants…etc)

* water.



* vinegar.


* chili powder or flakes.

* In an clean empty juice or water bottle or glass jar insert cucumbers.

* make a salt water mixture, 1 big tablespoons for 1 cup of water,I usually make 4 cups of water for this bottle.

* fill water solution in bottle then add 2 cloves garlic and chili (optional)

* add 1 small spoon vinegar and 1 small spoon sugar.

* close well and shake.

* pickles will need one week to 10 days to be ready, you can leave it stored or open bottle ( be careful cause it’ll be very fizzy) then store it in the fridge.

Enjoy :)









Colorful healthy veggies!!

Winter season has it’s own veggies and fruits,these days one can find all different kinds all year long,but definitely they’re much tastier each in its time.

Today I made an old salad that my late grandfather used to love,actually a must on the table all winter time,very easy and very very healthy made of red reddish,parsley,lemon juice,salt and olive oil.Simply grate radishes after cleaning and removing stems ,chop parsley thenadd 1 big spoon lemon juice and 1 small spoon salt ,mix and serve.


Another winter vegetable is beet root,very nutritious and delicious.Boil them in water till tender,peel and cut to slices,then drizzle olive oil and (if you like) fresh orange juice,great healthy appetizer.

I also  cooked fresh green Fava beans with olive oil. (فول بالزيت ) a traditional Syrian dish as appetizer or main dish specially with some fresh full fat yogurt.
Chop garlic and saute in olive oil till tender,add the beans,salt and pepper and mix.Keep on low heat till beans are done,then add the coriander .Serve  with yogurt and pitta bread….

I always remember my sweet friend Rula when I make it,her favorite,first thing she asks for when she comes to Amman in vacations♡♥.




As for dessert….I made what we call Zainab fingers (اصابع زينب ).or as some people say Tweitat (تويتات )……don’t ask me who called them these names. …have no clue:)

This recipe I got from mom….a bit different from the known one that many people make…I like it cause it’s lighter and baked not fried….so less calories and mess.

You will need:
2 cups plain flour.
2 cups whole wheat flour.
1 cup olive oil.
1 small spoon of instant yeast.
1 small spoon grounded fennel..anise.and cinnamon.
Half a cup of sesame seeds. (..سمسم محمص).
Half a cup of black seeds…I think they’re called sativa (الحبه السوداء.قزحه ).
1/2 cup sugar.
Pinch of salt.

For the syrup:
3 cups granulated sugar.
1 and 1/2 cups water.
1 small spoon lemon juice.
Boil all ,then leave to simmer till syrup is thick (30- 35 minutes).

Mix all ingredients then start adding warm water (almost a cup)  and knead well till you form a ball.
Leave it to rest for half an hour..then form it to small balls…then spread each ball on a grater and roll it to make it as fingers.
Bake in a well heated oven till bottom is brown..then
toast the surface also.
Dip in syrup then remove..leave to cool and serve.






Hope you all enjoy this variety of dishes…have a nice day♡♥.

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