Fresh Pesto with Shrimps.


Hello everybody.

Found an amazingly fresh bunch of basil at grocery store today, couldn’t resist taking most of it and instantly made pesto and cooked in it. So aromatic and nutty, I even added some walnuts with the pine nuts, delicious 😋

wpid-wp-1449930229344.jpg  fresh pesto sauce.

wpid-wp-1449930249876.jpg shrimps pesto pasta with garlic and lemon juice.

wpid-wp-1449930157536.jpg wpid-wp-1449930208171.jpg

After cleaning and arranging my fridge, found an eggplant and a bunch of radishes that must be cooked or eaten before they’re ruined, so eggplant turned to dip and radish a salad with lemon juice and parsley.

wpid-wp-1449930200135.jpg wpid-wp-1449930178912.jpg

Pesto was quickly done with shrimps garlic and pasta with Parmesan cheese on top.


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend 😍











Stuffed Cabbages.


Hello everybody.
It’s cold and rainy today, cooking plan is just perfect for this weather which is stuffed cabbages.
Just remembered that I made a video last winter of how to stuff and cook them,will repost it below.

how to stuff cabbages

how to cook cabbages

You should do it this week since it’ll be raining for few more days.

* minced meat.
* rice.
* ghee and vegetable oil.
* salt, pepper, all spices, dried mint.
* cabbage,  boiled and stems removed.
* garlic as much as you like.
* lemon juice.
*  Wash the rice then add the meat. I usually cook it before a bit.
* add spices, salt, mint.
* stuff the cabbages and line them with garlic in between.
* add lemon juice, a bit of oil and enough water to cover all cabbage.  I have this heavy pottery lid I use as weight or you can put a heavy plate.
* cook for 10 minutes over high heat then lower it and cook it for another hour or till rice inside is done.












Typical Friday Lunch.


Hello everybody.

Big fully loaded burgers are our typical Friday lunch whenever we’re all home.

Today with eggs, cheese and all toppings,tried these tiny breaded fried potato balls also, nice looking for a change.

A must with these burgers Mirinda,cold with lots of ice.

wpid-wp-1441978084997.jpg wpid-wp-1441978093348.jpg





Fried Courgette Flowers.

Hello everybody.

Lunch today was mloukhieh from yesterday, fresh from the farm and so yummy with garlic and lemons.

Alongside with it I made these cute fresh courgette flowers that u couldn’t resist not bring cause they were so intact, a waste to throw them away.

Stuffed with cheddar and Parmesan cheese, garlic and oregano then dipped in an egg,milk, flour batter with a pinch of salt and baking powder.

So crunchy and tasty, I even took some for the guy working at grocery store cause he can’t believe or imagine that these can be cooked.

طريقه وردات الكوسا:

تحشى الوردات بمزيج من الاجبان الصفراء مع ثوم واعشاب.

يحمى زيت القلي جيدا ثم تغمس كل قطعه بمزيج متجانس عباره عن كوب طحين, 2 بيض, , نصف ملعقه ملح ونصف باكينغ باودر ويضاف حليب بالتدريج حتى يصبح القوام سلس .

ثقلى بالزيت الغزير لمده 5 دقائق.


wpid-wp-1441636646080.jpg stuffed and ready for frying.

wpid-wp-1441636677737.jpg wpid-wp-1441636636715.jpg

wpid-wp-1441636739325.jpg  mloukhieh with chicken.







Old Fashioned Date Cookies (نواعم)

Hello everybody.

Usual beginning of the week, cleaning,cooking and organizing.

Lunch today was mloukhieh with chicken though my family are not fans but it’s a good quick solution sometimes.

After all household work was done I thought I’d try a small quantity of these cookies so as to try the new mould my hubby bought from downtown and mainly cause I have this extra pack of dates from last Eid,don’t like to keep old stuff for long periods.

Found this recipe in various pages but I elaborated a bit on it, to be honest I used a bit of pure homemade ghee (سمنه بلدية)  in order to have this old times smell and flavour.

