Fabulous Graduation Party.

Hello everybody.

As you may have noticed no post was published yesterday, well reason is that it was my son’s graduation ceremony and dinner party.

Ceremony was in school, very elegant and full of emotions then it was followed by a big dinner party at the Intercontinental Hotel Amman, all party details were organized by the most elegant and professional lady owner of Shahin & Shahin event planner and all decorations were from the shop Shahin flowers and balloons, all was perfect to the smallest details.A big salute and thank to all the team members who made our night a memorable one.

We also ordered cupcakes from Mammy’s cake decorated with a graduate hat and diploma, thank you Lina for a job well done.

wpid-img-20150606-wa0102.jpg photo booth.

wpid-dsc_0815.jpg memory jars,the party hit!

wpid-dsc_0819.jpg wpid-img-20150606-wa0103.jpg

wpid-dsc_0827.jpg  welcome dear graduates.

wpid-20150606_232453.jpg wpid-20150606_232535.jpg








Avocado Cheese Burgers.

Hello everybody.

First day of external exams today, a special comfort meal is needed,nothing beats a good burger and fries don’t you think?

Tried my new Lodge cast iron grill,though I did as directed meaning I sprayed it with special oil ( Canola Oil Spray) then heated it well in the oven, all this so as it won’t stick but burgers got stuck a bit. Guess it needs more time or more oil.

Burger topping was mashed avocado with spring onions and garlic, really yummy and rich. I just love avocados.



wpid-20150504_151750.jpg grilled burgers.




Rice in Puff Pastry.

Hello everybody.
Home all day cleaning and putting away carpets and heavy clothes, an annual ritual!

Even the kitchen had it’s turn, arranging fridge and freezer , I don’t like keeping frozen food for long periods always try to use it specially if fresh veggies are in season, so today took out some green thyme and made za’tar sticks, some pieces of puff pastry stuffed them with spiced rice, peas,carrots and meat plus some poppy seeds and made orange cake with seeds in.

Too much work but all yummy and needed as snacks for my son studying for his finals.

Good luck to all IB students around the world.


wpid-20150503_172032.jpg a rich nice meal !

wpid-20150503_172116.jpg wpid-20150503_172513.jpg

wpid-20150503_141318.jpg wpid-20150503_134600.jpg

wpid-20150503_164855.jpg Orange cake and za’tar sticks.

wpid-20150503_164926.jpg wpid-20150503_165115.jpg

wpid-20150503_165817.jpg my lovely pot and mints :)







Zaid Cooking / Shawerma.

Hello everybody.

Went to parent’s meeting all morning,last one to attend, hurray :), good results and comments this time thank God.

Went back home with no idea what to cook,my son suggested shawerma and since he’s home and free he did the cooking, I only supervised and did some cheese rolls in thin bread (shark)

To the chicken he added garlic powder,oregano, chili and smoked spices then sautéed them and wrapped all in a sandwich with garlic mayonnaise mix and pickles. He roasted the sandwiches after that.

Lunch was served with French fries and a salad,thank you my handsome young man, wish you best of luck always.







Cheese rolls.



Salami Cheese Pie.

Hello everybody.

Still have leftovers from yesterday,no intention to cook at all, but upon my youngest son request,whom I’m actually pampering these days cause he’s in his senior year and needs snacks while studying, I made this kind of a pie or pastry.

I made a simple 10 minutes dough (pizza dough) split it in half ,spread one in a big pan then added all kinds of cheese I have, topped them with salami and oregano then topped them with the other half. Sprinkled sesame seeds and made small holes with the scissors and bake then slice them to triangles.

He actually ate them for lunch with a simple lettuce vinaigrette salad,will be a perfect snack for the next few days,if they lasted that long !!








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