Palmetto Artichoke Corn Salad.

Hello everybody.

Very busy Saturday,didn’t have time to write my daily post till now.

Lunch today was Pizza,homemade in two big trays,boys are now eating it for dinner also. We are definitely a pizza lovers family !

I also made this rich salad,we usually eat it in restaurants specially in Fakhr El-Deen , it’s a mix of coarsely chopped  palmetto,artichoke, baby corns,avocados and mushrooms over a bed of lettuce and I made a honey mustard dressing which contains a bit of mustard,honey,lemon juice,bit of pomegranate sauce and of course olive oil,salt and oregano . Yummy rich salad for sure.







Appetizer Platter.

Hello everybody.

After yesterday’s big breakfast I went shopping to prepare for dinner,our dear friends Salam and Flora came to dinner last night with sweet adorable baby Mariam,lovely evening and food.

I made a big appetizers platter similar to the one we ate last week at Bonita Restaurant,well it was close enough but not as perfect. It contained avocados with tomatoes,smoked salmon with cream cheese dill filling on a bed of rocca, frilled chicken with pesto sauce on top and grilled eggplants ant tomatoes with cheese in between or as they name it eggplant tower.

Salad was Rocca with pomegranate seeds,walnuts and cheese, main dish was grilled steaks with lemon thyme butter on top and baked potatoes and veggies on the side.

Dessert was an extremely rich delicious Velvet Cake done by my lovely guest ( homemade from scratch), you’re right Flora tasted even better today, thank you my dear <3



20140924_185912  20140924_185846




20140924_190208  table setting.

20140925_164320  20140925_164344



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