Ingredients and method :
# 2 cups fine semolina.
# 4 cups flour.
# 2 cups butter or ghee ( I used 1/2 ghee, 1 butter and 1/2 vegetable oil)
# 1 tablespoon anise powder.
# 1 teaspoon fennel powder.
# 1 tsp special cookie spice (كلفه كعك)
#1/2 cup sugar.
# 1 tsp instant yeast dissolved in 1 tablespoon sugar and a cup of warm water.
# 2 tablespoons rose water.

# pitted dates mixed with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and anise powders.

# Heat butter then mix with semolina, flour and all spices very well till crumbly.
# leave for 2-3 hours till all butter is well absorbed.
# add frothy yeast and water and mix all well.
# add rose water and knead all together.

# start working right away by stuffing small portions of dough with dates and shape them in the moulds.
# bake in a well heated oven at first then reduce heat to medium till golden.

Serve with tea or coffee.

وصفه النواعم :
2 كوب سميد ناعم
4 كوب طحين
2 كوب زبده او سمنه( اليوم استعملت كوب زبده، نصف كوب سمنة بلدية ونصف كوب زيت نباتي)
ملعقة كبيرة يانسون
ملعقة صغيرة شومر
ملعقة صغيرة كلفه كعك
نصف كوب سكر
ملعقة صغيرة خميره مذوبه مع كوب ماء فاتر ومعلقه سكر
ملعقة كبيرة ماء زهر.
تمر مطحون ومعجون مع قرفه، هيل،كبش قرنفل ويانسون

اضيفي الزبدة الذائبه وهي ساخنه الى السميد والطحين والبهارات واخلطي جيدا.
يترك المزيج ليتشرب الزبد لمده 2-3 ساعات.
تضاف الخميره والماء وماء الزهر ويعجن المزيج جيدا
تحشى كرات من العجين بالتمر وتوضع في القالب وتصف بالصواني
تشوى النواعم في فرن حامي جدا من قبل ومن ثم متوسط عند الشوي

صحتين وعافيه


wpid-wp-1441550941692.jpg old fashioned cookies.

wpid-wp-1441550970938.jpg ready to go.

wpid-wp-1441550962642.jpg wpid-wp-1441550985865.jpg

wpid-wp-1441551002396.jpg wpid-wp-1441550994623.jpg








Bread in a Pan.

Hello everybody.

Have some dear friends coming over this evening and upon their request I did some light dishes cause they’re on diet and frankly so do I at least trying to cut down meals and sweets,a decision I try to comply to every September.

So I did a cheese platter, Caprese salad with some watermelon,labaneh with walnuts and some veggies.

A healthy bread loaf to go to with all this was in my mind since morning so after some research I found this healthy easy one that you bake in a deep pan.

Ingredients and method :
# 5 cups whole-wheat flour or a mix of two kinds.
# 1 tablespoon yeast.
# 1 tablespoon sugar.
# 2-3 cups warm water.

* Mix 2 cups of the flour with all the ingredients and cover till it’s bubbly.

Then add the remaining flour with
# sun-dried tomatoes.
# fresh oregano.
# pitted olives.
# any kinds of seeds you like.

Mix all very well with a wooden spoon and cover till it doubles in size.

# heat the oven with a deep metal pan in it till both are very hot.
# sprinkle some flour or semolina in the pan and add dough quickly.
# bake covered for 40 minutes then uncovered for 15 to get a crunchy crust.

Leave to cool then cut to slices.



wpid-wp-1441210796828.jpg wpid-wp-1441210804181.jpg

wpid-wp-1441210818803.jpg dough in deep pan.

wpid-wp-1441210839569.jpg colorful healthy table.

wpid-wp-1441210846700.jpg wpid-wp-1441210863133.jpg

wpid-wp-1441210870698.jpg labaneh and grape dessert.

wpid-wp-1441210877998.jpg wpid-wp-1441210854583.jpg











Steak Sandwiches, Potato Chips and Crunchy Eggplants.


Hello everybody.

Today is meat turn,I always try to make variations during the week between poultry, meat, veggies and no protein day. Unfortunately we’re not a  fish loving family so I rarely cook it if you noticed.

