Pizza in a Pan.

Hello everybody.

Lazy cold cloudy Friday, why does it become like this on weekends????

Well at lunch time I suddenly decided to try this pizza recipe my cousin posted last week, a spreadable kind of dough in a pan, topped with pizza sauce, toppings and cheese then cooked on the oven. Turned out really good and extremely quick to be done as said in video.

While pizza on stove I made some Rock Cookies for the empty jar and send some to my friend on the occasion of birth of her first grandson, congratulations

Baked some of the cookie dough in a skillet,super yummy.



Ingredients and method of pan pizza :
# 1 cup flour.
# 2/3 cup warm water.
# 1/2 tsp baking powder.
# 1 tsp instant yeast.
# 1 tsp salt.
# 1 tsp honey.

# mix all these ingredients well together then spread evenly in a nonstick pan.
# add pizza sauce then any toppings you like ( basil,oregano, tomatoes, olives…)
# top with cheese.
# cover tightly and cook on the stove on high temperature for 5 minutes.
# remove pan lid a bit and lower heat to minimum and leave for another 10 minutes.
# toast top till crispy.

Quick and easy way to make your favorite pizza.


wpid-20150522_160521.jpg  pan pizza.

wpid-dsc_0519.jpg wpid-dsc_0520.jpg

wpid-dsc_0521.jpg wpid-20150522_155653.jpg


wpid-20150522_163536.jpg  rock cookies.

wpid-20150522_164458.jpg  small baby gift.

wpid-20150522_165003.jpg cookie in skillet.











Anise,Almond Walnut Biscottis.

Hello everybody.

Going to visit my cousin this evening,excited to go see her new baby.

As a usual custom now I made her some biscottis,some with anise seeds and some with almonds and walnuts, though the ones with nuts become so crumbly but taste is good, these will be great with coffee or tea in the morning.


wpid-wp-1426690548536.jpeg biscottis before cutting.




Lunch was beans from yesterday and some lentils with rice ( mujadara)  and a big salad.


New Baby and Birthday <3

Hello everybody.

Sorry for delays these days but I had two big events these two days, yesterday was the birth of new nephew,a lovely healthy boy whom we’ve been all excited to see, a really joyful eventful day God bless baby and mom and congratulations my beloved brother I still can’t believe my baby bro is a dad now :)


Today was Mom’s birthday,we all went as surprise and it was such a cheerful sudden gathering. Love you mommy may God give you health and happiness always.


I made another Coconut Jam Cake and took with me some rice pudding and a sweet my cousin brought me from Qatar called rangina,it consists of layers of cooked flour and butter with dates in between,really tasty. My sis brought meat in a loaf ( 3arayes).


Ah and lunch was okra in the oven ,my first post remember?


DSC_0892  Welcome to the world baby Yaseen ,love you <3

DSC_0914  birthday celebration.

DSC_0913 okra in the oven .

20150224_162305  rengina .

20150224_170129 Coconut jam cake with baby symbol to match the events.

Small Lunch Gathering :)

Hello everybody.

My dear cousins coming from Irbid today , though they insisted that they’ll only pass by for coffee but I ignored the thought and promised to make a small easy lunch, we really had a great time specially with the company of the sweetest baby ever Mira,such an angel <3

I made steak with mushrooms peppers and gravy sauce with mashed potatoes on the side,some eggplant dip and green salad.

Dessert was simple cake with swirled blueberries on top,really good with coffee after lunch.


20140909_111610 20140909_142257

20140909_103831  20140909_123444

20140909_141512 matabbal.


20140909_141940-1   isn’t she adorable?


Date Rolls Lesson (درس في طريقه عمل المقروطه)

hello everybody.

First lesson for  a group of ladies was held today at  “Banan Cooking”

It was about how to make Date Rolls (مقروطه). Many friends and family always ask about it and the way it’s made,so I thought why not make a lesson so as let as many come and benefit,and I guess it was a success, what do you think ladies??


We even had the cute 2 month’s old baby Bana attending,such an angel,sleeping soundlessly all the time. I certainly enjoyed my time and will definitely repeat it for those who couldn’t make it.




we even enjoyed coffee and cookies :)




Even Bana got her share.

Thank you ladies for coming,always a pleasure to help and benefit from each other.

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