Stuffed Cabbage and New Ma3moul Recipe.

Hello everybody.

Kids cheered when they knew I’m making cabbage today,favorite dish for all in my house,though making it is a long process sometimes specially if all done the same day like this morning, I usually boil and cut them a day ahead and stuff the next day,but yesterday was a full day already,had no strength to do them in the afternoon.

First time trial this time I put one of the cabbages in the freezer last night,upon an advice from my cousin living in Rome,took it out today and it’s true leaves peeled so easily and were ready to stuff no need to boil, but nevertheless I put them for seconds in the hot water to kill any germs ( Rome cabbages are clean and round like a ball not like ours!) ,thank you dear for the tip really helpful.

Since I’m home not going anywhere I did this new ma3moul recipe my aunt posted before Eid,been intending to try it for a while, though I was afraid dough will be too sweet cause one basic ingredient in it is sweetened condensed milk,but result was AWESOME, really easy to handle and very tasty, highly recommended.

Ingredients and method:

* 5 cups flour.

* 400 gm butter.

* 1/4 cup vegetable oil.

* 3/4 can sweetened condensed milk.

* 1/4 cup water.

* dates,walnuts or pistachios for filling .( added cinnamon,icing sugar and rose water to walnuts and cinnamon,anise and cardamon for dates)

* mix all ingredients well till you form a dough.

* start working directly by making small balls and stuffing them, use a mold or decorate them as you wish.

* bake in well heated oven at first then lower the heat when you start till golden.


I added anise seeds to the extra dough and sliced it as Biscotti  really yummy also, thanks 3amto for the recipe,love you <3

By the way stuffed cabbage is the most seen post from all my 300 till now !!!!!!!


DSC_0044  frozen cabbage.



DSC_0059  DSC_0062

DSC_0067  DSC_0071


20141026_144816  Anise seeds biscuits.



Ma3moul and Date Rolls Lesson ( حصه عمل مقروطه ومعمول)

Hello everybody.

Today I was honored and privileged to share a lesson with my dear cousin in her training center ‘Ribbon Cake’ ,she gave her part in making ma3moul with its stuffing, dates,walnuts and pistachios plus making Sable cookies in various shapes.

My part was teaching how to make my specialty Date Rolls, I really enjoyed my time a lot,it’s the first time I do this, did it before but in my house and with family and friends, hope the ladies enjoyed the lesson as well.

As you all know Adha Eid is within 10 days and many housewives started preparing for it,this lesson today was a great help for sure, Adha Mubarak everybody <3



20140923_113956  IMG-20140923-WA0038

IMG-20140923-WA0040  IMG-20140923-WA0035

20140923_115543  IMG-20140923-WA0034




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