Muhalabieh With A Twist.

Hello everybody.

Upon several request I did the caramel muhalabieh or pudding today,a quite cool light delicious dessert.


This time I thought why not give it a twist which is serving it with caramel dipped figs,result was amazing both in looks and taste ,really yummy:)

Ingredients and method:

Note :this quantity yields 12 small jars or pots.

* 6 cups milk.

* 6 big tablespoons starch.

* 1 tsp mistaka finely crushed with 1/4 cup sugar so as not to stick to the grinder.

* 1 tsp rose water (optional)

* more sugar also optional cause the caramel sauce is sweet.

* leave one or two cups of milk aside and mix starch in them very well.

* add to other quantity,mix all very well then boil till it thickens.

* add mistaka and sugar and the rose water.

* pour in one big bowl or small glass bowls or jars.

* cool in the fridge for at 2-3 hours .



* 1/2 cup sugar melted till caramelized and golden.

* 1/2 cup water added very carefully to the browned sugar.

* stir very well and leave to simmer a bit till it’s thick.

* Before serving flip the muhalabieh in a slightly deep dish then garnish with crushed pistachios and drizzle with the caramel sauce.

مساء الخير.
اليكم مقادير وطريقة المهلبية بالكراميل

٦ اكواب حليب

سته ملاعق كبيره نشا

ملعقه صغيره مستكه مدقوقه مع ربع الى نصف كوب سكر

ماء زهر حسب الرغبه.

يذوب النشا بمقدار كوب الى كوب ونص من الحليب المستعمل ثم يضاف الى بقيه الحليب ويغلى حتي يكثف.
يضاف المستكه والسكر وماء الزهر ويحرك جيدا.
يصب في وعاء غميق او زبادي ويترك في الثلاجة من ساعتين الى ثلاثه.

الكراميل :
يذوب نصف كوب سكر حتى ينحرق ويصبح لونه ذهبي ثم نضيف نص كوب ماء بحذر لان حراره السكر عاليه جدا.
يحرك جيدا ويترك ليغلي خمس دقائق على نار هادئة.

عند التقديم تقلب المهلبيه في صحن وتزين بالفستق المطحون والكراميل

صحتين وعافيه




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wpid-wp-1440075578592.jpg these are to go for a friend .

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Aish EL-Saraya ( عيش السرايا).

Hello everybody.

We’re Mansaf-ing today for dinner as well,second time this week :) ,but this time at my mother in -law’s house and ( don’t be shocked) we’re mansaf-ing again tomorrow at my mom’s, 3 Mansafs in one week is a big crime I suppose, bye bye diet !!!! why is it whenever you decide to start a diet you either have guests or receive lots of invitations? all include food of course,anyway I’m trying to at least minimize my portions :)

I made this Arabic dessert for tonight,remember I did it once in Ramadan but didn’t post the recipe then.


Ingredients and method:

* 1 loaf white toast.roasted till dry and golden.

* 4 cups sugar.

* 2 1/2 cups water.

* some rose water.

* few lemon drops.

* 2 cups fresh cream and 2 packs ready cream (قشطه بلديه وعلب)

* some crushed pistachios.


* Remove hard toast sides and process the insides to fine crumbles.

* heat 1 cup of the sugar till it’s caramelized and brown.

* add the water and rest of sugar and stir till all melts,add the lemon drops and simmer till solutions is syrupy (20-30 minutes),add rose water.

* pour syrup while hot over bread crumbs and mix well till it’s all absorbed.

* spread in a wide serving dish.

* mix creams well then spread over bread.

* leave to cool in the fridge.

* decorate with finely crushed pistachios.


Really easy delicious dish , I personally love it <3



20140918_104938  20140918_105611

20140918_104341  20140918_110808

20140918_110931  20140918_170541



Pistachio Cake


Hello everybody.

Morning breakfast birthday celebration was superb, beautiful weather we even sat outside with best company and delicious chocolate orange mousse cake. Happy Birthday Reemo ♡♥.



As I told you we have visitors coming this afternoon. Last night I baked the cake and mixed the cream and kept it in the fridge..I assembled it this morning.
Well this cake has very little ingredients and very easy to make, but it’s success depends upon baking heat and time.Oven must be on 180 º and may need to lower it after 15-20 minutes to 130º. Another issue is baking time, recipe says 20-25 minutes, it may need a bit more but you must be careful not to over bake or else it will dry or collapse..turn off the oven when surface is golden and sides crispy. Then leave to cool completely before removing it from pan.

* 3 cups finely crushed pistachios
* 6 eggs.
* 1 1/2 cups sugar.
* 1 tsp vanilla.
* 1 1/2 tsp baking powder.

* Mix eggs, vanilla and sugar till fluffy and creamy.
* Add baking powder and pistachios.
* Grease 2 small baking pans or line with wax paper.
* Devide batter in pans.
* Heat oven at 180º. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Leave to cool.
For the filling:
* 1 pack kiri or cream cheese.
* 1 pack dream whip.
* 1 pack cream.
* icing sugar if you like your cream extra sweet.
Mix well till fluffy and doubled in size. Leave in fridge overnight.
Assemble the cake and leave in fridge to firm for 2-3 hours. Decorate it as you wish.








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