Brown Lentils With Pasta. 


Hello everybody.

Did this old traditional dish today for a friend, only difference this time was that I used fresh pasta done by my dear friend Maysa and result was so good.

I think fresh pasta gave it the exact richness and texture it needed.

Ingredients and method:
* 1 cup brown lentils.
*  2-3 cloves garlic
*  3-4 onions.
* bunch of coriander.
* 1/2 cup lemon juice.
* 2 spoons pomegranate sauce ( دبس رمان ).
* 1 cup small size pasta.
* cubed fried pitta bread.
* salt, pepper, cumin powder.


* wash lentils then boil in 4 cups of water , add salt and 1 spoon cumin.
* add the pasta and leave to simmer till done.
* add lemon juice, pomegranate sauce.
* fry the onions in oil till golden.
* crush garlic and chop coriander then saute them in some oil.
* add half the amount of onions and garlic to lentil pasta mixture. Leave to simmer till it thickens and homogeneous. You might need to add some water.
* upon serving,, in a deep dish put some of the bread in the bottom.
*add the lentil mixture.
* decorate with the rest if garlic, onions and bread cubes.
* serve hot.


wp-image-2082815240jpg.jpgI also poured it in small cups, very cute presentation.





The Lebanese House/ Um Khalil <3

Hello everybody.

After calling most of Amman Lebanese restaurant and failing to find a free table for lunch we decided to head north to Jerash to the Lebanese Restaurant or as it’s famous name Um Khalil, though called also to check but luckily a table was available.

Food was delicious as usual except the bbq-ued meat , a bit greasy, but all in all it was good and service was excellent.

Nice ride and scenery better than staying in the city after all !


20140905_155027  raw kubbeh (كبه نيه)

20140905_155037  20140905_155042

20140905_155051-1 20140905_155732 محمره وفطر مطفى

20140905_155709 20140905_160156 نقانق وعصافير مشويه

20140905_155810 20140905_160215






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