Lunch today was steak sandwiches, homemade chips crunchy baked eggplants and sun-dried tomatoes, grilled halloum salad with roasted pine nuts.

Trick in homemade chips to be a lot like ready ones is soaking potato in iced cold water for 30 minutes then drying it completely before frying in very hot oil.

Crunchy baked eggplants are simply sliced, soaked in egg and milk wash then dipped in breadcrumbs and baked in some olive oil, that’s it.

Lovely big salad with sun-dried tomatoes,grilled halloum and pine nuts over a bed of greens and avocados with simple vinaigrette.


wpid-wp-1440598779852.jpg super combo dish

wpid-wp-1440598803981.jpg baked eggplants.

wpid-wp-1440598811876.jpg iced potatoes.


wpid-wp-1440598825799.jpg yummy salad.

wpid-wp-1440598833524.jpg wpid-wp-1440598821525.jpg lovely lunch i must say!






Lemon Crinkles.

Hello everybody.

Another gift today for special people who asked for chocolate crinkles so I thought I’ll add some lemony ones with them.

Recipe is simple but though I felt something was wrong when I was making the balls cause dough was so sticky and loose but I made a mistake not to add more flour, I should’ve really cause the melted upon baking and got stuck all together.Taste is good but chocolate rules for sure.

Ingredients and method :

2 1/2 cups flour.

1 1/2 tsp baking powder.

1/2 tsp salt.

1 cup sugar.

2 tsp lemon zest.

1/2 cup butter.

1/4 cup lemon juice.

2 eggs.

1 tsp vanilla.

1/2 cup caster sugar.


#beat sugar, lemon zest and butter till creamy.
# add eggs vanilla, lemon juice.
# add baking powder, salt and flour.
# cool in fridge for 30 minutes.
#roll to balls then coat with caster sugar.
# flatten a bit with the fork.
# bake for 10-12 minutes in a medium heated oven.




wpid-wp-1440424561986.jpg ready to be baked.





Cheesy Seperable Loaf.

Hello everybody.

On the occasion of my son’s birthday yesterday I did his favorite dish of all, stuffed courgettes with tomato sauce, still love it since he was a one year old till now, many happy returns my young man.

Another thing he always asks for is something easy to eat for breakfast, so today I tried this way, you make a simple dough  ( 3 cups flour,1 tsp yeast,1 tsp sugar ,1 tsp salt,1/2 cup oil and warm water to make a firm dough) shape it as a big rectangle then spread any kind of cheese, herbs you like( you may add garlic,parsley,fresh oregano ). Cut it all to even squares then stack them all on top of each other then flip them on the side in a greased loaf pan.

Leave to rise well then bake in a medium heated oven for 30–40 minutes.

Really easy nice way to serve a breakfast or appetizer.



wpid-wp-1440341688501.jpg lovely loaf.

wpid-wp-1440341706765.jpg wpid-wp-1440341718526.jpg

wpid-wp-1440341735709.jpg  all squares stacked on top of each other.

wpid-wp-1440341756476.jpg flip them into the pan and bake.

wpid-wp-1440341801875.jpg wpid-wp-1440341677230.jpg








Kibbeh Fiesta.

Hello everybody.

When there’s a will there’s a way, never ever did I make kibbeh at home, always said I don’t know how and never tried,but upon my husband’s frequent request for kibbeh in a pan  specifically which is the easiest kind I thought  why not try .So he ordered the shell which is burgul and meat mixed together in specific proportions from the butcher and today was my first trial.

First of all I cooked the minced meat to make the filling then added to it chopped onions,salt, pepper, all spice, some walnuts, pine nuts and pomegranate to give it a sour taste.

Then I made three kinds of the kibbeh ,one spread in a pan, regular round ones for frying and tried these cute mini ones in the cupcake tray.

All was super yummy thank God, good job for a first timer I guess.

wpid-wp-1440259605267.jpg elegant kibbeh display right?

wpid-wp-1440259615273.jpg wpid-wp-1440259658271.jpg

wpid-wp-1440259633442.jpg wpid-wp-1440259644617.jpg


Did some tzasiki with it also.

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