Fava Beans and Eggplant Fatteh.

Hello everybody.

No meat or chicken today, dinner was green fava beans in olive oil with garlic and coriander and eggplant fatteh without the meat on top.


Soup was Carrot and salad was Ceazer.

http://banancooking.com/colorful-healthy-veggies/ link for fava beans recipe.

Eggplant Fatteh ( فته مقدوس)

3-4 cubed fried eggplants.

* finely chopped onion.

* roasted or fried squared pitta bread.

* tahini sauce ( tahini,lemon,salt,yoghurt,garlic)

* tomato paste.

* chopped parsley.

* cooked spiced minced meat.

* toasted almonds and pine nuts.

* salt,pepper,all spice and cinnamon for seasoning.


* saute onions till tender then add fried eggplants.

* add all seasoning,tomato paste and enough water to cover all then leave to simmer till sauce is thick and eggplants tender.

* layer pitta bread in Pyrex or serving dish,add eggplant with sauce on top.

* add tahini sauce then garnish with parsley,meat and nuts.

Note: this dish must be assembled right before you serve so as pittas stay crisp otherwise they’ll be so soggy.


As for the soup…you’ll need one small onion.4-5 carrots. 1 cube chicken stock.butter. one big spoon oatmeal.cream or milk and 4 cups water.
Sautee the onions and carrots till tender.add the chicken stock cube.oatmeal  and water.salt.pepper and a bit of cinnamon.

Let it simmer for 45 minutes on low heat till carrots are soft.
Mix all with a mixer or blender..add the cream..then let it boil for another 10-15 minutes…..and serve hot with toasted croutons if you like
wpid-wp-1435168847502.jpeg fava beans.

wpid-wp-1435168859616.jpeg eggplant fatteh.

wpid-wp-1435168853683.jpeg wpid-wp-1435168875401.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435168883373.jpeg Ceazer salad.
wpid-20140126_103908 carrot soup.







Homemade Qatayef.

Hello everybody.

Today I decided to try my cousin’s recipe of Qatayef ,a homemade one cause she lives abroad and this typical Ramadan dessert is not available, but my version was to make a big one filled half with cheese and half with walnuts.

ingredients and method:

* 1 cup flour.

*1 cup semolina.

* 1 tablespoon corn flour.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

* 2 tsps baking powder.

* pinch of salt.

* 1 tablespoon sugar.

* 2 1/4 cups warm water.

* syrup

* Mix all ingredients well in a blender then leave to rise or bubbly.

*heat a nonstick pan till very hot then reduce heat and pour a bit of dough the size you like.

* leave till all dry then remove to cool on a clean cloth.

* stuff and close with sweet cheese or walnuts.

* fry or bake as you wish then dip in syrup.


Dinner tonight was a bit of leftovers a plus a steak sandwich loaf ,which is usual steak sandwich filling ( shredded beef,onions,peppers,mushrooms) spread over a rectangular pizza dough , I added mustard and cheese also. Fold the dough and bake all in a medium heated oven till golden and crispy.


Usual appetizers were mashed fava beans and fatoush.




wpid-wp-1434739368796.jpeg wpid-wp-1434739376490.jpeg



wpid-wp-1434739305573.jpeg steak sandwich loaf.

wpid-wp-1434739332606.jpeg wpid-wp-1434739340206.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434739351723.jpeg wpid-wp-1434739358510.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434739388417.jpeg fatoush and fava beans.

wpid-wp-1434739305573.jpeg wpid-wp-1434739312481.jpeg today’s work.









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